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BASHIROV Alexander

( director, actor)

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Biography BASHIROV Alexander
Date of Birth: 24/09/1955

"The question of career I have decided for themselves radically - began directing life. If you yourself are creating fashion, it does not depend on fashion. "

Alexander Bashirov was born September 24, 1955, Mr.. village Sogom Tyumen region. Mom, strelochnitsa on the railroad, and her husband divorced early, and Alexander Bashirov childhood spent with her one-armed grandfather, which is a matter of principle refused to work for the Soviet regime and preferred fishing.

. Devil of a snuffbox jumped Bashir "Asse" (1987) and is firmly imprinted on the memory of all who saw it fashionable perestroika movie diligently "youth" Sergei Soloviev (but then I saw him almost the whole country)
. Actually, even before Solovyov took him into "Alien White and pockmarked" (1986), but the masses remember exactly shibzdik-lzhemayor air with vile name Babakin, eager to female charms and fast to fit. Then there was an equally hysterical Spartacus, . behindhand unspecified amount of Viktor Tsoi in the cult "Iglд?" (1988) and limitchik Tolik of Black Roses, . emblem of sorrow ... "(1989): three-liter jar wash, . crowned glove, . plus the fact perestroika Avtorhanova under the mattress, plus a proprietary maxim "lozhil I'm on it with the device",
. And petty demon punch, in various guises molesting Mikhail Ulyanov in the House under the starry sky "(1991).

. However, the first call entree in the "Asse" was enough to sharp-eyed man with a deceptively tongue-tied-patter poluplatonovskogo-poluzoschenkovskogo character turned into quite a cult Sasha Bashirova
. Conducted rock concerts, chudil in Pop-Mechanics Sergey Kuriokhin and his own play "The Gingerbread Man", and simply were a significant at the St. Petersburg-Moscow coterie person.

In the seventy-second he thought up to conquer Peter, where and waved to anyone without asking. They filed documents into the first vocational school - it turned out he had to get the specialty tiler, tilers. This glorious era remembers vaguely, because memories densely covered with cheap port wine, consumed in immense quantities. He worked at the cement plant in Vyborg, St. Petersburg veneer Skin and Venereal Diseases Clinic. Then he rattled off two years in the armored division, . which was attached an artist: painted a portrait of Brezhnev in the guise of tankman (three of four), . and in between debated with the officer corps of the current situation, . What are the discussion mostly ended in "lip".,

. Otgulyav demobee, went to VGIK, the studio Igor Talankin (preferred to complete their education by Anatoly Vasiliev)
. Even then he was a student director, was in great demand as an actor: vgikovtsy happily occupied him in his studies. He claims his first role played by Renata Litvinova is not a movie directed by Kira Muratova, and in the scene with him, Bashirov: it represented the visitor a shoe store, and he - an employee of the store, which brazenly frosted it in all places. Sometimes, an actor shows ended naturally scandal. The loudest erupted in connection with a passage from "Faust", . where Bashirov, . depicting Mephistopheles, . at the climax opened robe - and Faust (played by now well-known director Bakhtiyor Hudoinazarov) surprise choked, . a light ocham respectable teachers masters (Sergei Bondarchuk, . Irina Skobtseva and others) opened an excited Mephistopheles member.,

. After the Institute Bashirova skidded for several years in the States: married a student-American, set sail to her home, where he studied acting, and from time to time people came to the shooting to Solovyov
. But relations with capitalist reality in Bashirova went wrong, and he returned with the ends - leaving his wife and son Christopher, with whom this day is seen annually.

. Evidence of this, . bashirovskie that the aforesaid relationship with reality and really difficult, . is his film "The Iron Heel of Oligarchy" (1998), . he made his debut in directing after seven years after the end of the Institute of Cinematography (his early short films "Outsider" (1986) and "One to Joy" (1987) are not preserved),
. The hero of "Iron Heel ..." - An ardent and blissful agitator gorlan-leader, who has dedicated itself to fighting for the happiness of mankind labor. The film with the very Bashirov main role was shot in ten days and thirty thousand dollars and received a copyright definition: "The film surface, a strange sense, a bit strange and festival". The latter definition proved to be prophetic: "The Iron Heel ...", voiced music Yevgeny Fyodorov of the" Tequila-dzhazzz ", famously walked on festivals great and small - from Venice to Sochi, from Rotterdam to Vyborg.

. For the filming of this movie Bashirov founded his own studio in St. Petersburg "Deboshir-film, . then opened with the same name of her film school, . Further invented "Deboshir Film Festival, . who staked for a November holiday in the city, the cradle of three revolutions,
. Ideology of the festival involves union uletnoy movie with the bottom-hole music, so this film screenings smoothly or jerkily moving in Session.

In 2000. Russia came out on screen, . Finally, . Film Alexis Herman "Khrustalev, . machine "- there Bashirov played cameo, . but a very important role stoker fur shop Fyodor Aramysheva named Gandon: forever broken fate, . for folly zagremevshy camp, . This eccentric man is more tenacious, . than other, . strong and confident, . Stalin Moloch crushed to dust,
. "Liberty, shit!" - A heart-rending wails released Fyodor, filling the dead spaces of his screaming mother country, which it never could be done to him, however hard they tried.

. Bashir and now in business: taking off in Yugoslavia documentary "Belgrade, . Belgrade (1999) of attempts to live a peaceful life, . unaware war, . He is now building a new director's plans, . dangle in Finland to teach on acting, . considering together with Sergey Bugaev-Africa project "Assa-2" (there Bananan survived, . and mafia Crimea face Stanislav Govorukhin becomes a State Duma deputy), . is raising her daughter Alexandra-Maria, . terrorizes his wife Inna Volkova, . soloist "Kolibri", . crazy ideas like his nomination of members of City Council,
. In short, directing their own lives and, if possible - the life of others. Everyone who came into the orbit of his merry madness, you can successfully envy and sympathy.

He - director, actor, character, and many believe that more and lifestyles, and diagnosis. Actually it is - a mask, invented an unusually successful. Talked with him for the first time you unknowingly accept him as a man, have finally pulled off the reel, and he was just what I need. In practice, he is quite "built" in reality and knows what and how to him from this reality should be sought.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1986 - "Someone Else's White and pockmarked"
. 1987 - "Assa"
. 1989 - Black Rose - an Emblem of Sorrow, Red Rose - the emblem of love "
. 1991 - House under the starry sky "
. 1993 - "Over the dark water"
. 1995 - "Exercise N 5 (c / a" Arrival of a Train ")
. 1997 - "Mama Do not Cry"
. 1998 - "The Iron Heel of Oligarchy"
. 1998 - "Khrustalev, car!"

. 1986 - "Outsider" (k / m)
. 1987 - "Ode to Joy" (k / m)
. 1998 - "The Iron Heel of Oligarchy"
. 1999 - "Belgrade, Belgrade" (documentary)

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  • Kirill37 for BASHIROV Alexander
  • In "Shtrafbat" - just SUPER!
  • Hotmax for BASHIROV Alexander
  • The most striking and extraordinary actor last inastoyaschego. Genius. Bow. Respect, Sasha. Hold on, shit!
  • arsenal for BASHIROV Alexander
  • Sasha just better actor! Very like the style of game! For Spartacus and "Mayor" Many thanks - superb!
  • PHIL for BASHIROV Alexander
  • BASHIROV - Bravo! King episode!
  • Yurko for BASHIROV Alexander
  • Bashirov our president!
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