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Marc Bolan

( Singer)

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Biography Marc Bolan
Date of Birth: 30/06/1947
Date of death: 16/09/1977
"All of us - children of the revolution". Marc Bolan

. English rock musician and charismatic personality, Marc Bolan (real name - Mark Feld) was born June 30, 1947.

. In the early 60's young Mark was moonlighting as a model on the catwalks of London and wrote poems inspired by psychotropic drugs
. Their debut single, "The Wizard" (1966) drew the attention of the bosses of show business, and the next - "Deborah" - brought him national recognition and selfless love of fans.

. In the late 60-ies Bolan, along with friend and colleague Steve Peregrine fat nasochinyali dozens of strange, painful, pretentious, but amazingly beautiful and melodic songs
. They called the T. Rex in honor of the most terrible of dinosaurs, although sometimes Bolan released albums under his own name, that was confusing discography. Penetrating vibrating voice of Mark, . full acoustic sound and lyrics, . populated mythological and psychedelic characters (elves, . fairies, . speaking lanyami and unicorns), . - All this had on my heart the most romantically-minded part of the British youth,
. In fact, it was already a glam-rock, only a few archaic form.

Sweet pair recorded several very similar to each other albums, of which the most typical and famous is the "Unicorn" (1969). In 1970, Tooke is replaced by bearded Mickey Finn, and the Bolan gradually moving toward a more hard sound (electro-boogie) and more specific themes of youth in verse. His new songs - "Ride A White Swan", "Get It On", "Metal Guru", "Hot Love" and others - do not emerge from the charts. Mark gets unofficial status of the ruler of the minds "of children of the revolution" (named after one of his songs).

Interestingly, the idol of the young rebels behaved very contradictory. He then called for an uprising, then sang about peace and love, praised self-destruction, and he ate a special diet restaurant. Nevertheless, his position is "a great rocker" was absolutely indisputable. The record "Electric Warrior" (1972) was the last "real" in the record of the T. Rex; then, despite the commercial success, Bolan increasingly criticized in the secondary and careless.

. After retiring from the draft case Finn had gone worse and he began to think about "retirement"
. However, the tremendous success of the new album "Dandy in the underworld" (1977) showed that Bolan is very even in the form. He went to the super-tour with the punk band The Damned (according to rumors, the band he liked the fact that the guys wore shirts with his picture) and making plans for the future. Plans were not destined to be realized - September 16, 1977, he crashed to death in car. He was 30 years old. His wife, Gloria, by the way, who was sitting behind the wheel, survived, and so far has not parted with a guilt complex.

Bolan, particularly esteemed punk and glam-rockers, will forever remain one of the brightest personalities in the history of rock.

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  • Irina for Marc Bolan
  • On the one hand, we can not express my gratitude for your interest in the figure of Mark. On the other, . as a journalist and a big fan of Marc Bolan, . can "break a wave of criticism and indignation")) If you write, . then delve deeper into the topic (some of it frankly ridiculous and actually wrong) and think about the applicability of irony in relation to such a person,
  • Sergey for Marc Bolan
  • What is not said Mark cult lichnost.Ego songs are still alive and that there aktualny.Schitaete? Try to spend as much after his death!
  • hippie Caddie for Marc Bolan
  • I love him. cult personality.
  • edka for Marc Bolan
  • yes? and ... posluhayu.chital me that Ringo Starr took a movie about him, and even Naumenko sang: put T. Rex, and you wake up cheerful major chord ...
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    Marc Bolan, photo, biography
    Marc Bolan, photo, biography Marc Bolan  Singer, photo, biography
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