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Laurence Olivier

( Actor, director)

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Biography Laurence Olivier
Date of Birth: 22/05/1907
Date of death: 11/06/1989
Olivier was born on 22 May 1907 in Dorking (England), died June 11, 1989 in London. The son of a village priest, he threw a 17-year classes at one of the Oxford colleges, and took a course of acting in the School of diction and drama led by the actress Elsie Fogerty. By 1930, the time cinematic debut in the film "Too many cheaters," Olivier has played many roles in various British troupes, including the troupe Shakespeare Memorial Theater in Stratford-upon-Avon.
. During the 30 years, Olivier became one of the most famous actors of the classical repertoire
. Striking looks, the charm of youth, the ease and rapidity of the movements made by Olivier one of the most attractive "young lovers" of his time. Having played in the film on both sides of the Atlantic more than a dozen roles, he finally achieved a major success in "Wuthering Heights" by William Wyler (1939).
. He has played Heathcliff, . the hero of the classic novel by Emily Bronte - the nature of romantic, . complex, . unusual, . but at the same time, paradoxically, embodies some of the features of the English national character (although he - Roma), . - Was a close identity actor Olivier,
. In this role, he managed to convey the contrasting connection stiffness, impulsiveness, sharpness, desire to rule with an emergency internal vulnerability and a certain subtlety. Since then harping on this contrast has become one of the main characteristics of the actor Olivier. In "Rebecca Hitchcock (1940), his impeccable aristocrat bears the original weakness due to a family secret, in" The woman Hamilton "(1941, in our strene -" Lady Hamilton ") A. Kord stern admiral Nelson had to meekly bear all the suffering and inconvenience, which he, a married man, brings a passion for a married woman.
. In 40-ies acting and directing triumph, Olivier became a film on Shakespeare's "Henry V" (1944, Prize of the New York critics, several nominations for an Oscar), and to this day remains one of the best Shakespeare adaptations
. Painting, . starred in the recent years of war and perceived by the public on a wave of patriotic sentiment, . extremely well connected especially theater and cinema screen in a colorful spectacle, and presented the King of England, . victorious hero of the Battle of Agincourt, . as the ideal soldier and humane ruler.,
. In the future, Olivier repeatedly and as a director, . and as an actor turned to the screen version of Shakespeare ( "Hamlet", . 1948, . Oscar, . British Academy, . IV International Film Festival in Venice, "Richard III", . 1955, . Award VI International Film Festival in Berlin, . British Film Academy, "Othello", . 1965), . and each time it was a great event,
. In "Galeta" his "sweet prince" - They reflect not so much intellectual as it was characteristic of the postwar decades as a stern warrior, consumed by an incomprehensible internal weakness, interpreted in the spirit of a Freudian attraction to his mother. Richard III - is not so much the frank diabolical villain as nasty a pragmatist, though not without some kind of devilish charm. The hero of "Othello" is not the embodiment of outraged virtue, but a reasonable statesman, and who could not get rid of the eternal savage in his soul.
. Key in the modern repertoire for Olivier was performing part of ceremonies of the music-hall Archie Rice in the play, and then in the film by Tony Richardson to play D
. Osborne's "Comedians" (1960, prize XII IFF in Karlovy Vary - ex aequo). His hero, . humourist in empty eyes, . Provincial farcical comic, . starayuschisya of his strength somehow to stay afloat, . embodies the collapse of Rights, . life hiding behind the mask and traditional British values and incapable of personal autonomy,
. In the performance of Olivier Archie Rice has become a metaphor for the social collapse of an entire generation "ruined fathers", which was exhibited by "angry" children.
. In the 60's and subsequent years, many characters Olivier carry no longer the drama of various forms of personal interaction with social hypocrisy, exposing hypocrisy and as such
. Hence so many roles over uniplanar: either entirely "negative" or "positive" (Nazi war criminal in "Marathon", 1976, dir. D. Schlesinger, the prize "Golden Globe" - and a killer of former Nazis in "The Boys from Brazil", 1978, dir. F. Schaffner).
Olivier was one of the most recognized British actors. "You - England herself," - said he h. Lawton after the screen "Henry V". In 1978 he was awarded a special prize "Oscar". In 1947 he was elevated to the dignity of knighthood, and in 1970 - received a life peerage, becoming Baron Olivier Brighton. From 1962 to 1973, Olivier led the newly established National Theater, the troupe has prepared in his large group of young actors theater and cinema. For years, his theatrical career was connected with Vivien Leigh, in the years of marriage, which formed the famous scenic duo only once - in "Lady Hamilton" - demonstrated on the screen (before that he was also married to actress Jill Esmond). Since the late 50-ies Olivier often appeared together with Joan Plowright (in particular, in "Comedians"), which after the divorce with Vivien Leigh was married in 1961

