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Rozhestvensky Zinovy Petrovich

( Russian sailor, vice-admiral.)

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Biography Rozhestvensky Zinovy Petrovich
Born in 1848. Participated in the Turkish war of 1877 - 78 years. In 1903 - 04 years of the post of Chief of Naval Staff Chief. In 1904 he was appointed commander of the 2 nd Squadron of the Pacific Fleet, sailed to the Far East. October 2 R. out with a squadron of Libau. Near Hull, on Doggerskoy shallows, 8 October 1904 he met the British fleet fishing steamboat and subjected her to fire (see. Hull incident Extras. I, 640). On the further pursuit of the squadron cm. Japanese-Russian War. May 14, 1905 in 1 1 / 2 hour of the day the battle began near the island of Tsushima between the squadron of Admiral P. and a squadron of Admiral Togo. Despite some formal superiority in tonnage, which, however, with excess outweighed by the rapidity of the Japanese ships and the superiority of their artillery, the Russian squadron in a few hours was routed. Battleship "Knyaz Suvorov", which was ER, 4 hours after the beginning of the battle was sunk, badly wounded in the head and both legs P. transferred to the destroyer "Wild One", from which it was given to know that the command is transmitted Rear Admiral Nebogatov. Destroyer "Wild One" was badly damaged in the subsequent battle, then, in the morning on May 15, P. wanted to go to the destroyer "mischievous", which was done. Going north to Vladivostok, with the destroyer "Terrible," "mischief" was overtaken by two Japanese destroyers and the Japanese surrendered without a fight, while "Lincoln" joined the battle and sank a Japanese destroyer. The question of to what extent the fault P. in the defeat at Tsushima, can not be definitely solved. Serve under his command of Captain Vladimir. Semenov (who surrendered with him), proves, . that the Russian squadron not fit anywhere; artillery on it was beneath criticism, . team, . hastily chosen, . could not compete with the Japanese team, joining the detachment Nebogatov, . even worse by the courts, . only weakened the squadron,
. Instead, Rear Admiral Nebogatov (cm. Additional II., 255) in a newspaper article accusing P. of mismanagement and lack of plan. The strategic errors accuses P. and captain treasure, too, served in his squadron. In a reply letter ( "New Times, December 21, 1905) P. says, . incidentally, . what about the deployment of Japanese forces in the Korea Strait "did not even know the Japanese admiral union of the British fleet, . concentrate its forces at Wei-hai-wei, awaiting the order to destroy the Russian fleet, . if this ultimate goal of Britain was not under the force of the Japanese ",
. These words caused an uproar in Britain against P. In the Russian press appeared in 1906, several articles, showing a course of action P. in unfavorable light. On his return from Japanese captivity, when I entered the question of bringing to justice those responsible for lost, P. resigned, and he appealed. 21 - 26 June 1906 there was a process of Admiral P. and a few under his command officers in the Kronstadt naval court, but they are not accused of any actions that caused the defeat, but only in the delivery of the destroyer "Bedova". Sam P. insisted, . that although he was severely wounded and unable to speak, . but was fully conscious, . when addressed him with the question, . surrender or not surrender, . and nod consciously ordered to surrender, during which he acknowledged himself subject to death penalty,
. Court sentence P. acquitted. V. In-in.

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Rozhestvensky Zinovy Petrovich, photo, biography
Rozhestvensky Zinovy Petrovich, photo, biography Rozhestvensky Zinovy Petrovich  Russian sailor, vice-admiral., photo, biography
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