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Laertius Alexander

( Musician)

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Biography Laertius Alexander
"If you scrutinize his every line, I was not able to write. I have a song - it is like a stream of consciousness, and do not disturb him ( "I am young", April 1994).

Songs Alexander Laertius (Uvarov) were known much earlier than he. Since the late 80's. on audio cassettes were distributed very badly recorded albums with songs in the style of black humor. The author of the life-affirming hit "Children bury the horse," "Boobs in the dough", "iron rod sticking up in the stomach," "Young Komsomol" and many others, as a rule, were the kind of group "hairy glass". Impressionable teenagers listening to the cassette of foul language, and qualified philologists envied the rich imagination of the singer and his unconventional approach to the native language.

. As it turned out much later, "neponyatki" with the name were the costs of underground recording
. Groups of "hairy glass" has never existed in nature. Just in 1985, when Alexander Uvarov worked adjuster computers in scientific research institute, he and his friends programmers recorded acoustic album "hairy glass". Despite the fact that the recording was made for himself, magnitoalbom suddenly went for a walk in the country, with his name that time distributors have taken over the command name. The confusion lasted several years.

In 1987. Alexander Laertius recorded magnitoalbomy "Pionerskaja Dawn" and "Doiteli emaciated toads". These plates were intended not for friends, and for "a wide range of listeners". By the way, poetry Laertius became songs (ie, acquired what any melody) directly in the studio just before the recording. Most things with the "Pioneer dawn" ( "Commander rural mail", . "Razupyhanny youngster", . "Bonch-Bruevich", . "It was Gagarin on the path", . "Bodybuilder", . "Drugstore") became a sort of classic, . and such frazochki, . as "and ve ... vat rushed towards Germany, . shit "or" I am sending them .. x,
. this request absurd "and became a aphorisms. Later, Alexander Laertius tried to publish a collection of his best songs and ... failed: it turned out that almost all the greatest hits entered the album "Pionerskaja Dawn". Although the years of the so-called perestroika (1987-1992), Alexander released albums more than regular - first in "samizdat", and then officially.

In the early 90's Laertius scored accompanying composition, called "Laertius-band". Strictly speaking, for the performance of the masterpieces of Alexander would have been enough upset acoustic guitar, but the author suddenly began to show great interest in the arrangement. "Laertius Band" made up of mostly young musicians with academic education (eg, . keyboards Anton Korolev - staff flutist JI-AP n / a Evgeny Svetlanov), . unless, . music processing hits Alexander Laertius still looks extremely ascetic,
. Performances take place at Moscow rock-club Sexton FOZD, "Bunker", "Home on the Range" and others. and accompanied by a rather strange behavior of spectators, who for some reason constantly transmit to the stage beer, food and other various objects, such as portable ventilators and devices for trimming nails.

In 1996. most albums Alexander Laertius was officially re-issued. Firm "Elias", which he called the musician "not zazhratoy not majeure" sold "Anthology" Laertius on ten cassettes.

Albums of the last time Alexander Laertius writes essentially alone, at home studio. At the same time work on each new plate is delayed sometimes for years. Thus, released in late 1997. disc "udder" was made from the beginning of 1996. "Flaws, imperceptible others, lead me in horror: start constipation, puchit and everything ends endless modifications" - described their workflow Laertius. But the sacrifices were not in vain: the music for "udder" was interesting earlier. Songs like "Grudnichok", "sweeties," "moron," continued the favorite of "infant" theme, included in the "golden fund" Laertius. In addition, if an artist had a joy in the main text, the "udder" fun seizures cause some arranger methods - ridiculous solo piano, sounds idiotic Dudok and accordion, back vocals female ...

. Among other things, leads Laertius program "Montmorency" on the radio "Echo of Moscow", writes children's books on worm Kovyrka, is engaged in rafting, loves traveling, visiting, for example, in Nepal
. And their attraction to serious music it sells in its own symphonic project "Voices of the family.

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Laertius Alexander, photo, biography
Laertius Alexander, photo, biography Laertius Alexander  Musician, photo, biography
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