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Masha Makarova

( Singer)

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Biography Masha Makarova
Date of Birth: 06/09/1977

"Masha and bears"

"When music becomes a work, strange things happen. In Krasnodar, I was writing songs when she wanted. I'm not worried about the fact that they are not written, I did not force inspiration. I myself lived and lived and kayfovala. Now I began to worry: "Blin, I also have contracted so much and so many songs. And anyway, what will I live? ". Stupid ideas. I try to adhere to the principle that if you can not sing, you better not sing. And it turned out that this principle breaks. And I feel that I can not sing, but I have to sing "(Masha Makarova," Poster ", November 1999).

Masha Makarova was to become the banner of the Russian women's rock. At least, this dream of criticism, from year to year is called the best rock singer Inna desired. "Lyuba" Masha and bears "was voiced in 1998. fresh and fun and has for Masha excellent application for leadership in the female rock vocals. But the singer Makarov did not want to be a banner and the music would carry a little different. Critics were surprised and find yourself another banner - Zemfira. Makarov also mastered the role of first lady alternatives.

Masha Makarova was born Sept. 6, 1977, Mr.. in Krasnodar. On the scale of his native city, she became a star long before the All-Russia fame. Masha began broadcasting on local radio, has collaborated with musicians of the "Drynk", played the flute in the group "Makar Dubai, studied journalism at the University of Kuban, written. In 1996. in Krasnodar arrived with a group tour "Megapolis". The leader of this team Oleg Nesterov Masha gave a tape of his compositions. This story later rounds of all the newspapers: Oleg music so much that he kind of forgot about a career musician and retrained in the producers.

. Masha Makarova was invited to Moscow where he began serious work on their debut album
. Already in 1996. she performed at a music festival "Generation", and later was formed the group "Masha and bears" (the name coined Nesterov). Guitarist Slava Motylev arrived from Krasnodar, and the remaining participants were recruited in the capital: Vyacheslav Kozyrev (drums), Maxim Khomich (guitar), Denis Petukhov (bass, parallel play in a punk band "Naive"). On the CD attended a good friend Nesterova German sound Brigitte Angerhauzen. The album was ready, but something was missing. Then, almost by chance, was born the song "Lyuba" using lines from the same verse Agnes Barto.

Winter 1998. On Air "Radio Maximum" came the song "Lyuba", which everyone enjoyed almost immediately. In the spring clip was released, many disappointed: a girl with a cheerful voice appeared in the video with a shaved head nalyso. Others "bears" were also bald. Clip was filmed in India, where the director Michael Hleborodovu had the idea of ritual shaved and further lowering the cut hair on the river Ganges. This ceremony means "change of karma".

In May, "Masha and bears" performed at the festival "Maksidrom". In the crowded "Olympic" singer forgot the words in the song "Without you" and burst into tears on the stage. Gathering her courage, Maria sang "Lyuba" wildly supported hall.

Amazed the audience came out in early summer 1998. album Solntseklesh ". Most of the songs were not similar to the untwisted "Lyuba": Masha sang folk-rock with elements of psychedelia. The album was released on the label Extraphone, because Oleg Nesterov had not yet had his own record label "Bullfinch". C Extraphone "group" Masha and bears "signed long-term contract, as is now sometimes regrets. Hits on "Solntsekleshe" were still. If depressive "Without You" special promotion not received, the carefree "Reykjavik" a success even in the Icelandic Embassy in Russia, where at the end of 1998. hosted a reception on the occasion of the presentation was filmed in Iceland clip for the song.

Journal "Om" in her parade of bias called "Masha and bears" a breakthrough in 1998 ". Speaking at a party on this occasion, the group suddenly showed an aggressive-heavy program where the old hits were heard, but it was performed "a song about how she died Lyuba". Once in the circulation of the Moscow show-business, Masha was confused as to "Maksidrome". She realized that no longer belongs to himself, but to put up with that would not. The singer co-starred in the magazine Playboy, and then decided that she could not do this. She refused to sing at concerts hateful "Lyuba", did not want to shoot a video for promoted in 1999. song "Captive". "I do not want the plan to campaign against AIDS, to give interviews. I want to concerts, from rehearsals to enjoy, "- said the singer. Interview with "spaghetti" Masha in 1999. bypassed almost all media outlets that cover her photo adorned the year before. "Masha and bears" was removed from one of the pre-election tour because singer refused to sing hits and praise the right candidates. In addition, Masha again parted hair and with her husband, artist.

All these sentiments are reflected in the second album, "Masha and bears". Initially it was called "harpooneer (hearing journalists initially tried to write this word as" Garpunchik "), but then was named" Where? ". This name is more consistent with the vital and creative throwing Makarova. The record turned out totally depressed, but extremely relevant to sound. The album was recorded in early 1999, and almost the entire year musicians and those fans who are not frightened off information about the complete "antilyubochkovosti" new car music, awaiting his release. Manufacturer Extraphone delayed the release "Where?" ten times that did not add musicians good mood. The album was released only in March 2000

In May of that year, Maria said that the group "Masha and bears" ceases to exist

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  • nadezda for Masha Makarova
  • Masa privet a pocemu ti nigde ne upominaes sto do 90 zila v Klaipede? Nicego licnogo prosto interesno!
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