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Vasily Rozanov

( The modern philosopher, essayist and critic)

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Biography Vasily Rozanov
Born in Vetluga in 1856, . graduated from the course at Moscow University in the Faculty of Philology, . was a teacher of history and geography in the Bryansk progymnasium, . Yelets gymnasium and Belsky progymnasium; since 1893 serves as the central office of state control,
. Dissatisfied with the scheme of university disciplines, devoid of integrity and consistency, R. in an extensive work on understanding. Experience of investigations into the nature, boundaries and internal structure of science as an integral knowledge "(Moscow, 1886) gives a plan for a possible understanding or knowledge of the world, some of the preliminary study of the structure of the mind, which corresponds to the structure of the world. Everything knowable is distributed in the understanding contained in its forms, but still closed, unknown; understanding completed on the mind and gives him solace. Thorough critique of utilitarianism P. given in the article "The purpose of human life" ( "Problems of Philosophy", 1892, Prince. 14 and 15); aesthetic views R. in the book "Beauty in nature and its meaning" (Moscow, 1894), written about the views of Vl. S. Solovyov. Much more attention to R. dedicated to the philosophy of history, in connection with requests and demands of modern. ( "Religion and Culture", a collection of essays, St. Petersburg, 1899). Speaking during a field article "The Place of Christianity in history" ( "Russian Messenger", 1890, 1, and Dep.), P. found quite a Slavophile coloring in the spirit of KN. Leontief and, finally, made a determined opponent of some of the basic ideas of dogma. Article P. Marriage (1898) was a turning point in this regard. Much has been said here such that plunged into a genuine surprise as supporters and opponents of P. (in his opinion, for example, day Khodynskoe disaster is at the same time and happy day in Russian history). Admittedly, however, that occurring in Rozanov peculiar light of historical events stimulates thought unexpected parallels and points of view. The same can be said of the articles of his pedagogical content collected in the book "Twilight of Education" (St. Petersburg, 1899). Criticizing the modern system of schools and education, P. finds, . that all the fighting systems of education violated the three principles of education: the principle of individuality, . requiring, . that both formed by, . and in forming an identity has been preserved, the principle of integrity, . requiring, . that any incoming soul experience is not disrupted until the other impressions, . while it did not finish its interaction with it, and finally, . principle of unity, . consisting requirement, . to form impressions were all of one type,
. In his sometimes brilliant and always extremely paradoxical, critical articles P. worked almost exclusively by Dostoevsky and Gogol: "The Legend of the Grand Inquisitor F.M. Dostoevsky, with the accession of the two sketches of Gogol "(St. Petersburg, 1893) and" Literary Essays, "a collection of articles (St. Petersburg, 1899). O R. There are many polemical reviews, of which the most famous article Vl. S. Solovieva "Porfiry Golovlev about freedom and faith" ( "Vestnik Evropy, 1894, 2). His latest works: "In the world of ambiguous and unresolved" (St. Petersburg, 1901), "The Nature and History. Collection of articles "(ib., 1900)," The Family Question in Russia "(ib., 1903). YA. K.

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Vasily Rozanov, photo, biography
Vasily Rozanov, photo, biography Vasily Rozanov  The modern philosopher, essayist and critic, photo, biography
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