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Dirk Bogarde

( Actor)

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Biography Dirk Bogarde
Date of Birth: 28/03/1921
Date of death: 08/05/1999
Real name: Derec Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van der Bogardae

Dirk Bogarde was born March 28, 1921, Mr.. in London in an aristocratic family of the Dutch-Belgian and Scottish descent. His father was the art editor of the Times, his mother - actress. Dirk Bogarde graduated from the Polytechnic School of Art and the Royal Academy of Arts, worked as an artist and played in small outlying theaters. War held in the army, and returned to London for a long time could not find seats in the theater - the old friends, which managed to become famous (Peter Ustinov, for example), have not expressed any willingness to help him. It is almost a beggar, but he suffered mainly from the consciousness of its worthlessness. The case led him to the corporation "Rank", first on radio, and then to the studio. After a while at the start, he soon pulled ahead with surprising speed, played more and more, all the best and all the best and the best films. His career - a unique example of continuous ascent to excellence. Movies, . which he began, . today rightly forgotten ( "Dancing with the crime", . 1947;, lived a happy wanderer ", . 1948; 'See you at the fair ", . 1950 and others)., . but the popular 50-60's "Doctor series (" Doctor in the house ", . 1954 and always and everywhere, . until "Doctors in despair", . 1963).,

. Life Bogarde did meet with the world's producers - Joseph Losey, Arthur Schlesinger, Luchino Visconti, Liliana Cavani, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Alain Resnais
. It was with Losey started this real life. Their first joint painting "Sleeping Tiger" (1954) was just trying on the future work. And the role of lackey Barrett in "Servant" (1963) first demonstrated the possibility of acting Bogarde. I never studied acting, in special schools, he intuitively included into the image and was able to transmit the most subtle shades of feeling and emotion. Barrett - illustration of the dialectic of master and servant: a servant, a vulgar and primitive, even slovenly, quietly subjugates its the noble, but weak-willed owner. Almost all the heroes Bogarde - people "reject", suffer dichotomy, impracticable desires, torn complexes. After the "Servants" Bogarde worked with Losey has three. Union culminated in the "accident" (1967), where the car accident provokes a splash domestic drama of an aging intellectual flailing between guilt and obsessive lust. Bogarde showed a man who, conscious of its originality, is tormented by jealousy of male elementary successes lucky friend.

The biggest success in life Bogarde - participation in the Visconti films. In "Gotterdammerung" (1970, in the European box office "Damned"), he played Frederick Brukmana, the corpses coming to power and wealth. Visconti made a film about the birth of Nazism and followed the plot of Shakespeare's Macbeth, where Brukman as it played the role of Macbeth. His hands exterminated family Essenbek, major German industrialists - the old, Joachim and his successor, Konstantin. But he Brukman falls into a fatal trap. Bogarde exactly fulfilled its task - to transmit demonic grandeur in the immensity of the crimes. "Death in Venice" (1971, after the novel by Thomas Mann) - the history of the passing away of the lone composer, stunned beauty boy, whom he met at the resort of Lido (where now running Venice Film Festival). Passion Ashenbaha to the Polish boy - not just homoerotic impulse; Tadzio for him - a symbol of unattainable beauty can not copy it. This work required a huge emotional cost, the more that Bogarde did not possess the protective methods of professional actors who know how to relax. He lost the desire to be removed. Liliana Cavani had a lot of cajoling Bogarde and even resort to the authority of Visconti, to take it in the movie "Night Porter" (1974). Scenario long pylilsya in his basement, but when Bogarde had decided to read it, I found a verbose husk precious grain - an unusual love story about a former SS man and his victim - a concentration camp prisoner (Charlotte Rampling). The film caused a scandal, censorship forbade his hire in Italy for insulting the morality. Milan court filed a case against Bogarde, Rampling and Cavani. Only the energy producer affair was hushed up. The crowd poured views on the shaft.

The author of several autobiographical books ( "The postilion, struck by lightning," "Up and Down", "Man Rules"), Bogarde never mentions about his romantic relationships with women - only about friendship. This aspect of his life is closed tightly. In the same movie Bogarde so often had to play gay, that even my own father attributed it to this tribe.

Since the late 60's Bogarde lived in seclusion, in the south of France, grew grapes and olives, wrote books. In 1977, he starred in the film Alain Rene "Providence", as the son of an old writer, a lawyer who appears in the fantasies of his father one of the characters for future books. Bogarde offered three interpretations of the role of the director: rigid-realistic, in the spirit of the Restoration comedies, theatrical stylization pattern scoundrel. Rene asked to synthesize all three images - Bogarde made and this is adding to his hero, and even lines of his on-screen father, played by John Gielgud.

. The last outstanding work actor became strip Fassbinder "Despair" (1978, the novel by Nabokov), in which he played a Russian emigre in Germany.

. After a heart attack Bogarde returned to England, where he found Bertrand Tavernier and persuaded to play along with Jane Birkin in the film, which became the latest Bogarde - "Father's nostalgia" (1990)
. Bogarde died May 8, 1999 in London.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1950 - "The Blue Lamp" (The Blue Lamp), Tom Riley
. 1953 - "Meeting in London" (Appointment in London), Tim Mason
. 1954 - "Sleeping Tiger" (The Sleeping Tiger), Frank Clemmons
. 1955 - "Simba" (Simba), Alan Howard
. 1956 - "The Spanish Gardener" (The Spanish Gardener), Jose
. 1958 - "Tale of Two Cities" (Tale of Two Cities), Sydney Carton
. 1960 - "Endless Song" / "Crescendo" (Song without end), Franz Liszt
. 1961 - "Victim" (The Victim), Melvil Far
. 1963 - "The Servant" (The Servant), Hugo Barrett
. 1964 - "For King and Country", Captain Hargreaves
. 1965 - "Darling" (Darling), Robert Gold
. 1967 - "Accident" (Accident), Stephen
. 1968 - "Sebastian" (Sebastian), Mr. Sebastian
. 1969 - "Justine" (Justine), Pyursvarden
. 1969 - "Gotterdammerung" (La Caduta degli dei), Friedrich Brukman
. 1971 - "Death in Venice" (Morte a Venezia), Gustav von Ashenbah
. 1972 - "Snakes" (Le Serpent), Philip Boyle
. 1974 - "Night Porter" (Il Portiere di notte), Maximilian Theo Altdorfer
. 1975 - "Permission to Kill" (Permission to Kill), Alan Curtis
. 1977 - "Providence" (Providence), Claude Lanem
. 1978 - "Despair" (Despair), Herman Herman
. 1990 - "Daddy Nostalgia," (Daddy Nostalgia), Tommy "Daddy" Russell

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Dirk Bogarde, photo, biography
Dirk Bogarde, photo, biography Dirk Bogarde  Actor, photo, biography
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