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Francis Beaumont (Beaumont Francis)

( English poet and playwright.)

Comments for Francis Beaumont (Beaumont Francis)
Biography Francis Beaumont (Beaumont Francis)
(ca. 1584-1616)
Son of a civilian judge in the monastery Grace Dieu in Leicestershire, Beaumont in 1597 was enrolled in the Oxford College Broudgeyts Hall (now Pembroke College), and from 1600 he studied law in London, 'Inner Temple'. His first piece is a poem Salmacis and Andrew (Salmacis and Hermaphroditus), published anonymously in 1602.
By the time of publication misogynist (The Woman Hater, 1607) Beaumont was already known as a playwright. The play, written, apparently, in 1606, mainly belonged to him, even though it felt the hand of J. Fletcher, so famous afterwards cooperation Beaumont and Fletcher's started already. But on the next play - Knight of the Flaming pistil (The Knight of the Burning Pestle, OK. 1607), a brilliant satire on the literary tastes of the London Society, Beaumont worked quite independently.

Most of the subsequent plays of Beaumont written in collaboration with Fletcher. Almost all of them do not have the exact dating of. Early pieces (approximately 1610) - Medicine of Love (Love's Cure; subsequently significantly revised F. Messindzherom), . Nobleman (The Noble Gentleman), . Captain (The Captain), . Fath (The Coxcomb), . Pilgrimage for Love (Love's Pilgrimage) - are pure comedy, . rolling in burlesque,
. However, in these (especially Fateh and lovingly pilgrimage) is already discernible is the romantic tone, which was decisive in the later works of Beaumont and Fletcher. Cupid's Revenge (Cupid's Revenge, between 1607 and 1612) - their first experience in tragedy. Quite a big success brought the play Filastr (Philaster, OK. 1610). In this tragicomedy was already a style masterpieces of Beaumont and Fletcher - The tragedy of a girl (The Maid's Tragedy, OK. 1611) and King and King (A King and No King, 1611 - their only product, which has a precise dating). Following appeared comedy nasmeshnicy (The Scornful Lady, ca. 1613). Two recent pieces Beaumont and Fletcher have been established with the participation Messindzhera - bush the beggar (The Beggar's Bush) and Teodoret and Thierry (Thierry and Theodoret). In 1614 Beaumont stopped writing. He married Ursula Aili, owner of the estate Sandridzh Hall in Kent, and, according to custom, left the theater. Beaumont died March 6, 1616, is buried in Westminster Abbey.

In alliance with Fletcher Beaumont played a leading role. He excelled as a co-author of poetic skill and satirical talent. For their romantic tragicomedy of typical situations in which the tragic outcome that with the development of action seems increasingly inevitable, but at the last moment before the final had the disaster occurs unexpectedly happy ending. Scenes Beaumont and Fletcher, as a rule, are based on a chain of random events, rather than on the organic development of the action and characters. Their play does not converge with the London stage until the closing of theaters (1642) during the reign of the Puritans, after the Restoration (1660) once again became a huge success.

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Francis Beaumont (Beaumont Francis), photo, biography
Francis Beaumont (Beaumont Francis), photo, biography Francis Beaumont (Beaumont Francis)  English poet and playwright., photo, biography
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