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Natalia E. Andreichanka

( Actress)

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Biography Natalia E. Andreichanka
Date of Birth: 03/05/1956

Natalia Andreichenko was born in Moscow on May 3, 1956, Mr.. In 1973, Mr.. came to VGIK, in the studio of Sergei Bondarchuk and Irina Skobtseva, and already in her second year played in his first film, "From dusk to dawn" (1975).

. Known in professional circles film Andreichanka acquired after the role of the beautiful Sibiryachka Nastia Solomina in Siberiade (1978) Andrei Konchalovsky
. The film won the Special Jury Prize at Cannes in June, but the director did not return from France to his homeland, so the Soviet rolled tape lasted three weeks.

. Over the next five years Andreichanka actively filmed, an average of Soviet cinema and television ( "care - care" 1978; "horses in midstream is not changed," 1980; "Inspector Losev, 1982)
. Directors appreciated it what is called a "sense of cinema" - the ability to feel is necessary for the camera level expression of feelings, kinogenichnost.

Really good for Andreichanka began in 1983 when we reached the two most popular film with her participation: "Military Field novel" Peter Todorovsky and "Mary Poppins, Goodbye" by Leonid Kvinikhidze. The modern fairy tale about good sorceress - nurse Mary Poppins was taken in the best traditions of Soviet musical. Andreichanka very convincingly demonstrate their choreographic and musical ability, and the audience did not even noticed that the actress sang songs to the music of her husband Maxim Dunaevskogo voice of the future pop diva Natalya Vetlitskaya.

Role Luba Antipova in the film Peter Todorovsky "Military Field novel" remains the top acting career Andreichanka. She brilliantly played a woman who went through the horrors of war, loneliness, and has a normal life and ordinary human happiness.

In 1986. arrived in Moscow famous director Maximilian Schell, to make a film about Peter the Great. Natalia Andreichenko at this time auditioned for a major role in the film "Winter Cherry", but she chose Elena Safonova. A sample from Shell on the role of Evdokia Lopukhina were successful. Andreichanka Dunayevsky divorced and married to Shelley, who as a "wedding gift" presented her with Hollywood and posters with her face on the California waterfront.

. The latter is well known role of spectator Russia Natalia Andreichanka - Katerina Ismailova in the film by Roman Balayan's "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk" (1989), where her partner was a bearded, handsome Alexander Abdulov
. The special flavor of this role, built on the bloody romance, makes the fact that the filmed Andreichenko already being pregnant by Shell. The shooting continued until the eighth month of pregnancy.

Settled with his family in the United States, Andreichanka studying the language, singing, choreography, attended acting school in Hollywood.

In 1993, Mr.. She appeared in Italian (!) film by Sergei Bondarchuk's "And Quiet Flows the Don" as Daria, the first and last time he met with his teacher on the set. In 1994. Andreichanka appeared in several Hollywood films: "Night Watch", a film Shell Candles in the Dark "and" Little Odessa "which won the Silver Lion at the festival in Venice in 1994

In June 1999,. Natalia Andreichenko came to Moscow during the noisy celebrations on the occasion of 200 anniversary of the birth of a. S. Pushkin with the idea of a "Pushkinlenda" - a country where live fairy-tale heroes, similar to the well-known to all "Disneyland". The venture hung in the air, as well as memories of their stay in Russia remained part Andreichanka (under the pseudonym Natalya Deceived ") in the film Gregory of Constantinople" $ 8 ", where her character voiced by Renata Litvinova.

. 1975 - "From dawn to dusk, Valya
. 1976 - "Lullaby for men," Valentin Krylov
. 1976 - "Stepanova reminder, Tanya
. 1976 - "our debts", Vera
. 1977 - "Steppe", the girl in the sheaves
. 1977 - "Duel in the taiga, Pelagea
. 1978 - Siberiade, Nastia Solomin
. 1978 - "-vendor and poet, Olga
. 1978 - "Reapers", Maria
. 1978 - "Go away - go away," Luba
. 1979 - "flew in the Martian autumn night," Valkyrie N.
. 1980 - "Wedding Night", Masha
. 1980 - "horses in midstream is not me," Alla
. 1980 - "The ladies invite gentlemen, Raisa
. 1980 - "Courage", Tonya
. 1982 - "The man who closed the city" Lazareva
. 1982 - "Ludmila", Zina
. 1982 - "The Inspector Losev, Barbara
. 1982 - "Here we live," Arina
. 1983 - "Two under an umbrella, Ludmila
. 1983 - "Military Field novel, Luba
. 1983 - "Mary Poppins, Goodbye, Mary Poppins
. 1985 - Maritza, Maritza
. 1985 - Peter the Great (USA), Evdokia Lopukhin
. 1986 - "Sorry, Masha
. 1987 - "Under the Sign of the Red Cross, Nina
. 1989 - "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk, Katerina
. 1993 - "Quiet Flows the Don" (Italy), Daria
. 1994 - "Glow in the Dark", "Little Odessa", "Night Watch" (all - USA)
. 1999 - "$ 8"

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  • Svetlana for Natalia E. Andreichanka
  • Natalia lot of time in Russia. For shooting a movie you can contact her agent: Natalia Algereeva +7-926-7490373 mart.art @ mail.ru.
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    Natalia E. Andreichanka, photo, biography
    Natalia E. Andreichanka, photo, biography Natalia E. Andreichanka  Actress, photo, biography
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