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Pierce Brosnan

( Actor, Producer)

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Biography Pierce Brosnan
photo Pierce Brosnan
Date of Birth: 16/05/1953

Pierce Brosnan was born May 16, 1953, Mr.. in a small Irish town. Father, a weaver, deserted the family when his son was a baby. Pierce did not even know the name of his father and met with him for being a celebrity, when he was thirty. Nevertheless, his younger son Brosnan named in honor of his grandfather frivolous.

When Brosnan was very young, his mother left him to his parents and went to London to work as a nurse. She could see my baby just a couple of times a year. After the grandfather and grandmother died, Pierce was in the care of aunts and uncles, who gave the boy to school the Brothers of Christ - still applies to religion Brosnan with a shudder. Corporal punishment in Christian institutions use at all, and the only thing taught is the treatment of children - is the hypocrisy and secrecy.

When Pearce was 10 years old, his mother remarried and took the child to his. In London, Brosnan first went to the cinema and the first film, seen them turned out to be "Golfinger with Shonnom Connery. Movies always captured the imagination of Pierce.

After school, Brosnan entered the design department store Harrods, working part-time barkers. But by chance found themselves in the avant-garde theater school, Brosnan realized that this - his true vocation. He enrolled at the London School of Drama, at night, washing dishes, moonlighting as a waiter, janitor, and even factory workers.

Pierce outplayed all the classical roles - from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams. From the latter for the brilliant performance of one of the roles Brosnan even received thank-you telegram, which still hangs in his house in an expensive frame.

In 1970. Brosnan met and almost at first sight in love with an Australian actress Cassandra Harris, which soon married and fathered her two children.

. Cassandra was convinced that this actor's career can be made only in Hollywood
. So one day she forced her husband to pack his bags and go overseas to give to meet fate. The most surprising is that Brosnan actually offered a role in the television series, in which he successfully played in over 4 years. These shooting Pierce bought the house in Malibu and Beverly Hills, where he remembered his studies in painting. Cassandra offered the role of James Bond's girlfriend. House of Pierce filed a replica of Bond's wife, helping her rehearse, even assuming that these replicas will soon pronounce himself.

Unfortunately, the happiness did not last long. Beloved wife, the home life of a woman Pierce Brosnan Cassandra, terminally ill. Four years Brosnan subordinated all his time to his wife, traveled with her to the sea, throwing to all doctors. But nothing helped - Cassandra died. Brosnan lost the meaning of life and did not know what to do and why you need the continued existence. It was then that he was offered the role of James Bond, since his life is merged with the fate of the most famous kinogeroya. Bond - is not just a hero of the movie series, is a philosophy and lifestyle of a generation. Jokes Bond, Bond's tastes, a parody of Bond were a kind of password strengths, ironical men who know the taste and sense of this life.

Pierce Brosnan all his life dreamed to play Bond, the greatest spy of all time. Now, it is difficult to imagine another agent "007" - without the steel half-closed eyes, beautiful smile and restrained passion brosnanovskoy. The success of Bond, Brosnan has surpassed all expectations. He became much more popular than Connery - painting "Golden Eye" (1995), "Tomorrow Never Dies" (1997), "License to Kill" had a truly fantastic rolling success.

Brosnan being invited to the most successful paintings and blockbusters. Pierce's career a fantastic number of characters in a romantic and adventure-style. He played most of the English of all the British in world literature - the epic hero of Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days" (1989) - Phileas Fogg. Romantic hero in the "gray owl" against the Indians with whites in the nineteenth century. Real man who is not afraid nothing, which even a shipwreck and solitude are not forced to lose a human face - Robinson Crusoe (Robinson Crusoe, 1996). Heroes lovers in "Dante's Peak" (1997) and "The Mirror Has Two Faces" (1996), where he became a partner Barbara Streisand.

Painting "The love scam" (1994) brought Brosnan and Annette Bening, whom he met again in the fantastic comedy by Tim Burton "Mars Attacks" (1996). Pierce Brosnan twice was named the most handsome man of America and was nominated for a Golden Globe. Organized his own production company, as a producer Brosnan released picture "The Sting Thomas Crown Affair" (1999) and "nephew" (1998). In "Scams Thomas Crown Affair", a remake of the picture the 60-ies., Brosnan once again serves as the connoisseurs a beautiful life, expensive wines, old paintings and gorgeous women - this time, Rene Russo.

In 2000. Brosnan starred and acted as a producer for the film "Blood and Champagne" about Robert Capa, war photographer of world renown. Painting is dedicated to 18 months in the life of this wild and passionate man, filming celebrities such as writer Truman Capote and artist Pablo Picasso.

. 1980 - "The Long fun Friday" (The Long Good Friday), Irish
. 1982 - "Remington Steele", Remington Steele
. 1987 - The Fourth Protocol "(The Fourth Protocol), Valeri Petrovski
. 1988 - "Taffin" (Taffin), Mark Taffin
. 1988 - "swindlers" (The Deceivers), William Savage
. 1988 - "Noble House" (Noble House), Ian Danross
. 1989 - "Around the World in 80 Days" (Around the World in 80 Days), Phileas Fogg
. 1991 - "Mr. Johnson" (Mister Johnson), Haeni Rudbeck
. 1991 - "Murder 101" (Murder 101), TV, Charles Lattimore
. 1991 - "Victim of Love" (Victim of Love), TV, Paul Tomlison
. 1992 - "The Lawnmower Man" (The Lawnmower Man), Dr. Lawrence Angelo
. 1992 - "live wire" (Live Wire), Danny O'Neil
. 1993 - "Mrs. Doubtfire" (Mrs
. Doubtfire), Stuart Danmeyer
. 1993 - "Caravan" Entangled
. 1993 - "The train of death" (Death Train), TV, Mike Graham
. 1993 - "The Broken Chain" (The Broken Chain), TV, Sir William Johnson
. 1994 - "Never talk to strangers" (Never talk to Strangers), TV, Patrick Brodie
. 1994 - "Love affair" (Love Affair), Ken Allen
. 1995 - "Night Watch" (Night Watch), TV, Mike Graham
. 1995 - "Golden Eye" (GoldenEye), James Bond
. 1996 - "Robinson Crusoe" (Robinson Crusoe), Robinson Crusoe
. 1996 - "The Mirror Has Two Faces" (The Mirror Has Two Faces), Lover
. 1996 - "Mars Attacks" (Mars Attacks!), Donald Kessler
. 1997 - "Dante's Peak" (Dante's Peak), Harry Dalton
. 1997 - "Tomorrow Never Dies" (Tomorrow Never Dies), James Bond
. 1998 - "In Search of Camelot" (Quest for Camelot), the voice of King Arthur
. 1998 - "Nephew" (The Nephew), Joe Brady
. 1999 - "World Is Not Enough" (The World Is Not Enough), James Bond
. 1999 - "The Sting Thomas Crown Affair" (The Thomas Crown Affair), Thomas Crown Affair

. 1998 - "Nephew" (The Nephew)
. 1999 - "The Sting Thomas Crown Affair" (The Thomas Crown Affair

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Photos of Pierce Brosnan
Pierce BrosnanPierce BrosnanPierce BrosnanPierce Brosnan

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Pierce Brosnan, photo, biography
Pierce Brosnan, photo, biography Pierce Brosnan  Actor, Producer, photo, biography
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