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John Woo

( Director)

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Biography John Woo
Date of Birth: 01/05/1946

Real name: Yusen Wu.

Action-movie director John Woo was born in Canton in 1946, and after five years, his parents fled Communist China and fled to Hong Kong. Wu's father was a researcher and a philosopher. He was ill with tuberculosis, and ten years continuously lying in hospitals. All the care of the family took the mother. Wu Family lived in a poor area and the boy soon confronted with violence, which would be so much in his films. Wu recalled that he was beaten by bandits from the Triads, he saw people cut by to pieces, and emotion of 1967, when police used tear gas and people killed on the threshold of their homes.

In the twenty-one year he made his debut in film as an assistant director, and four years later - in 1973 - he began making films under the names of Wu Yu-Shen (Wu Yu-sheng) and John I.TS. Wu (John YC. Woo). Finally, in 1979 in the credits the movie "From bogatstvaa to rags" first appears the name of John Woo. In those years, he rented a standard CH-gong kongskuyu released films mainly comedy n. Not that he particularly thrived in this field: in the early eighties Wu perebatsya even tried to Taiwan and search for happiness there, but his Taiwanese films ( "The time when you need a friend," "Run, Tiger, Run!") And success had.

In 1985 he returned to Hong Kong and the following year is literally blew up the local film market gangster film "Better Tomorrow", pobivshim all records of popularity. In this tape, . largely inspired by the famous samurai, Jean-Pierre Melville and the Japanese yakuza films, Takakura Ken, . Wu managed to find their own style, . which the bloody aesthetics of cruelty and violence reaches elegance paintings of ballet and martial arts and Westerns of Sam Peckinpah,
. Previous films in the coming years not only invariably cash hits, but also brought John Woo world glory. This is particularly true in such paintings as "Killer" (1989), "A bullet in the head" (1990) and "Steep" (they are the same - "Cool-cooked", 1992).

After the success of these paintings at international festivals and have "advanced moviegoers" John Woo was invited to Hollywood, where he started the film "Hard Target" (1993). Despite the fact that the militant Jean-Claude Van Damme disappoint fans of the old Wu, the director continued to work in Hollywood, took off in 1995, "Broken Arrow" and in 1997 - "No / face". This film looks anthologies techniques and the John Woo: confrontation internally similar characters and their mutual transmogrification, . Catholic church as a place of bloody battle, . the famous "Mexican duel, . when heroes freeze, . pointing at each other their guns,

In 2000, screens out another big-budget film by John Woo - "Mission: Impossible-2". Between large projects, Wu managed to make cheap TV movies for Canadian television, reminiscent of his famous Hong Kong militants.

Despite the ambiguity of the American period, assessments of creativity Wu and his Hong Kong work has had perhaps the defining influence on the visual style of the nineties. Its influence is hard to miss with such diverse directors as Luc Besson, Quentin Tarantino and the Wachowski brothers

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1986 - A Better Tomorrow (A Better Tomorrow)
. 1987 - Simply heroes (Just Heroes)
. 1989 - Killer (The Killer)
. 1990 - Thief (Once a Thief)
. 1990 - Bullet in the Head (Bullet in the Head)
. 1992 - Hard Boiled (Hard-Boiled)
. 1993 - Hard Target (Hard Target)
. 1996 - Broken Arrow (Broken Arrow)
. 1996 - Thief (Once a Thief) - remake
. 1997 - Face / Off (Face / Off)
. 1998 - Blackjack (Blackjack)
. 2000 - Mission: Impossible - 2 (Mission: Impossible - 2)

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    John Woo, photo, biography
    John Woo, photo, biography John Woo  Director, photo, biography
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