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DEFO Willem

( Actor)

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Biography DEFO Willem
photo DEFO Willem
Date of Birth: 22/07/1955

. Willem Dafoe, . had won a firm reputation as a professional kinoshnogo villain thanks to his demonic appearance and fierce acting style, . himself as very normal and balanced man, . and in his most famous films is quite positive role,
. Of course, the peak of his achievements is the role of Jesus in a passionate apocrypha Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ "(1988).

. Willem Dafoe, whose name, shortened school to Willem, it became his stage name, born July 22, 1955
. in Appleton, Wisconsin. In tineydzherskie years, he joined an experimental theater troupe Milwaukee X, in 1977. moved to New York where he joined the avant-garde Wooster Group theater. In the same year he and Elizabeth LeCompt son. The first appearance on screen dates from 1983 when he starred in two films - the "unloved" and a tiny episode "Hunger" Tony Scott's vampire adventures of the characters of David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon.

By 1984, Mr.. Dafoe got to the more visible roles, such aggressive and vicious teenage gang leader in tineydzherskoy street drama Walter Hill's "Streets on Fire. This was followed by roles in "To Live and Die in Los Angeles" (1985) William Friedkin and, . Finally, . first deep role - in the confessional "Platoon" (1986) Oliver Stone, . where Dafoe played Sergeant Elias - idealistic hero, . who dies in the end of the sacrificial death, . raising his hands to the sky,
. This can be regarded as the first cinematic communion Dafoe to the image of Christ.

In 1988. he starred in the social drama of Alan Parker's "Mississippi Burning," where he played a young and outspoken FBI agent, working in pairs with a more experienced colleague in the performance of Gene Hackman. In the same year, Dafoe with a convincing passion embodied the image of the God-man in the famous "The Last Temptation of Christ" by Martin Scorsese, replacing abandon the role of favorite director Robert De Niro.

. "Born on the Fourth of July" (1989) - a film about a physically and morally crippled Vietnam guys, where Dafoe is heartbreaking duet with leading man Tom Cruise
. Typical wild scene, when two angry, but physically quite helpless opponent are on a desert highway in his overturned wheelchair.

In 1990. Dafoe appeared in John Waters in the film "Cry-Baby" with a young Johnny Depp in "Wild at Heart" by David Lynch, as is now the serpent-tempter, intriguing Eden couple of Nicolas Cage - Laura Dern. In 1991. played a drug dealer, a loser in Paul Schroeder, "Closely Sleep" (Light Sleeper), and in 1993. he had a chance to play in a dangerous duet with Madonna in forensic Uli Edel erotic drama "The body as evidence."

1993. - "So far, so close" by Wim Wenders, where Dafoe plays the devil - a role he will repeat in the movie 1998. "Lulu on the Bridge.

Then he plays in "direct and obvious threat" by Philip Noyce (1994) and a biographical film about TS Eliot "Tom and Viv" (1994), with Miranda Richardson. In another biographical strip of black-minimalist artist Basquiat ( "Basquiat", 1996) he is given a small role intervyuera (along with another character Christopher Walken). After that he starred in such blockbusters as "The English Patient" and "Speed 2", both playing a very evil character. In the late 90-ies. row followed by high profile art projects "Lulu on the Bridge" by Paul Oster (1998), "Hotel New Rose" by Abel Ferrara (1998) and "existence" by David Cronenberg. In languid, . oozing passion for painting Ferrara, . violates its precarious texture of all the canons of detective fiction, . Dafoe, Christopher Walken to portray a couple of crooks, . playing for high stakes, . but they are victims of a cunningly-planned adventures, . Dafoe and the hero is experiencing more and brutal love drama,
. In kiberpanskovskom opus Kronenberg Dafoe plays an inhabitant of the virtual game in which computers are connected through the umbilical cord with a live human bodies.

In 2000. Dafoe is busy in the film, Mary Herron "American Psycho", . as well as in "Shadows of the Vampire", . devoted to the filming of the famous silent film "Nosferatu", . in the role of actor Max Schreck, . who played in the original Nosferatu Murnau's masterpiece (in other Cast: Udo Kier - producer and John Malkovich - Murnau),

. 1984 - "Streets on Fire" (Streets of Fire), Raven
. 1986 - "Platoon" (Platoon), Sergeant Elias
. 1988 - "Mississippi Burning" (Mississippi Burning), Ward
. 1988 - "The Last Temptation of Christ" (The Last Temptation of Christ), Jesus
. 1989 - Born on the Fourth of July "(Born on the Fourth of July), Charlie
. 1990 - "Wild at Heart" (Wild at Heart), Bobby Peru
. 1991 - "Closely Sleep" (Light Sleeper), John Letur
. 1993 - "So far, so close" (In weiter Ferne, so nah!), Amit Flesti
. 1994 - "Tom and Viv" (Tom & Viv), Tom Elliott
. 1996 - "The English Patient" (The English Patient), Caravaggio
. 1998 - "Hotel" New Rose "(New Rose Hotel), X
. 1999 - "existential" (eXistenZ), Gas
. 2000 - "American Psycho" (American Psycho)

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DEFO Willem, photo, biography
DEFO Willem, photo, biography DEFO Willem  Actor, photo, biography
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