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( Greek philosopher and astrologer, founder of Neoplatonism)

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Biography Plotinus
The only reliable source of information about him - "Life Plotina" Porphyry, the disciple of Plotinus.
In 231 g. Dam of his native city went to Alexandria, where 11 years was a disciple of Ammonius. With 244 g.Plotin taught in Rome, founded his own school of philosophy. Among the supporters were Emperor Gallen Plotinus (253 - 268 gg.) And his wife Salonina. After ten years of oral interviews Plotinus began to record his teachings.
Plotinus dreamed of building the city Platonopolisa philosophers, whose citizens had to live under the laws of Plato. Despite the appreciation Dam Gallienus, the project did not materialize. After a long and serious illness Plotinus died in Minturno (Campaign). Oral lectures of Plotinus by Porphyry were processed and issued six "Ennead".

Plotinus on the basis of a number of Plato's texts built his own philosophical system. The tradition of middle-Platonism and Neopythagoreanism, which tended Plotinus came from opposition intelligible sense of space, through a link between them recognized world soul. New Plotinus was the doctrine of the initial all things (Proton), Single (Hen), which is itself above things, or, according to Plato, "outside of existence". The sequence of mind-soul-space, ie. the whole sphere of existence, provided only a manifestation of, the implementation of the ultimate beginning, its three essences: the mind and soul - the implementation of the One in eternity, the cosmos - in time. One top of all that exists, like Plato, have called P. good and compared to the Sun. He is the opposite of dark and devoid of type matter, the principle of evil. Matter is not only inferior product, the lower side of the fall pervoedinogo beginning, but also the root cause of diversity and imperfection of all earthly. Intelligible (divine) world and the world of phenomena (the terrestrial world) is fundamentally different. The latter is only a shadow image of the first. Yet emanation pervoedinogo beginning and its result, the sensual world, according to Plotinus, needed.

Thus, he stressed his optimistic trend, and sharply rejected the idea of the Gnostic pessimism. Plotinus proceeds from the fact that only a sensual space is in a certain place, whereas the intelligible world - everywhere. Therefore, knowledge obtained from the soul of the mind - the original. Scope of true being is always open for the soul, and she needs only to be able to return to itself, to know their true nature. The possibility of return guaranteed by the fact that the soul is not entirely in favor of the intelligible cosmos, its birth in the body means "splitting" a single soul, because "there" - all souls are inseparable. This is achieved by returning to the ways of purifying the soul and the assimilation of its divinity.

The universe is static dam. Any lower stage therein eternally begotten of the highest, with the highest ever remains unchanged, giving rise not tolerate prejudice. One always shines in its sverhprekrasnoy goodness, eternally beautiful mind contemplates itself, always the soul rushes to the One and looking back on it created space. Cosmos forever spinning roundabouts and sublunary part of its eternal alternate emergence and loss. This, however, does not dam pessimist. This world for him - the game in the theater. Nothing has no power over the good soul, even rock, that are within the scope of all time. So Plotinus opposed fatalistic interpretations of astrology. This, together with a number of students he systematized and enriched astrological knowledge.

In honor of the dam is named minor planet (asteroid) number 6616.

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Plotinus, photo, biography
Plotinus, photo, biography Plotinus  Greek philosopher and astrologer, founder of Neoplatonism, photo, biography
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