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Andrew Bogoliubsky

( Prince of Vladimir-Suzdal)

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Biography Andrew Bogoliubsky
(ca. 1111-1174)
The son of Yuri Dolgoruky, the grandson of Vladimir Monomakh. It was he, an outstanding policy of pre-Mongol Rus, Vladimir-Suzdal region owes its early rise.
In his youth, actively assisted his father in the fight for Kiev principality against Izyaslav Mstislavovitch (nephew of Yuri), showed great military bravery, but in general, according to the Chronicle, 'is not dignified (was) at the rank of feat of arms'. Tired of fierce infighting George and Izyaslav, . in which he acted not only as a warrior, . but also as a mediator, . Andrew - despite the fact, . his father after his victories are not just planted his reign at the Kyiv region, . primarily Vyshgorod, . - In 1155 went to Suzdal,
. On the way they were laid Bogoljubovo village, which became his favorite residence of the Prince and gave him the nickname.

After the death of Yuri (1157) Rostov-Suzdal know called Andrew on the reign. He once led a determined struggle for the centralization of power, making its capital of Vladimir-on-Klyazma, the former 'suburb' (ie. subordinate town) Rostov Veliky. I went on hikes in the Kama Bulgarians in Kiev and Novgorod; sought to restrict the traditional rights of local boyars and princes, manifesting itself (according to the word record) as a real 'samovlastets'. Andrew wanted to make Vladimir second capital of Russia, with full powers more than Kiev, and he even tried to establish here a special, independent of Kiev, Metropolitan of the church, but received a strong rejection of the Patriarch of Constantinople. When Prince Andrew in Russia were given new church holidays, . Savior and Protection, . and moved from Vyshgorod in the new capital city surrounded by the great reverence of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God (according to legend, . locally, . where he stopped the horse, . vezshy this icon, . was based Bogoljubovo),

By moving the center of Russian Orthodoxy in the new land, Prince Andrew and opened a new chapter in the history of Russian art, creating conditions for the formation of a special Vladimir-Suzdal school of art. From the monuments of his time is best preserved Golden Gates (1158-1164) and the majestic Cathedral of the Assumption, laid in 1158 (both - in Vladimir), as well as the famous church of the Intercession on the Nerl near Bogoliubov (1165). Traditional focus on Byzantium visibly enriched here the influence of Western architecture.

Bogolyubskii lock Andrew (1158-1165), the only surviving (albeit partially) pre-Mongol prince's residence, became a place of his death. Boyarsky conspiracy against too 'autocratic' Prince formed under the leadership of his brother-Yakima Kuchkova, mstivshego for the execution of his brother. At night, June 28, 1174 Prince Andrew was killed, the assassination was followed by looting and riots, which lasted five days. July 4, his body was moved for burial in Vladimir.

In the church tradition Andrew Bogolyubskii came as a great zealots and hramostroitel, as well as a martyr, a martyr. Local his reverence began immediately after the burial, having received a new impetus in 1702, when the power of the prince, the acquired imperishable, were opened for worship in Vladimir's Assumption Cathedral. Church celebrates his memory on the day of burial (4) 17 July.

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Andrew Bogoliubsky, photo, biography
Andrew Bogoliubsky, photo, biography Andrew Bogoliubsky  Prince of Vladimir-Suzdal, photo, biography
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