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Zhang Yimou

( Director, actor, producer, cameraman)

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Biography Zhang Yimou
Date of Birth: 14/11/1951

The best known outside his country Chinese director Zhang Yimou was born in a conservative family of former Lieutenant Colonel of the Kuomintang army. Young film-maker of the future years coincided with the years of the Cultural Revolution, from 1968 he began working in selhozkommune and in textile mills. That is where Zhang Yimou tried himself as the designer and photographer. Came off well - it Photoreports relished the local newspaper.
In 1978, Zhang Yimou admitted to the Beijing Film Institute at the camera faculty. After he came to the studio distribution Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In Soviet times among moviegoers wandered the anecdote, that "there are good films, there are bad, but there are Chinese". But even in the first place, "provincial" works of criticism drew attention to the unconventional to the usual Chinese cinema camera light and other delights. As the operator of Zhang Yimou made films his classmate Chen Kaige, also became a world-renowned maestro. This "cell-style" Zhang Yimou belongs to the sensational decision to fine the "Yellow Earth" (1984) and "Grand Military Parade" (1985), landmark innovative films Kaige.
In 1985, Zhang Yimou has received from kinonachalstva "improvement" in the form of transfer to more prestigious Xi'an Film Studio, which debuted as an actor in the movie "Old well" (1987), received the award for her role as the Tokyo International Film Festival. Debut in directing was even more successful - the historical epic "Red sorghum" (1987) opened the rage for Asian cinema, won the Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival, and became a popular favorite in China. However, his next tape is not used commercial success, saving the status of "festival" Cinema. Drama "Dzyuy Doe" (1990) and modeled on the ancient tale, visually sophisticated tape "Raise the Red Lantern" (1991, "Silver Lion" Film Festival in Venice) were nominated for Oscar. By the way, all films Yimou played his then-mistress, the actress Gong Li. Looking ahead: even after leaving Gong Li retained affection for the director, in 2000 she headed the jury of the Berlin International Film Festival, an award of the Silver Bear in the competition provided by the work of Zhang Yimou's "The Road Home."
. Realistic tragicomic portrait of contemporary Chinese society "Tsyutszyu goes to court" (1992), Venice has won the Golden Lion, and Volpi Cup for Best Actress was awarded to Gong Li
. However, Chinese authorities have taken "Tsyutszyu" more than cool. Another big problem with the rental of any country in the next movie directed by "Life" (1994, . Special Jury Prize at Cannes International Film Festival and the prize for Best Actor actor Ge S), . affecting remain patient for the Chinese leadership the theme of "Cultural Revolution",
. The next creative step Zhang Yimou was the escapism into a conventional world of the gangster genre retro-fighter. But the "Shanghai Triad" (1995) won in Europe and the U.S. unflattering definitions, like "Billy Bathgate" for the poor ". Lesson failed to Yimou's nothing - in 1997, he returned to the pressing problems of our day, and China withdrew sverhdinamichnuyu social satire "Keep quiet, withdrawn by the Chinese authorities of the Cannes competition. The authorities thought better of it in time and tried to rehabilitate himself, sending the tape at the Venice festival, where it is, however, not made ". Festival fate was released in 2000 epic "The Way Home" was better.

. Filmography (director)

. 1987 - Red sorghum "(Hong gao liang)
. 1990 - "Dzyuy Doe" (Ju Dou)
. 1991 - "Raise the Red Lantern" (Da hong deng long gao gao gua)
. 1992 - "Tsyutszyu goes to court" (Qiu Ju da guan si)
. 1994 - "Live" (Huozhe)
. 1995 - short story in the "Lumiere and Company" (Lumi_re et compagnie)
. 1995 - "Shanghai Triad" (Yao a yao yao dao waipo qiao)
. 1997 - "Keep calm" (You hua hao hao shuo)
. 1999 - "The Way Home" (Wo de fu qin mu qin)

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Zhang Yimou, photo, biography
Zhang Yimou, photo, biography Zhang Yimou  Director, actor, producer, cameraman, photo, biography
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