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Isabelle Yasmine Adjani

( Actress)

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Biography Isabelle Yasmine Adjani
Date of Birth: 27/06/1955

One of France's leading actresses of the period of 1980-1990. Isabelle Adjani was born in Paris, the son of a Turkish immigrant and German women. In 12 years, Isabelle won the Lyceum recitation competition, and then got the opportunity to play minor roles in amateur theater, usually during the holidays. In 1969, when Adjani was 14 years old, directed by Bernard Tublank-Michel Isabel invited to play a major role in his film "Little collier". Adjani herself while seriously not even thought about a career in film: she decided to become a psychologist, and after finishing school, was admitted to the University.

In 1971, during a break between university semesters, she appeared in Nina's Company "Faustina and beautiful summer". Shortly after the film's release was followed by a job offer at a leading French theater, the Comedie Francaise ". Isabel could not miss the opportunity. However, before the first exit to the most famous scene of France it still had several months to improve their acting skills in one of the Paris School of Dramatic Art. After several successful works in the theater co-starred with Isabelle Francois Truffaut in the movie "History of Adele H." (1975). In its twenty-year Ajani very convincingly portrayed the neurotic-old daughter of Victor Hugo (probably helped psychological education). For this role, the actress received her first nomination for an Oscar.

In 1976, Adjani was withdrawn in several films, including a Roman Polanski in "tenants", and "Violetta and Franц¬ois, Jacques Ruffo. Autumn of 1977 Ajani, by then already one of the most famous and promising actresses in France, made the first attempt to win Hollywood. Nothing came of it: the film Walter Hill's "The Driver" with its participation has not been seen nor critics nor audiences.

Returning to Europe, Ajani took part in the adaptation of Bram Stoker's gothic novel "Dracula". In the film "Nosferatu: Vampyre" (1979) German Werner Herzog, it was Lucy Harker, the object of desire terrible vampire (Klaus Kinski). Ajani Gothic literature and became involved in the same year played English novelist Emily Bronte in "Bronte Sisters."

. In 1981, after a short break, Ajani returned to the big screen soon with four films, for roles in two of which (the "Quartet", dir
. Zulavski and "name", dir. J. Ivory), she received the award the 34 th Cannes Film Festival Best Actress. By this time, Adjani is so famous, . that can afford to refuse to participate in the project's leading producer of France Jean-Luc Godard, . and public opinion puts it on par with the greatest French actresses XX century - Jeanne Moreau and Catherine Deneuve,

. Once in 1983, Adjani starred in "fatal summer", . dull thriller directed by Jean Becker, the novel by Sebastien Japrisot (prize "Cesar" for Best Actress) and in the debut film by Luc Besson "Subway" (1985), . where her partner was a handsome Christopher Lambert, . actress once again disappeared from screens,
. In France, rumors that the actress died of AIDS. In fact, Ajani briefly moved to America. Here she tried to amuse the audience in the comedy "Ishtar". But not Dustin Hoffman, or Warren Beatty, with whom she had played Ajani, could not save the film from complete failure.

In 1988, the actress agreed to produce the next film of her husband, director Bruno Nuytena, "Camille Claudel". So far, the most impressive work is the role of an actress of genius artist, which brought to a psychiatric hospital with a famous sculptor Auguste Rodin (Gerard Depardieu), her mentor and lover. The film "Camille Claudel", . production designer whose, . by the way, . Isabel herself was, . received the "Silver Bear" at the Berlin Film Festival, . three national awards "Cesar" (including for Best Actress), . was nominated for an Oscar,
. As often happens, the success of the film became a hindrance to domestic happiness, and in 1990 broke up with Isabel Bruno. On the other hand tied a very long affair with a happily married Gerard.

In 1993, on the set of intellectual comedy "Poisonous scam" Ajani met with British actor Daniel Day Lewis, and soon moved in with him in London. In 1994, Adjani is involved in a grandiose and dark adaptation of the novel of Alexander Dumas' Queen Margot, "which has taken one of Europe's leading theater directors Patrice Chereau. Expensive and highly successful at the box office, has won five national awards of the French "Cesar" (for Adjani - another "Cesar for her role as Marguerite de Valois) and was nominated for an Academy Award prize for best costumes. Even during the filming of Isabel knew that she was pregnant by Day Lewis. This news so shocked the future father, that he instantly disappeared from the life Ajani, not forgetting to notify it by fax to complete severance of all relations.

In 1996, Adjani again tried to conquer the American audience. However Adjani, Sharon Stone starred in a Hollywood remake of Henri Clouzot "Diabolique". Neither Adjani, . which depicts jammed wife headmaster, . reshivshuyu one day kill her husband, . no Sharon Stone, . played a mistress Director, . failed to attract a sufficient number of cinema viewers even for, . to justify the budget belt or hide more than a mediocre director,
. In the movie box office total failure.

In 1997, the actress headed the jury of the jubilee 50 th Cannes Film Festival.

In 1999, screens out movie "passionately", where Adjani played along with Gerard Depardieu and Canadian singer Celine Dion

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1975 - "History of Adele H." (L'Histoire d'Adele H.)
. 1976 - "Baroque" (Barocco)
. 1976 - "The Tenant" (Le locataire)
. 1979 - "Sisters Bronte" (Les soeurs Bronte)
. 1979 - "Nosferatu, the specter of the night" (Nosferatu; Fantome de la nuit)
. 1981 - "Quartet" (Quartet)
. 1981 - "Property" (Possession)
. 1981 - "In the next year ... if all will be well" (L'annee prochaine ..
. si tout va bien)
. 1983 - "One Deadly Summer" (L'Ete meurtrier)
. 1985 - "Underground" (Subway)
. 1988 - "Camille Claudel" (Camille Claudel)
. 1994 - "Queen Margot" (La Reine Margot)
. 1996 - "Diabolique" (Diabolique)
. 1999 - "Eager" (Passionnement)
. 1999 - "last person" (The last face)

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Isabelle Yasmine Adjani, photo, biography
Isabelle Yasmine Adjani, photo, biography Isabelle Yasmine Adjani  Actress, photo, biography
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