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Luchino Visconti

( Director, Screenwriter)

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Biography Luchino Visconti
Date of Birth: 02/11/1906
Date of death: 17.03.1976
Luchino Visconti was born Nov. 2, 1906 in Milan. He belonged to one of the most ancient aristocratic families of Europe. In his youth, after military service Visconti studied music and the breeding of horses, that is typical for people who conducted his circle of life, confessing at the same communist ideology - probably just out of hatred for fascism. In the 30 years he worked with Jean Renoir on the "outing" as a production designer and assistant director. Returning from France, Visconti joined the resistance movement, was arrested by the Gestapo, was sitting on death row, and narrowly escaped execution. Like many of his associates, Giovanni Visconti, attracted Romance Vergi, the founder of the naturalistic style - Verismo. But picturize Verga has been banned, and then he did his version of the film based on the novel by James Kane's "The Postman Always Rings Twice" - "Possession" (1942). This drama about the destructive properties of passion because of the realistic reflection of life under fascism has irked the authorities and paved the way for neo-realism. He himself went a different way, is the second of his painting "La Terra Trema" (1948) marked a departure from pure realism in the direction of well-designed decorative, . complex composite, . which was fully manifested in his first color film "Feeling" (1954), . become classics of postwar Italian cinema.,
. A special place in film Visconti took music
. Actors wanted written on his grave "He loved Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Verdi's. In the film "The Leopard" sounds unpublished waltz by Verdi. Mahler's Fifth Symphony and music by Frank organize the rhythmic structure of "Misty stars of Ursa Major" and "Death in Venice".
. In the last period of life Visconti increasingly turned to the German culture, which was born out of reflection on his "German Trilogy" - "Gotterdammerung" (1969), "Death in Venice" (1971) and "Ludwig" (1972)
. GцTtterdцгmmerung - the history of the collapse of a respectable family of steel magnates von Essenbekov have linked their fate with the Hitler regime. German Nazism was Visconti even more disgusting than Italian because of his dark obsession and notorious discipline, love of order, force people to go to the end. The final film, when the family nest filled Essenbekov SS mixed with whores, deployed in the grand "opera" metaphor demonic evil. The frozen in a Nazi "Heil" figure of Martin (Helmut Berger) floated a fiery stream of the smelting furnace - as if escaped to freedom of infernal forces.
. "Death in Venice" by Thomas Mann's novella - the most personal and candid film Visconti, requiem, predoschuschenie approaching the sunset of Europe, farewell to life and beauty
. Composer Gustav Ashenbah (Dirk Bogarde) in an atmosphere immersed in the water of the lagoon of Venice watching a beautiful boy, Tadzio, which sees the unattainable ideal of beauty for the art and can not withstand this mental stress.
. "Ludwig" - a film from the era of the Iron Chancellor Bismarck, who tried to resist the last king of the romantic Ludwig of Bavaria, the martyr perverted passions
. Ludwig again played favorite actor Visconti Helmut Berger. In this film, as in the other - "Rocco and His Brothers" (1960) and "Conversation Piece" (1975) - clearly the motif of family breakdown. The death of the family - a fact not only biological, but social and cultural meaning for Visconti's death and the death of an individual company. In "Portrait" for the third time filming in Visconti Helmut Berger. It was his character Conrad is the center of the film, . it - the representative of the rebellious youth in 1968, . it is a typical representative of those, . that quickly abandoned the revolutionary phrase, . adapted to the lowest rules of society, . opposes,
. The action film closed the apartment of an old professor (Burt Lancaster, . who starred in Visconti still in the "Leopard"), . suffering from the failed fatherhood and trying to break the cycle of loneliness, . but to no avail - he tries to "adopt" Konrad, . when the days are also numbered, . and he dies of heart attack,

. Luchino Visconti many suffered for his unconcealed gay, . is reflected in his films - this could not accept American producers, . financing the "Death in Venice", . this has affected the fate of his films at international film festivals,
. "Death to ..." not received their "Golden Palm". But it was awarded the "Leopard" (1963), and "Misty stars of Ursa Major" (1965) received the Golden Lion in Venice. Luchino Visconti, died March 17, 1976

. 1942 - "Possession" (Ossessione)
. 1945 - "Days of Glory" (Giorni di Gloria), dok.f.
. 1948 - "La Terra Trema" (La Terra Trema)
. 1951 - "The Most Beautiful" (Belissima)
. 1953 - "We, the women / short story (Siamo Donne)
. 1954 - "Feeling" (Senso)
. 1957 - "White Nights" (Le Notti bianche)
. 1960 - "Rocco and His Brothers" (Rocco ei suoi Fratelli)
. 1962 - "Bokachcho'70" / short story "Work" (Boccaccio'70)
. 1963 - "The Leopard" (Il Gattopardo)
. 1965 - "Misty stars of Ursa Major" (Vaghe Stelle dell'Orsa)
. 1966 - "The Witch" / short story "The witch who was burnt alive" (le Streghe)
. 1967 - "Stranger" (Lo Straniero)
. 1969 - "Gotterdammerung" (La Caduta degli Dei / The Damned)
. 1971 - "Death in Venice" (Morte a Venezia)
. 1972 - "Ludwig" (Ludwig)
. 1975 - "Conversation Piece" (Gruppo di Famiglia in uno Interno)
. 1976 - "The Innocent" (L'Innocente)

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Luchino Visconti, photo, biography
Luchino Visconti, photo, biography Luchino Visconti  Director, Screenwriter, photo, biography
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