. 1930 - "Too many crooks" (Too Many Crooks)
. 1930 - "grass widow" (The Temporary Widow)
. 1930 - "The wife of Potiphar" (Potifar's Wife)
. 1931 - "Friends and Lovers" (Friends and Lovers)
. 1931 - "yellow card" (The Yellow Ticket)
. 1932 - "West passage" (Westward Passage)
. 1933 - "full understanding" (Perfect Understanding)
. 1933 - "Nothing funny" (No Funny Business)
. 1935 - "Moscow Nights" (Moscow Nights)
. 1936 - "As You Like It" (As You Like It)
. 1936 - "The conquest of the air" (Conquest of the Air)
. 1937 - "Fire Over England" (Fire Over England)
. 1937 - "21 Days" / "The first and last" (21 Days / The First and the Last)
. 1938 - "Divorce Lady X" (The Divorce of Lady X)
. 1939 - "Aircraft type" Q "(Q Planes)
. 1939 - "Wuthering Heights" (Wuthering Heights)
. 1940 - "Pride and Prejudice" (Pride and Prejudice)
. 1940 - "Rebecca" (Rebecca)
. 1941 - "Lady Hamilton" (Lady Hamilton)
. 1941 - "49-th parallel" (49th Parallel)
. 1943 - "Poluray" (The Demi-Paradise)
. 1944 - "Henry V" (Henry V)
. 1948 - "Hamlet" (Hamlet)
. 1951 - "Magic Box" (The Magic Box)
. 1952 - "Sister Carrie" (Carrie)
. 1953 - "Opera beggar" (The Beggar's Opera)
. 1955 - "Richard III" (Richard III)
. 1957 - The Prince and the chorus girl "(The Prince and the Showgirl)
. 1959 - "Devil's Disciple" (The Devil's Disciple)
. 1959 - "The Moon and the penny" (The Moon and the Sixpence), television
. 1960 - "Spartacus" (Spartacus)
. 1960 - "Comedians" (The Entertainer)
. 1961 - "The Power and the Glory" (The Power and the Glory), TV
. 1962 - Semester Test "(Term of Trial)
. 1963 - "Uncle Vanya" (Uncle Vanya)
. 1965 - "Othello" (Othello)
. 1965 - "Bunny Lake was lost" (Bunny Lake Is Missing)
. 1966 - "Khartoum" (Khartoum)
. 1968 - "Shoes Fisherman" (The Shoes of the Fisherman)
. 1969 - "Oh, what a lovely war" (Oh! What a Lovely War)
. 1969 - "Danse Macabre" (Dance of Death)
. 1969 - Battle of Britain "(Battle of Britain)
. 1969 - "David Copperfield" (David Copperfield), TV
. 1970 - "Three Sisters" (Three Sisters)
. 1971 - Nicholas and Alexandra "(Nicholas and Alexandra)
. 1972 - Lady Caroline Lamb "(Lady Caroline Lamb)
. 1972 - "Sleuth" (Sleuth)
. 1973 - "The Merchant of Venice" (The Merchant of Venice), television
. 1973 - The long journey in the night "(Long Day's Journey into Night), Television
. 1975 - "Love among the ruins" (Love Among the Ruins), TV
. 1976 - "The Collection" (The Collection), TV
. 1976 - "seven percent solution" (Seven-Per-Cent Solution)
. 1976 - "Marathon Man" (Marathon Man)
. 1976 - "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof), TV
. 1977 - "A Bridge Too Far" (A Bridge Too Far)
. 1978 - "The Boys from Brazil" (The Boys from Brazil)
. 1978 - "Betsy" (The Betsy)
. 1979 - "A little love story" (A Little Romance)
. 1979 - "Dracula" (Dracula)
. 1980 - "The Jazz Singer" (The Jazz Singer)
. 1981 - "Inchon" (Inchon)
. 1981 - "Clash of the Titans" (Clash of the Titans)
. 1983 - "Man-puzzle" (The Jigsaw Man)
. 1983-TV "King Lear" (King Lear)
. 1984 - "Bounty" (The Bounty)
. 1985 - "Wild Geese II" (Wild Geese II)
. 1988 - "War Requiem" (War Requiem)

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Laurence Olivier, photo, biography
Laurence Olivier, photo, biography Laurence Olivier  Actor, director, photo, biography
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