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Robert Altman

( Director)

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Biography Robert Altman
Date of Birth: 20/02/1925

Robert Altman was born Feb. 20, 1925 in Kansas City, Missouri, in the family insurance agent.

With 6 years attended a Catholic school. As a teenager, fond of art and music and listened to a lot of plates. He studied at the Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington and flew B-24 pilot's assistant. Then he moved to the University of Missouri, where he majored in the sciences and wanted to become an engineer, but had left and this place is for work in the Calvin Co, where from 1947 th to 1955 shooting game saver, documentaries and popular science films. In 1955 he moved to Hollywood under the wing of Alfred Hitchcock, on which said in the television movie "Shadow of genius" (1999). In Hollywood, Altman has put several TV shows, movie "Offenders" (1957) and detailed mounting film "History of James Dean" (1957) on the icon of pop culture, cult movie actor 50's, who died in a car crash. Famous hero Dean jacket from the film of Nicholas Ray's "Rebel Without ideal" (1955) was not just an element of youth fashion: it had a symbolic value - its red means danger. In 1982, Altman returned to his mythological identity Dina and made effervescent film "Come to our meeting, . Jimmy Dean, . Jimmy Dean - this time in the ironically-detached, . revisionist fashion, . which first became apparent in the film "MEH" (1970) and became a "trademark" Altman,
. "Jimmy Dean" opens with a scene collection of old and pogruznevshih female fans of the actor, looks forward to her as if it were not for the dead idol.

"MASH" (1970) was Altman's first big success in film. Name the movie - stands for "mobile military surgical hospital". This is a story about the war in Korea, told ironic language, on the brink of tragedy and black humor on principle "and painful, and ridiculous". The film was nominated for an Oscar, received the Palme d'Or at Cannes. On Oltmene talked about how modern directors, . that the tragic events of life meets the humorous sketches, . as the creator of the comedy genre of military, . or, . as saying of Mark Twain, . about the singer, funeral orgies "- irreverent connections blood, . corpses and jokes,
. In the film, played by Donald Sutherland, Tom Skerrit, Elliot Gould. The song from "MASH", telling about suicide as a humorous and coolest entertainment, youth has become a hit. It appeared the main features of handwriting Altman: a combination of tragic and comic, . ironic view of the hustle and bustle of modern life, . chaotic construction of the film - the intersection of diverse storylines, . clear socio-psychological characteristics of characters,
. The film was a commercial success. Altman continued to exercise the audit, the author's reworking of the classic Hollywood film genres. Reputation of the experimenter's high-flying, . which uses the tradition of the genre as a launching pad for the imagination, . finalizing comic western "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" (1971), . mystifying crime drama-hoax "The Long Goodbye" (1973), . as well as the film "Thieves, . we "(1974) - without a recognizable criminal adventure bagatelles, . but with deep drawing of characters.,

. Great success for the abolition was "Nashville" (1975), . posed to the 200 anniversary of the U.S., . nominated for several Oscars and recognized "best film 70" for multi-story and a delightful mosaic of thoughts and action 24 characters (Henry Gibson, . Geraldine Chaplin, . Karen Black, . Kate Kerredin and others),
. In "Nashville," Altman used a technique that brought him fame: investigative journalism around the music festival "Country" superimposed on the ideological batting - collective image of the average American on the eve of presidential elections. Vanity around competition singers became intelligible metaphor for the turmoil of pre-election fight. Neapologeticheskoe relation to basic American values - freedom, . democracy, . family, . election, . dear dentist - has led to, . Altman's what came to be called "the most European American director", . and his chosen way of the narrative techniques of the horizontal slice or twist the phone cable ",
. This technique formed the basis of two more recent and very well-known films Altman: "Short Stories" (1993) and "Ready to Wear" (1994). "Short Stories" - a three-hour series of intersecting stories involving 22 characters who meet by chance on a course of action and influence each other's lives (Anne Archer, Andie MacDowell, Peter Gallagher, Tim Robbins, etc.). The film was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe Award and received PARTY movie. "Ready to Wear" - is a "common plan" a dazzling and pretentious world of French fashion, . where there is no causal, . but there are a lot of twists, turns, and participants: Sophia Loren, . Marcello Mastroianni, . Laurent Bacall, . Kim Basinger, . Jean Rochefort.,

