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Tommy Lee JONES

( Actor)

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Biography Tommy Lee JONES
photo Tommy Lee JONES
Date of Birth: 15/09/1946

Tommy Lee Jones, born September 15, 1946. San Saba, Texas, in a poor family of immigrants from Scotland. A young man, Tommy Lee was moonlighting on an oil platform because of government scholarships, he studied at the prestigious Dallas boys' school St. Mark, and at the end of its enrolled at Harvard University (where, according to biographers, his roommate was Al Gore, the future American vice-president). After graduating college with a BA in English Literature, Tommy moved to New York, where the Broadway stage began his acting career. The first was a performance of the Patriot for Me "(1969), . was followed by dozens of different productions both on Broadway, . and outside, . among which are "Happiness and the human eye" (1969), . "Four in the Garden" (1971) and the Odyssey Night in the city "(1974).,

. In 1970
. actor debuted in the film, playing a cameo role of a student friend of Ryan O'Neal in the famous melodrama Arthur Hiller "Love Story". Together with his wife Kate Lardner (granddaughter of the famous novelist of the Ring Lardner) and her two children from a previous marriage, Jones moved to Los Angeles, mecca for all who dream of acting glory of young people. But the all-American star Jones was destined to become not soon.

From 1971 to 1975. He starred in the television soap opera "Only one life" as Dr. Mark Tolenda, . but after the movie, John Flynn, rumbling thunder "(1977), . in which he played Major Johnny Vodena, . Jones often offered the role of the brave harsh military and police,
. That role in the movie "The Fugitive" (1993) - fearless U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard, pursuing a suspect in the murder of Harrison Ford - brought actor Oscar for vtoroplanovuyu role in 1994. (The success of "The Fugitive" was so great that five years later, Jones once again reincarnated as a way of Marshal Gerard in the film "The servants of the law").

Jones worked extensively on TV all 70-s., During the filming in the picture "country roads" (1980), he fell in love with an actress Kimberly Klofli, which became his second wife. The first truly successful film for him was a television film adaptation of the novel by Norman Mailer's "The Song of the executioner" (1982). The role of the disillusioned in the life of the prisoner, who asked to voluntarily expose his death, brought Tommy Lee Award Emmy. Ironically, Star Jones did come with age, wrinkles and charm made wise by experience of human. It is an adult he became a star of the genre "Action". Repeatedly he has played characters militants in Andrew Davis (film producer that brought Jones "Oscar"), except for "The Fugitive" actor has also collaborated with Davis on the pictures "Package" (1989) and "Hostage" (1992). In both tapes with Tommy Lee colorful role of villains. In the "package" of his hero-killer has to deal with the president of the USSR, to prevent the warming of Soviet-American relations. In the "capture" his distraught military hawk almost unleashes a nuclear conflict, but trained in karate hands of Steven Seagal in time to neutralize the hero Jones.

After the triumphant success of "The Fugitive" has ended the era of "heinous" roles, Tommy Lee, his charisma has gained a positive charge. In the second half of the 90 gg.on, at least, saved Los Angeles from a volcanic eruption (in the movie-disaster Mick Jackson "Volcano", 1997), as a maximum - the entire planet Earth from alien bastards (in Barry Levinson's "people in Black, 1997). But the scoundrels and sadists, that Jones agrees to play only a favorite directors - Oliver Stone ( "Natural Born Killers, 1994) and Joel Schumacher (" Batman Forever ", 1995) - It turns out he is not worse than the knights without fear and reproach.

Directorial debut of Tommy Lee is dated 1995-m year. Unpretentious telefilm "The good old boys" actor dedicated his life to modern cowboys, not heroic, humble people of the American West. The picture is partly autobiographical - because Jones was born in the Texas town of San Saba, and if his colleague Robert De Niro and Stallone's own restaurants, then Jones has an estate with a huge number of cattle

. 1970 - "Love Story" (Love Story), Hank
. 1977 - "rumbling thunder" (Rolling Thunder), Johnny Woden
. 1978 - "Eyes of Laura Mars" (Eyes of Laura Mars), John Neville
. 1980 - "Miner's Daughter" (Coal Miner's Daughter), Doolittle Lynn
. 1985 - "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof), Brick Pollitt
. 1986 - "Rise of the Black Moon" (Black Moon Rising), Quinto
. 1988 - "Stormy Monday" (Stormy Monday), Cosmo
. 1988 - "The April morning" (April Morning), Moses Cooper
. 1989 - "Package" (The Package), Thomas Boyett
. 1991 - JFC Kay "(JFK), Clay Shaw
. 1992 - "Under Siege" (Under Siege), William Strenniks
. 1993 - "House of Cards" (House of Cards), Jake Birlender
. 1993 - "The Fugitive" (The Fugitive), Judicial Marshal Samuel Gerard USA
. 1993 - "Heaven and earth" (Heaven & Earth), Steve Butler
. 1994 - "The Client" (The Client), Roy Foltrigg
. 1994 - "blue sky" (Blue Sky), Hank Marshall
. 1994 - "Blown Away" (Blown Away), Ryan Geriti
. 1994 - "Natural Born Killers" (Natural Born Killers), Dwight McCluskey
. 1994 - "Cobb" (Cobb), Ty Cobb
. 1995 - "The good old boys" (The Good Old Boys), Huey Calloway
. 1995 - "Batman forever" (Batman Forever), Harvey Dent / Two-faced
. 1997 - "Volcano" (Volcano), Milk Rork
. 1997 - "Men in Black" (Men In Black), Kay
. 1998 - "The servants of the law" (US
. Marshals), U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard
1999 - "Double miscalculation" (Double Jeopardy), Travis Lehman
2000 - "Space Cowboys" (Space Cowboys), Hawk Hawkins

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Tommy Lee JONES, photo, biography
Tommy Lee JONES, photo, biography Tommy Lee JONES  Actor, photo, biography
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