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Sergei Galanin

( Singer)

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Biography Sergei Galanin
"When I was in hospital, his home for an expensive car, of which barely crawled out from behind a heavy belly, it was then, probably, I will take a steep. But I'm afraid it will not come "(Sergei Galanin," I am young ", 1994).

The official birthday of the "Ser'Ga is June 3, 1994, Mr.. But to this date, its founder Sergey Galanin was a long musical by. Born November 16, 1961, then received a secondary general music education and the conductor of the ensemble of folk instruments. Until 1985. played in the group "Rare Bird" and "Gulliver". In December 1985, Mr.. been one of the most important events in the musical life of Galanin: he became the bass guitarist of a new group called the Brigade S ". Five years Garik Sukachev and Sergei Galanin were a kind of locomotive of this team, writing songs, collected stadiums, traveled to festivals and tours ... In late 1989. there was their first quarrel, which resulted in Sukachev gained new members' Brigades ", and Galanin - a group of" Brigadier of the old musicians. It was a brief project with one memorable number - song and video "Ironweed," which Sergei later included in his solo album "Dog Waltz". Soon Sergei and Garik reconciled, as it turned out, less than two years.

Sergei Galanin left Brigades C ", having taken part in the recording of their latest registration drive" Rivers ". The beginning of her solo career was the album "Dog Waltz", recorded in 1993. not with his own group, and with session musicians when necessary at the time "lonely" Sergei producer Dmitry Groisman help. This disc includes songs that are still happy to put in the FM-broadcast stations: "And what we need," "Good Night", "Warm air from the roof."

In the summer of 1994. Sergei Galanin got "earring". The name of the group received both from the initials of its leader, from the habits of the last to wear earring in one ear and on behalf of whom a child Sergei called him uncle (other relatives, to the chagrin of the boy, never thought of that before). In the team included Sergey Levitin (guitar, acoustic guitar), Alex Molodtsov (bass guitar), Arthur Mechl (drums, a year later he was replaced on drums Nikolai Balakirev). In "Ser'Ga" also played a major Russian accordionist rock 'n' roll Rushan Ayupov and very colorful guitarist. The girl with a wonderful Russian name Luban and absolutely non-Russian origin and the name (which is still kept under wraps) found in Yekaterinburg whether Vladimir Shahrin, or producer "Ear" and "CHajF Dmitry Groisman. Anyway, this latest acquisition terribly proud of. Luban wonderfully played the guitar and spoken a very badly in Russian: "any publicity is almost always silent and smiling. Incidentally, in the group Luban finish until early 1998, went on maternity leave, gave birth, and in 2000. already appeared in the last clip "Earrings" "Yellow Letter.

Fighting the baptism of "Ser'Ga" was held at the festival "Music Bazaar at Taganka. First, they performed songs from the album "Dog Waltz", . but by the end of the year began to form their own repertoire, . which was recorded in the SNC studio and released a debut album "Ser'Ga" on tape (at the end of 1995) and CDs (early 1996),
. In the summer of 1995. "Ser'Ga signed a contract with promotion-Television" View "and went with a group of" CHajF "in jubilee tour (of course," CHajF ") on the cities of Russia.

In 1996. "Ser'Ga" was nominated for the Ovation as "the best rock band of the year", but nothing happened, even though his gracious presence at awards ceremony. A year later, the musicians recorded and released their second album, "Road to the night, but the status has to hit her only title number. When in 1998. guitarist Luban maternity leave, as compensation for "Ser'Ga" took bassist Michael Prokushenkova, very young and "greenhorn" in comparison with other musicians. As explained in some interviews Sergei Galanin, a young man committed for hazing, that was, like, someone send for beer. Previously, the smallest was Luban, but to torment the girls was below the dignity of the participants "Earrings". In the same year the band broke up with producer Dimitri Groysmanom.

Due to this circumstance (and perhaps even without any connection with him) since "Ser'Ga" has not released a single album. The disc seems to have long been ready, but under various pretexts, never sees the light. The only thing that is known - the name of this audiotvoreniya. Rather, he first had to be called "Alternative Love". With this phrase of doubtful meaning Galanin "rushed" even during the recording of "Roads in the night", but at the track record "Alternative Love" was not included. Although the new disc, it seems to be blended, its working title - "How it all started. Part 2. "

In the long pending release of the album in 1999. "Ser'Ga" rather noisily celebrated its fifth anniversary as much two Moscow concerts. And nothing prevents them to wait on, doing something else. After Sergei Galanin is known to only as a musician. He was a sound produced three albums "Chaif" and several times acted as a presenter: in the early 90-ies. - Program "Rock and Roll TV, and in 1995-1996. - Transfer "Muzykabelny phone (GPC) coupled with a Eugene Margulis. Sergey Levitin, together with another guitarist Leonid Sigalov (ex-"Pogo") in 1996. organized a parallel project called "Light", driven, according to the creators, to riffovuyu guitar music and "weighted" sound. The project also attended by drummer "Earrings" Nikolai Balakirev and bassist Rogachev Alexander ( "Sailor's Silence"). In April 1997, Mr.. "Light" produced a maxi-single with four songs (basically, the remake and remixes) and participated in the Third Festival of extreme music "Learn to swim". On the future of the group did not know. Nikolai Balakirev - blues musician, so occasionally played with bluesmen, for example, with Alexei White "Belov.

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Sergei Galanin, photo, biography
Sergei Galanin, photo, biography Sergei Galanin  Singer, photo, biography
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