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BarZU Jacques Martin (Barzun Jacques)

( American cultural historian, teacher and critic.)

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Biography BarZU Jacques Martin (Barzun Jacques)
(p. 1907)
Born November 30, 1907 in Kreteye near Paris. In 1920 he moved to the U.S., where began his collaboration with Columbia University, first as a student, then teacher and administrator. In 1927 Barzu received a Bachelor of Arts in 1928 - Master of Arts in 1932 - Doctor of Philosophy. In 1933 became a U.S. citizen
. Barzu - the author of fundamental works, . such, . as Race: The study of contemporary prejudice (Race: A Study in Modern Superstition, . 1937); Darwin, . Marx, . Wagner: A critical approach to heritage (Darwin, . Marx, . Wagner: Critique of a Heritage, . 1941); Teacher in America (The Teacher in America, . 1945), Berlioz and the Romantic century (Berlioz and the Romantic Century, . 1950); Power of Art: The study of classics and contemporary authors (The Energies of Art: Studies of Authors Classic and Modern, . 1956); Accommodations Intelligence (The House of Intellect, . 1959; analysis of culture in a democratic society, . One of the most readable of his books), . Science - delightful entertainment (Science the Glorious Entertainment, . 1964), and the American University: How it works and where to go (The American University: How It Runs, . Where It Is Going, . 1968),

Barzu critically approached contemporary art in the book The Art of the good and evil (The Use and Abuse of Art, 1974). In the Clio and the doctors (Clio and the Doctors, 1974) traced the influence of psychoanalysis on how historical interpretation. The idea of the book How to write, . edit and publish: Essays explanatory and eloquent (On Writing, . Editing and Publishing: Essays Explicative and Horatory, . 1971) was developed in the classics has become simply and directly: Rhetoric for Writers (Simple and Direct: A Rhetoric for Writers, . 1975),
. One of the favorite books of the Barzu - A Walk with William James (A Story with Willian James, 1983), a bright and lively in the form of human characteristics, which is considered to Barzu Titans psychology and philosophy and the great masters of literature.

Leisure Barzu gives the study of crime. For many years he was in an armchair detective (The Armchair Detective) column of reviews of criminal events. In 1957, Joy wrote a book detective (The Delights of Detection), , . a guide to the literature about the secrets, . solving crimes and other similar genres (A Catalogue of Crime, . Being a Reader's Guide to the Literature of Mystery, . Detection, . and Related Genres),
. Revised and enlarged edition was published in 1989

. Entering from 1927 to the faculty of Columbia University, . was dean of the various faculties (1955-1967), . dean and rector (1958-1967), . Professor of History (1967-1975), . as well as special advisor to the president on matters of art (1967-1975),

In 2000, on the eve of devyanostotrehletiya Barzu, came the chief work of his life - From dawn to decadence (From Dawn to Decadence), covering many aspects of cultural life in Western Europe from 1500 to the present day.

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BarZU Jacques Martin (Barzun Jacques), photo, biography
BarZU Jacques Martin (Barzun Jacques), photo, biography BarZU Jacques Martin (Barzun Jacques)  American cultural historian, teacher and critic., photo, biography
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