. In 1976, Altman set drama "Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull historical lesson on the organization of the spectacle of conquering the Wild West, whose story is intertwined with the events of real life
. In this movie, played by Geraldine Chaplin, Paul Newman and Burt Lancaster. In 1978, the screens out "Wedding" inverts the basis of "the sacred institution of marriage and family", showing unpresentable relations within. In the early 80's Altman sells kinofirmu "Layon's Gate" and returns to television. However, in 1987, taking part in an interesting indie "Aria", which carried out 10 well-known directors, including Jean-Luc Godard, Derek Jarman and Ken Russell. This musical film consists of several arias famous composers, fitted by a cinematic background. The film was nominated for the Zolotouyu palm Cannes Film Festival.

At the turn of the 90 director is leaving America and moved to Paris where he continues to show the "fig in the pocket" the principal American values. At this time, under the guns oltmenovskoy irony goes Hollywood. Altman makes the picture "The Player" (1992), which makes a mockery of movie-making business over the backstage life of the stars and over the main character - a self-assured leader of the studio, played by Tim Robbins. In episodic roles weighed leading movie stars: Peter Gallagher, Greta Scacchi, Sydney Pollack, Dina Merrill. Settled down in Paris, Altman began to expose his inner sanctum - "Ready to Wear" by the French fashion house. In 1998, Altman takes "Happiness Cookies" - another narrative cinema, dreary folkneropodobnoe biography widowed grandmother, cookies, and her nieces. Once one of them comes to my aunt's house and sees that killed Cookies. In the film, played by Glenn Close, Liv Tyler and Chris O'Donnell. The film was nominated for a Golden Globe

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1957 - "Offenders" (The Delinquents)
. 1957 - "History of James Dean" (The James Dean Story)
. 1968 - Countdown
. 1969 - "This Cold Day in the Park" (That Cold Day in the Park)
. 1970 - "MEH" (MASH)
. 1971 - "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" (McCabe & Mrs
. Miller)
. 1972 - "Paintings" (Images)
. 1973 - "The Long Goodbye" (The Long Goodbye)
. 1974 - "Thieves like us" (Thieves Like Us)
. 1974 - "California Split" (California Split (
. 1975 - "Nashville" (Nashville)
. 1976 - "Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull History Lesson" (Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson)
. 1977 - "Three Women" (3 Women)
. 1978 - "Wedding" (A Wedding)
. 1979 - "Health" (HEALTH)
. 1979 - A Perfect Couple
. 1979 - "Quintet" (Quintet)
. 1980 - "Popeye" (Popeye)
. 1982 - "Come to our meeting, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean" (Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean)
. 1983 - Streamers
. 1984 - Secret Honor
. 1985 - Fool for Love
. 1985 - OC
. & Stiggs
. 1987 - "Aria" (Aria)
. 1987 - "No treatment" (Beyond Therapy)
. 1990 - "Vincent and Theo" (Vincent & Theo)
. 1992 - "The Player" (The Player)
. 1993 - "Short Stories" (Short Cuts)
. 1994 - "Ready to Wear" (Pret-a-Porter)
. 1996 - "Jazz, 34" (Jazz '34)
. 1996 - "Kansas City" (Kansas City)
. 1998 - The Gingerbread Man
. 1999 - "Happiness Cookies" (Cookie's Fortune)
. 2000 - "Dr. T
. and his woman "(Dr. T. and the Women)

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Robert Altman, photo, biography
Robert Altman, photo, biography Robert Altman  Director, photo, biography
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