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Peter Gabriel

( Singer)

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Biography Peter Gabriel
"And then I felt the breath of evil ..." (Peter Gabriel)

Born February 13, 1950 in London, Peter Gabriel, perhaps, one of the most innovative musicians in rock, experimenting all his life. It did not suit the established status quo - as soon as the pinnacle of success was achieved, Gabriel went out and started all over again.

His career began at school, when in 1965. with his friends, he organized a group Genesis. By 1972, Mr.. group was already known in the UK, and the song "Supper's Ready" on the fight between good and evil, written by Peter, was listed in the top twenty hits. Gabriel generally attracted serious themes: the texts of his songs were mostly about the consequences of nuclear war or rebellion against the school system. By 1975, when Genesis is firmly entrenched in the charts and became popular, Gabriel announced his retirement from the team. He said: "We have become rich, we have become famous in America. And then what? I did not like it, I did not want to become part of the supergroup. I have not liked what we do, I'm just tired of rock, from business, from all this. I had to switch to something else. "

Gabriel's first solo album was released in 1977. and was called simply "Peter Gabriel". The same name were his next two albums, but the questions of curious about the reason for this, Peter answered, briefly and clearly: "My albums - it's just different numbers of the same publication. Developing its niche, Gabriel increasingly sought to establish intellectual music, bringing in her avant-garde and electronic sounds.

The first album was a success thanks to songs "Solsbury Hill", the second was rather weak reviews in the press, but the third, released in 1980, became the hallmark of this artist. Made with the help of renowned producer Steve Lillywhite, the album has approved Gabriel as one of the most unusual musicians in rock, but a composition of "Games Without Frontiers" hit the Top 40 UK.

In 1982, Mr.. album of "Security", received a series of positive feedback, in particular the video for the song "Shosk the Monkey". In addition, Gabriel participated in a concert of Genesis, which teamed up for a short time, mostly to finance the festival "WOMAD" ( "World of Music, Arts and Dance"). The festival was organized in order to demonstrate to western audiences of various ethnic music, and soon became an annual event. In 1984. Gabriel wrote the soundtrack to Alan Parker's film "Birdy", for which received the award at the Cannes festival, and in 1985 he founded his own label "Real World".

Gabriel's fifth album, released in 1986. and was called "So", was a real commercial success for a musician mostly through song "Sledgehammer". The video for this song was made a very unusual way: use animation, stop-frame and full-scale survey. After multi-platinum "So" Gabriel was the real star of international magnitude. While "So" appeared in American and British charts, Gabriel led the first tour in support of the charitable organization "International Amnesty" together with Sting and U2 in 1986.

The next round of this kind took place in 1988, and in 1989. Gabriel has released the soundtrack to "The Last Temptation of Christ" by Martin Scorsese called "Passions", for which won a Grammy for "Best New Age Perfomance". His next album, "Us" was published only in 1992, not counting the greatest hits album "Shaking The Tree" (1990).

Quite a long break, as well as troubles in the personal life of an artist who has lived through a painful divorce, had an effect on the quality of music. "Us" has turned gloomy and was not as commercially successful as previous works. Only one track "Steam", similar to "Sledgehammer", hit the charts. In 1993, Mr.. Peter Gabriel, along with Crowded House, James and Sinead O'Connor went to the big tour under the name "WOMAD", and next year went double CD "Secret World Live", has become the gold.

In 2000. finally released a brand new album, Gabriel's "OVO. The Millenium Show "- the soundtrack to a spectacular show in London Millenium Dome.

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