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Rostopchina Evdokia Petrovna

( Writer)

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Biography Rostopchina Evdokia Petrovna
(1811 - 58).
Early in the deprived mother, grew up in a family of his grandfather on the maternal side, IA. Pashkova. Raising her was entrusted uncontrollably various governesses, who, according to his brother, R., S.P. Sushkov, anywhere, with few exceptions, were not suitable. Even as a child learned well Rostopchina languages French, German and English (later - in Italian) and a lot of reading. Even almost a child, she said, she said, "under the influence of ecstasy from Schiller, Zhukovsky, Byron, Pushkin, did she try to do poetry and wrote an ode to Charlotte Corday, but later burned it". In 1831, appeared in print her first poem: "Talisman" in the anthology "Northern Flowers", signed by the D-and. In 1833, P. married gr. п░.п╓. Rostopchina, son of the commander in chief of Moscow, this marriage was rather the result of insistence of relatives, and happy he was not. Shortly after marriage, P. begins to put his poems in many magazines, signing them first P-well, and then the full name. The success of her poems, characterized by a sonorous, elegant form, was an outstanding. Pushkin, Lermontov, Zhukovsky encouraged her with rave reviews, was of considerable importance and position of the writer in high society. When in 1841 released her first collection of separate poems, . Pletnev greeted him enthusiastically, . But Belinsky, . recognizing Rostopchina "poetic charm" and "high talent", . noted significant deficiencies in its products: the emptiness of content and service of God Salons ",
. Indeed, this is the lyrics of unrequited love, but always elegant, secular: the poet dreams only of brilliance, the light tends to delight with its beauty, its charm is not literary, and "feminine". In 1845, P. went abroad and in Italy, wrote a famous ballad "Forced marriage" in which she depicts the relationship of Russia to Poland, Poland presented in the form of an oppressed wife, the terrible Baron. Ballad, this was not understood at first, but soon found out the allegorical meaning of it, and P. underwent anger of Emperor Nicholas. Then P. returns to its original direction, m. e. to "serving God salons, and if they affect social issues, the only patriotic poems (during the Crimean War) and in stories, comedies and poems, which attacks the progressive trends of Russian thought. In this regard, particularly remarkable sequel to "Woe from Wit" and "Madhouse", which is the same attacks here and on Westerners and the Slavophiles, because in reality neither they nor others are not suitable to her salon to the ideals of. Attitude to it Chernyshevsky and Dobrolyubov was very bad: their critique pointed out that the previous void content acceded misoneism. Died gr. R. almost forgotten by the public. Her writings were published Smirdin in 1857, abroad, in 1860 - 62 years and, finally, her brother, S.P. Sushkov, in 1890 (St. Petersburg). Wed. Journal Europe, 1885,? 3, p.. E.S. Nekrasov and 1888? 5 - Art. S.P. Sushkov. A. B.

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    Rostopchina Evdokia Petrovna, photo, biography
    Rostopchina Evdokia Petrovna, photo, biography Rostopchina Evdokia Petrovna  Writer, photo, biography
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