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Alec Guinness

( Aakter, director)

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Biography Alec Guinness
Date of Birth: 02/04/1914
Date of death: 05/08/2000
Alec Guinness was born on April 2, 1914 in London. Growing up without a father and his indifference to his mother's side, from an early age, he was faced with his own search for identity. Painfully shy and timid by nature boy all the time trying to become someone else through imitation and copying of foreign will conduct liked to go to unfamiliar pedestrians imitating their walk and characteristic gestures.

. Path to the Guinness acting career ran nonsmooth
. At age 18 he went to work an editor at an advertising agency and only two years managed to get scholarships to study in acting school Fay Compton. In 1934 he came to the company of John Gielgud, receiving three-minute time out in one of the performances. Gielgud noticed him and offered a more significant role. In 1937, Guinness turned to Laurence Olivier in London's Old Vic, where he played Hamlet-neurotic in the famous formulation, using modern costumes, and immediately gained fame. Soon he priobretel reputation as an intellectual actor, possessing a high technology transformation and a tendency toward satirical pointedness in comic roles.

. In 1941, Guinness was mobilized into the Navy sailor, but the war ended, rising to the rank of the officer
. Except for a tiny scene in the movie 1934 "Evening Prayer", a truly notable screen role Guinness first appeared in 1946. It was stylistically flawless screening "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens, filmed by David Lin. The young dandy Herbert Pocket, played by Guinness, opened a series of bizarre cinematic character actor. Next was the master of thieves "raspberry" Feydzhin in another Dickens adaptation of David Lean - "Oliver Twist" (1948). Sinister image Feydzhina built entirely from Dickens by external grotesque: implausibly hamata nose, exaggerated gestures, pointed demonic laughter. This love for ekstsentriade was misunderstood in America, where the film was banned because of alleged anti-Semitism.

In Role Guinness character actor finally confirmed in a comedy by Robert Heymera "good heart and crown" (1949). Guinness played in the movie eight representatives of the family of the Dukes D'Askoyn (including one woman), from which the main character in turn rids the way to the title and wealth. Following this gallery of satirical portraits of English aristkratov critics began to call Guinness kinohameleonom "and" the whole troupe rolled into one ". In the eccentric comedies of the studio "Ealing" the Participation of English cinema early 50's, Guinness appeared, usually in the roles of misfits unexpectedly ascended the fate and it is then precipitated ( "Man in the White Suit", 1952, dir. A. Makkendrik, "Lady Killers", 1955, dir. A. Makkendrik).

. Despite the overall picture grotesque comic roles of Guinness in each of his characters, he tried to see some individual principle, did not immediately apparent for the comic escapades, but firmly opposed to universal conformism
. Fantastic love for the art of living in his drunken bohemian-artist Galli Dzhimsone ( "The Horse's Mouth", 1958, Scene. A. Guinness from the novel J. Carey dir. R. Him, . Award XIX International Film Festival in Venice), . and a similar passion for creative work and in English to perfect the performance of professional duty, . looking out of place in a Japanese POW camp, . military forces of Colonel Nicholson builder to erect a bridge for enemy forces such as, . as he, . prisoners ( "Bridge on the River Kwai", . 1957, . dir,
. D. Lin). Received for this role in 1958 Academy Award (Oscar), the British Film Academy, New York critics, as well as the "Golden Globe" (foreign press), Guinness has become international stars. He mainly plays the role of the second plan, calling for "convex" characteristics. With the ability to completely transform an actor, he is often invited to the role of historical characters: from the King Faisal ( "Lawrence of Arabia", 1962, dir. D. Lin) and Charles I ( "Cromwell", 1970, dir. K. Hughes) to Hitler ( "Hitler: The Last Ten Days", 1973, dir. E. De Concini).

