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Victoria Abril

( Actress)

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Biography Victoria Abril
Date of Birth: 14/07/1959

The best-known Spanish actress 90's. Victoria Abril was born in Madrid on July 14, 1959, Mr.. Her real name - Victoria Merida Rojas. As a child she studied the art of dance in the Madrid Conservatory - because it is the assertion of American critic: "She moves like a panther in the rhythm of flamenco". Already in the 15 years Abril became a member of TV show "One, two, three" (you can, looking ahead, tell her that her role in "Quique" (1993) Almodovar - Leading a sinister criminal Andrea Shramolikaya program - based on personal experience). And television and film career of Victoria helped her dance teacher.

Thanks to TV a nice girl like the Spaniards, in 1975. She made her debut in the cinema film "Fascination" - a name identified further Role of Victoria, they called the "sexiest actress of Europe". In 1976. she came to the set jolly Briton Richard Lester, where she fell Teen happy to talk with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn. In the adventure strip Lester "Robin and Marian" (1976) she went to a small but regal role of Queen Isabella (the Soviet box office film was titled "The Return of Robin Hood"). Young actress managed to work with the Spanish classic, Juan Antonio Bardemom, play a comedic version of Robin Hood is at home, but the crucial point in her life was meeting with the master of hot, sensual drama by Vicente Aranda.

In 1977. Abril plays two roles at once in a sensational film Aranda "Change of sex", tells how the name implies, transsexual story. An experienced director, on the one hand, used a youthful angularity of Victoria, on the other - it is still modestly charming eroticism. Jose Maria and Maria Jose - one and the same person, but of different sex, role, or rather, roles, famous actress.

. Abril remains Aranda muse for many years - together they have made ten pictures, . including Al Lout desert "(International Film Festival award in San Sebastian, . 1987) and burning "Lovers" (1991), . impregnated with a frank sensuality and brought evil beauty Abril "Silver Bear, Berlin International Film Festival.,

. In the 80-ies
. Abril sent to France. Of the films made in a foreign country, stands out "Moon in the Gutter" (1983) neobarochnogo visionary Jean-Jacques Beineix. Psychopathological motives thriller called rejection not only of the audience. Gerard Depardieu, . partner Abril on the picture, . stated, . do not hesitate: "In what kind of shit I ugorazdilo climb!" But agree with the actor-winemaker is not easy - "the moon ..." you can love at least for an episode, . which is easily dressed Abril swinging on a swing,
. Her fantastic body exudes a desire, and the magic of animal eroticism completely overshadowed by the cold beauty of rival Nastassja Kinski. French directors like to use the body heat of the provocation Abril - to successfully swept the screens around the world (and Russia too) comedy "Damn the lawn" (1995) her heroine seduced rough lesbian (she also directed), Josiane Balasko.

. Abril loved by many different masters, countrymen, she worked with Pedro AlmodцЁvar (her heroine is kidnapped sadist lover Antonio Banderas in the scandal "contact me", . 1990) and Jaime De Arminyanom (in piercing mystical drama "Hour of Witches", . 1985),
. Victoria played the legendary Japanese Nagisa Oshima in zoofilskom "Max, My Love" (1986) and by American Barry Levinson's undervalued Los Angeles tragicomedy "Jimmy Hollywood" (1994). National Prize "Goya" and the prize of the festival in San Sebastian was brought to her participation in the nerve thriller Agustin Diaz Janis "Nobody will remember us, . when we die "(1995), the role of the humiliated and offended by prostitutes otherwise, . as risky, . not call - so comforting award,
. In 1999. pleasant sensation of Berlin and Moscow Festival has become a thriller Manuel GцЁmez Pereira "between the legs: it Abril and chief macho Spanish cinema Javier Bardem poironizirovali plenty on his Position sex idols - their characters are introduced in the psychotherapy group for recovery from sexual addiction.,

. In 2000
. Abril tries his hand at a new quality: in the credits picture "Reykjavik 101" it means not only as an actress, but also as a producer.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Filmography:
. 1975 - "Fascination" (Obsesi_n)
. 1976 - Robin and Marian "(Robin and Marian)
. 1976 - "The End of the Week" ( "Bridge") (El Puente), Lolita
. 1977 - "Change of sex" (Cambio de sexo), Maria Jose / Jose Maria
. 1982 - "I married a shadow" (J'ai epouse une ombre), FIFO
. 1982 - "bee's nest" (La Colmena), blasphemes
. 1983 - "Moon in the Gutter" (La Lune dans le caniveau), Bell
. 1984 - "The most beautiful night" (La Noche mes Hermosa), Elena
. 1985 - "Hour of witches" (La Hora bruja), Saga
. 1986 - "Time of Silence" (Tiempo de silencio), Dorit
. 1986 - "Max, My Love" (Max, mon amour), Maria
. 1987 - "The Law of desire" (La Ley del deseo)
. 1987 - Al Lout desert "(El Lute: camina o revienta), Helo
. 1988 - "Without fear and shame" (Sans peur et sans reproche), Jeanne
. 1990 - "Tie Me Up" (Atame), Marina Osorio
. 1991 - "The Lovers" (Amantes), Louise
. 1991 - "High Heels" (Tacones lejanos), Rebecca
. 1993 - "Kika" (Kika), Andrea Karakortada - Shramolikaya
. 1994 - "Jimmy Hollywood" (Jimmy Hollywood), Lorraine
. 1994 - "Blue Helmets" (Casque bleu), Alicia
. 1995 - "Nobody will talk about us when we die" (Nadie hablare de nosotras cuando hayamos muerto), Gloria Duque
. 1995 - "Damn the lawn" (Gazon maudit), Loli
. 1998 - "The wife of an astronaut" (La Femme du cosmonaute), Anna
. 1999 - "Between the feet" (Entre las piernas), Miranda
. 1999 - "My father, my mother, my brothers and my sisters"

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Victoria Abril, photo, biography
Victoria Abril, photo, biography Victoria Abril  Actress, photo, biography
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