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Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux (Boileau-Despraux Nicolas)

( French poet and critic.)

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Biography Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux (Boileau-Despraux Nicolas)
Born November 1, 1636 in Paris. Was the fifteenth child of a wealthy judges clerk, lost his mother at age two. From 1643 to 1652 he studied at the junior high school, Harcourt and Beauvais, where he received a thorough classical education. At the insistence of the family in 1646 ordained a priest, but his career did not attract a priest and he began to study law (1652-1656).
Thanks to that obtained in 1657 inherited a modest Boileau left degree in law, devoted himself entirely to poetry and literary criticism. Between 1660 and 1666 he wrote his first Satires (Satires), partly an imitation of Horace and Juvenal, but nevertheless unmistakable evidence of the originality of the author. The main innovation consisted in the fact that Boileau was called vile names of poets, regardless of the secular conventions of his time. Satire enjoyed success in France and Holland soon appeared pirated edition. Between 1668 and 1677 published a series of verse Epistles (Epistles).

In 1674 Satire and some of the Epistles were reprinted in Collected Works (Oeuvres). Ibid first published translation of the anonymous (usually attributed Longin) Greek treatise On the sublime (Traite de sublime) and Poetic Art (Art potique).

Camoe Boileau's famous work - the art of poetry, had long been a textbook classic 'rules', which allegedly unreasonable contemporaries were forced to submit. Boileau actually managed to conclude many of the requirements and definitions in the amazing Alexandrian stanza, but much more significant and original was his insistence the role of passion and strength in the aesthetic experience. These considerations and due to his long-standing interest in the Greek treatise on the sublime.

In 1677, together with his close friend Jean Racine Boileau received an honorary post of historiographer at the court of Louis XIV, and in 1684 - also at the insistence of the king - was elected to the French Academy. In 1685 he bought a house at Auteuil (now a fashionable suburb of Paris). Leading almost reclusive life, he hosted the most famous writers and theologians of his time. The role of Boswell in the aging poet in the last years of his life played a young lawyer K. Lyons Brosset, who in 1716 released The Complete Works of Boileau (Oeuvres compltes) with his comments.

Most of the works written in Auteuil is polemical in nature. In January 1687 Ch.Perro read at a meeting of the French Academy of the poem, proclaiming the moral superiority 'Age of Louis the Great' of antiquity. In response to this and subsequent attempts to discredit the classical heritage Boileau released a Critical reflections on some passages in conductor Longin (Rflexions critiques sur Longin), . where with deadly irony brought evidence almost unbelievable ignorance Perrot,

Boileau died in Paris on March 13, 1711.

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Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux (Boileau-Despraux Nicolas), photo, biography
Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux (Boileau-Despraux Nicolas), photo, biography Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux (Boileau-Despraux Nicolas)  French poet and critic., photo, biography
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