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( German astrologer, astronomer, one of the most outstanding mathematicians of his time)

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Biography Regiomontanus
photo Regiomontanus
The name "Regiomontanus", under which this scientist has made history by itself was not used. Lat. Regiomontanus is a translation of the name of his native city Regiomontanus - KцTnigsberg (it. "King's Mountain").
Already in the 11 years Regiomontanus became a student at Leipzig University, then continued his studies at the University of Vienna. In 1452, Mr.. Regiomontanus received a bachelor's degree, and in 1457, Mr.. - The higher the degree of Master. In the same year he began teaching at the University of Vienna.
. Regiomontanus studied with Georg von Purbaha and together they produced a shortened and revised translation of "Almagest" of Ptolemy.
. Regiomontanus is a recognized mathematician to the extent that, . he lectured in mathematics at the University of Muslims in Padua in 1464, . publishes a table of longitudes of celestial bodies in 1467, . travels to Hungary to find Greek manuscripts (1467-71 gg.), . starts a lot of work on the impact of comets in 1472, Mr.,
. and print multiple calendars.
Regiomontanus received orders for the preparation of horoscopes of many influential persons. In particular, he made horoscopes for Princess Leonor of Portugal, the bride of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III (1440 - 1493 gg.), And for the heir to the throne of Maximilian.
In 1471, Mr.. Regiomontanus seeks a residence permit from the city council of Nuremberg. After receiving permission, he establishes his own printing press for the publication of German and Latin textbooks. The result of his efforts are first printed ephemeris (for the period from 1475 g. in 1506), enjoyed considerable popularity (in particular, they enjoyed Copernicus, Columbus and Vespucci). Only in the period from 1481g. 1500 g. ephemeris P. reprinted 11 times.

In 1474, Mr.. Regiomontanus was called to Rome by Pope Sixtus IV for the reform of the calendar (as well as astrological advice for the conduct of the war with Florence), . but not finished this work, . died during the plague epidemic (according to some sources - poisoned by his sons ardent opponent of astrology philologist George of Trebizond),

After the death of Regiomontanus his manuscripts were divided between several heirs, weakly imagine their value. As a result, a substantial part of the manuscripts Regiomontanus did not reach us.

Regiomontanus made a great contribution to the development of algebra and trigonometry (mainly spherical), was engaged in the improvement of astronomical and navigational instruments. A significant contribution Regiomontanus in astrology has been improved methods of Ptolemy. Regiomontanus also known propaganda of the houses of the horoscope, which he called "sound system" and who later received its name. However, this system was not the invention of Regiomontanus - it probably still in the XII century. created Abraham ibn Ezra.
Regiomontanus's merit was that he had prepared detailed tables for calculating the house cusps in this system and the primary directorates. It was the first published table of houses. Since the moment of their publication in 1470-ies., They quickly went to Europe and have become common.
Regiomontanus also made a great contribution to the development of the theory of lunar-terrestrial cause-effect relationships. He belongs to a major study on the influence of the moon to Earth.
Regiomontanus introduced in astrology, the notion of "Moon step" - the movement of the moon on the ecliptic longitude of the value of its apparent diameter.

In honor of Regiomontanus called minor planet (asteroid) number 9307 and the lunar crater Regiomontanus.

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Regiomontanus, photo, biography
Regiomontanus, photo, biography Regiomontanus  German astrologer, astronomer, one of the most outstanding mathematicians of his time, photo, biography
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