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Georges Bizet (Bizet Georges)

( French composer.)

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Biography Georges Bizet (Bizet Georges)
photo Georges Bizet (Bizet Georges)
Alexander Cesar Leopold Bizet (at the baptism received the name of George) was born in Paris on October 25, 1838 in a musical family: his father and uncle on his mother's side taught singing. In the nine years of age entered the Paris Conservatoire. Brilliant studied in piano at the AF Marmontel and composition class of P. Zimmerman, J. F. F. Halц╘vy and Gounod; was honored with many awards. In 1857 he was awarded the prestigious Prix de Rome, by the time he completed the symphony in C major, and one-act operetta Bizet's Dr. Miracle (Le Docteur Miracle) was awarded first prize in the competition, established by J. Offenbach.
About three years Bizet held in Rome, where the beauty of nature and art affected him more strongly than the Italian music. In the comic opera Don Procopio (Don Procopio), written at the time, it largely imitated by Donizetti, but from modern composers the greatest influence on him for a long time provided by Gounod, and of his predecessors - Mozart and Rossini. An exceptionally gifted pianist, Bizet won the recognition of the Liszt, who listened to him play in May 1861 - several months after returning from Rome, Bizet in Paris.

As usual, Bizet immediately set about composing the opera, the libretto if he liked, but soon cools, and left the work unfinished (one of his biographers have counted about 20 such fruitless attempts). First complete and set the opera composers were Pearl Seekers (Les Pcheurs de perles, . 1863), despite the obvious influence of Gounod and Dzh.Meyerbera, . lyricism and charm of an exotic oriental flavor to provide her a place of honor in the French operatic repertoire,
. With outstanding talent, Bizet barely making ends meet and had to look for jobs in the music publishing. Journey-he took up a lot of time, undermine the health and distract from the serious art. Next a complete opera - Perth Beauty (La jolie fille de Perth) - was written in 1866 and delivered in late 1867. Weak libretto and forced concessions to the composer's prima donna, no doubt, affected the quality of the score, but still there are many wonderful material, which Bizet's later used in other works

. Diversification Bizet talent allowed him to begin to build grand opera, . but the first work, . which revealed the creative possibilities (not counting the early symphony), . steel pieces for piano duet Kids Games (Jeux d'enfants, . 1871), . one-act opera Jamil (Djamileh, . 1872) and music to drama A. Daudet Arlezianka (L'Arlsienne, . 1872),
. Marriage Bizet in 1869 to Genevieve Halevy, . daughter of his old teacher, . streamlined his life and led to a sense of balance, in trials, . fallen to his lot during the Franco-Prussian war (Bizet served in the National Guard) and in the days of the Paris Commune, . his personality has gained an in depth,

. In the cycle Bizet Children's games proved to be a master of witty and lyrical miniatures, in Jamila, he continued to improve its original orchestral letter, . gift rebuilding local color and images of poetic characters, . apparent already in the diver,
. Music to Arlezianke indicates a further growth of the creative composer: in a few dances, intermezzo and 'melodrama' he managed to convey not only the atmosphere of Provence, but also lyrical and tragic element of drama Dode.

The excellent libretto, chosen for the next Bizet opera, the first line with the uniqueness of his talent: it was a dramatization of the novella by Prosper Merimee's Carmen (Carmen), made by A. Meilhac and L. Halevy. Bizet began work in 1872, but premiered in Paris 'Opera Comique' took place only 3 March 1875. The impressive success in the Vienna Opera House (October 1875) allowed the true present value of the work. Bizet died June 3, 1875 died.

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Georges Bizet (Bizet Georges), photo, biography
Georges Bizet (Bizet Georges), photo, biography Georges Bizet (Bizet Georges)  French composer., photo, biography
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