Widespread popularity among the mass audience brought the Guinness role Obie Wan "Kenobi, the wise mentor of the hero of" Star Wars "(1977, dir. D. Lucas). Soon after, he attracted the attention of the British television audience in the intricate spy serials scenario Le Carre "cobbler, tailor, soldier, spy" (1979) and "Smiley People" (1982), in which he played the superspy George Smiley. Return to Dickens recorded for Guinness 80-ies. In the past six-hour television kinoekranizatsii "Tiny Dorrit" (1987, dir. K. Edzard), he played a weak and conceited William Dorrita, . father of the heroine, . earned the same praise as those critics, . who was dissatisfied with excessive duration broken into two large parts of the film, . and those, . who found the work of a young female director of one of the best adaptations of the great classics.,

. In 1938, Guinness became acquainted with actress Meruloy Salaman, but from the natural shyness of speaking with her only two years and then married
. In this marriage he became the only son of Matthew. In 1959, Guinness was elevated to the dignity of knighthood. In 1980 he received a special Oscar "for artistic achievement throughout the actor's career. The famous English critic Kenneth Tyne said of Guinness: "Olivier ... reveals a safe, which represents a role, with the help of a blowtorch, Foma and dynamite; Guinness - a night thief, a humble craftsman Houdini, who knows the combination of the cipher.

. 1934 - "Evening Prayer" (Evensong)
. 1946 - "Great Expectations" (Great Expectaions)
. 1948 - "Oliver Twist" (Oliver Twist)
. 1949 - "Kind of heart and crown" (Kind Hearts and Coronets)
. 1949 - "In the pursuit of money" (Run for Your Money)
. 1950 - "Last Holiday" (Last Holiday)
. 1950 - "Gaming" (The Mudlark)
. 1951 - "Banda from Lavender Hill" (The Lavender Hill Mob)
. 1951 - "Man in the White Suit" (The Man in the White Suit)
. 1952 - "The Map" (The Card)
. 1953 - "Paradise Captain" (The Captain's Paradise)
. 1953 - "The Maltese history" (The Malta Story)
. 1954 - "Pater Brown" (Father Brown)
. 1955 - "To Paris with Love" (To Paris with Love)
. 1955 - "The Prisoner" (The Prisoner)
. 1955 - "Lady Killers" (The Ladykillers)
. 1956 - "The Swan" (The Swan)
. 1957 - "Addictive Bill" / "All in the sea" (Barnacle Bill / All at Sea)
. 1957 - The Bridge on the River Kwai "(The Bridge on the River Kwai)
. 1958 - "The Horse's Mouth" (The Horse's Mouth)
. 1959 - "Scapegoat" (The Scapegoat)
. 1960 - "The motives of glory" (Tunes of Glory)
. 1960 - "Our Man in Havana" (Our Man in Havana)
. 1961 - "The majority of one vote" (A Majority of One)
. 1962 - "Warship" Defiant "(HMS Defiant)
. 1962 - "Lawrence of Arabia (Lawrence of Arabia)
. 1963 - "The Fall of the Roman Empire" (The Fall of the Roman Empire)
. 1965 - "The situation is hopeless ..
. but not serious (Situation Hopeless ... But Not Serious)
. 1965 - "Doctor Zhivago" (Doctor Zhivago)
. 1966 - "Hotel Paradiso" (Hotel Paradiso)
. 1966 - "Quiller Memorandum" (The Quiller Memorandum)
. 1967 - "The Comedians" (The Comedians)
. 1970 - "Cromwell" (Cromwell)
. 1970 - "Scrooge" (Scrooge)
. 1972 - "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" (Brother Sun, Sister Moon)
. 1973 - "Hitler: The Last Ten Days" (Hitler - the Last Seven Days)
. 1976 - "Killer - death" (Murder by Death)
. 1977 - "Star Wars" (Star Wars)
. 1980 - "The Empire Strikes Back" (The Empire Strikes Back)
. 1980 - "Raise the Titanic" (Raise the Titanic)
. 1983 - "Sick of Love" (Lovesick)
. 1983 - "The Return Gedeh" (Return of the Jedy)
. 1984 - "A Passage to India" (A Passage to India)
. 1984 - "The Coming rubbish" (Future Schlock)
. 1987 - Monsignor Quixote "(Monsignor Quixote), TV
. 1987 - "Little Dorrit" (Little Dorrit)
. 1988 - "Fistful of ashes" (A Handful of Dust)
. 1991 - "Kafka" (Kafka)
. 1993 - "foreign country" (A Foreign Field)
. 1994 - "Silent Witness" (Mute Witness)

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Alec Guinness, photo, biography
Alec Guinness, photo, biography Alec Guinness  Aakter, director, photo, biography
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