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Jerry Lee Lewis

( Singer)

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Biography Jerry Lee Lewis
Date of Birth: 29/09/1935

Jerry Lee Lewis, nicknamed "killer" ( "killer") was born September 29, 1935 in the city Ferridey, North Louisiana. Nugget, play began at ten years. His father, hearing how Jerry practices in a strange instrument, laid the house for $ 900 and bought her son nearly new piano "Stark" (now his semi-destroyed Amber can be seen in Lewis's mansion in Memphis). His family was very devout, young Jerry dreamed of becoming a preacher and entered the Southwestern Bible Institute in Texas. He was expelled from there for the execution of a church song "My God Is Real" in the style of boogie-woogie.

By this time, Jerry was a perfect master of all known him playing styles on the piano, preferring the country, so much admired in his family. In 1954 he recorded for radio hits Louisiana Hank Snow "I Don't Hurt Anymore" and Eddie Fisher's "If I Ever Needed You I Need You Now". In September 1956 Jerry, along with his father went to Memphis to try his luck at Sun Records. Although the label owner Sam Phillips was away, they are able to make plays. Jerry liked, but his repertoire of country-not satisfied with the company - then all the needed rock-n-Roll. Jerry goes home and wrote the song "End Of The Road". At this time, Sun Records in delight, Sam is just looking for a white musician who could play as black.

But Jerry Lee Lewis played better. He had power over everything: rock 'n' roll, country, delta blues, jazz, loudaun-blues, boogie-woogie, gospel, soul, Bluegrass, ragtime, swing.

November 14, 1956 held the first record of Lewis at Sun Records. His songs are 56-57 years ( "Crazy Arms", "Whole Lotta Shakin 'Goin' п·n", "Great Balls Of Fire", "Mean Woman Blues", "Breathless" and "High School Confidential") are hits number one.

. Carl Perkins recalls: "Jerry, when I started, shy people
. I, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee was on a tour of Canada. His "Crazy Arms" was just released. He sat at the piano - only a corner of his face was visible - and played the theme Hank Uilyamsa. Once in Calgary, he left the stage, moaning: "It's not for me, people do not like me". And with John told him: "Turn around so that you could see, created a sensation!" So the next day he sat at the piano, played, and then suddenly stood up, tossed back and the chair ... Born a new Jerry Lee Lewis. "

. Born "Killer", a furious "white black, playing the piano with his hands, feet, head, whole body and every performance turns into a fiery performance.

. All ruined his marriage to Jerry's cousin Myra Gale's niece, the daughter of his guitar
. She had not yet turned 14 years old and. While in America, this marriage was seen without much hype, but in Louisiana, was simply in the order of things (for the first time Jerry got married at age 15 the daughter of a priest), England reared. His British tour in 1958, which was entrusted with such hopes, failed. After three performances remaining 27 had to cancel (the whole story beautifully in a film by Jim McBride "Great Balls Of Fire", 90, in the role of Lewis - Dennis Quaid).

. Returning home, Jerry, and there was met with acidic mine
. On the global career take off like Elvis, it was possible to forget. Rock, and with it the blues and jazz, relegated to the background. "Black" music was not necessary to the authorities as too energetic ( "protest music"). Charts flooded sweet boys. For a while Jerry continued to write boogie (albums for Mercury Records 1963-1968 period), and to the 68-th year, focused on country music (Smash Records). His career lasted quite well on Elektra (1979-1981) and the MCA, discs sold well, the songs were in the top charts. But his private life was a constant nightmare not only for himself but for others.

Jerry - musician violent, aggressive and unpredictable. Important role in his life played amphetamines to help you fit into the rigid schedule of concerts and did not sleep for many nights in a row, and antidepressants - even the great hysterics sometimes want a nap. Under the burden of unpaid invoices, lost in accidents sons, Steve Allen in 1962 and Jerry Lee Jr. in 1973, the year my mother died (1970) he was divorced from Myra. In 1982, his fourth wife Jaro drowned in the pool, and in 1983 the fifth wife, Shawn, died of an overdose. Lewis was the only one who was present at her death, but it was not even called a witness to such an extent it was all clear. The Rolling Stone published an accusatory article, where there was no evidence.

In 1976, he almost shot his bass player Norman Owens: aiming at a bottle of Coca-Cola "and hit someone in the chest (twice). In the same year, drove her daughter to school, but on the way back, turned in his Rolls-Royce. And on another occasion with champagne went to visit a bosom pal of Elvis and put the gun on the dashboard that was on the mind, or else be arrested for concealing weapons. He was drunk, stuck his bumper at the gate, the guard ran out and said: "You are what to shoot my boss want?" And Jerry responds: "Certainly." Lewis put on a hood and handcuffed, taken to the prison. When Elvis, takes it from there, he asked: "What have you done?" "He tried to enter into thy gates," - answered innocently Lewis.

In addition to the effects of fights on the hospital bill, Jerry kidneys, breathing problems, mental disorders, ulcer bleeding, from which he was a couple of times (1981 and 1985) almost died. In 1996, he had a heart attack, but all ended well. Press writes that his present wife, Kerry helped him to get rid of bad habits. Perhaps age finally took its.

One of the godfathers of rock 'n' roll, the King of American music of the Southern States still has a real southern blues and country. Great vocalist, pianist and showman, Jerry Lee Lewis remains a cult figure. He continues to record their frenzied concerts, and his wheels differ quite good.

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Jerry Lee Lewis, photo, biography
Jerry Lee Lewis, photo, biography Jerry Lee Lewis  Singer, photo, biography
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