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Rosenkampf Gustave A.

( Russian lawyer)

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Biography Rosenkampf Gustave A.
1762 - 1832
studied at the University of Leipzig, was first counted among the board of Foreign Affairs, then served the nobles of the election in Livonia and, as a lawyer, was engaged in private affairs. In 1803, P. entered the service of the commission to formulate laws, drafted the transformation of the commission and in 1804 got her place in the Chief Secretary and the first referendary. With extensive theoretical information, P. very little knowledge of Russian and Russian laws and spent all his time studying the current law and its sources. The actions of the new commission were so slow and just as unsuccessful as previous Commissions, and amounted to the transition from one to the other assumptions. With the coming of the commission Speransky, in 1808, she was again reorganized; Rosenkampf was appointed head of its department of civil. In 1811 he was appointed as a member of the Commission on the Finnish cases in 1812 - a senior member of the board committee to formulate laws, and since then reported to the State Council, various draft of the code. In 1817, P. received baronial dignity of Grand Duchy of Finland. In 1822 he resigned from the commission to formulate laws, and in the Finnish Commission remained until its closure in 1826. In the committee drafting the laws P. worked on projects of civil and criminal code, statute merchant, statute of proceedings, the statute on public service, recruiting the statute; edited the situation of the peasants in the Baltic provinces. Under the direction of P. Commission to formulate laws made the comparison of orders of the Byzantine law, with their traces in our laws; case, however, limited to reprinting and translation of the corresponding passages from Byzantine sources. Classes at the Commission introduced P. with pilots of books, whose history and attitude to the decisions of the secular authorities were at that time very little known. This essay R.: "Review the pilot of the book in a historical form" (Moscow, . 1829; 2-ed., . St.Petersburg, . 1839, . The correct and more complete, . were produced in quantity only 100 copies), in addition, . in the 3rd book of the Materials for the history of education in Russia "P,
. Kц╤ppen and then a reprint was published: "On the pilot book. Introduction to compose Baron G. A. R. (St. Petersburg, 1827). Other writings R.: "Essay statistique sur la Russie" (Leipzig, . 1785), . "De genuina inter fedum novum et antiquum differeutia", . "Some remarks on the criminal and civil laws with respect to Russia" (Journal of Europe ", . 1803, . VII), . "Proceedings of the commission to formulate laws" (t,
. I: "The history of the organization committee," St. Petersburg, 1804, 2 ed., St. Petersburg, 1822, translated into German, French, English, Polish and Latin languages), "Criminal Law" (m. I, St. Petersburg), "Discourse on the tariff" (St. Petersburg, 1817), "A Critical Journal of Russia's legislation" (1817 - 19), "Institutionen des russischen Rechts etc." (h. I, St. Petersburg, 1819, 2 part remained in manuscript

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Rosenkampf Gustave A., photo, biography
Rosenkampf Gustave A., photo, biography Rosenkampf Gustave A.  Russian lawyer, photo, biography
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