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Biography NAUMENKO Mike
Date of Birth: 18/04/1955

"I always wanted to make their group, but did not want to have worked with me some very professional musicians, which I do not know. I wanted it to have people who like my songs that I be. In general, that these were not just musicians, but associates ". (Mike Naumenko)

Mike (real name: Mikhail Naumenko), the leader of the group "Zoo", the only one generation of Russian musicians, whose work belongs to the category "Russian rock" rather nominally. The first of Russian musicians combined root of the Anglo-American rock tradition with the texts in the genre of domestic realism.

Mike was born April 12, 1955, Mr.. in Leningrad in the "family of employees". Received his nickname in the British Special School, where he began his fascination with rock 'n' roll. For 18 years, Mike calmly could lecture on the western rock music in English

. The first song began to write in English under the influence of her favorite authors: Bob Dylan, . Marc Bolan, . David Bowie, . The Beatles', . Rolling Stones, . Jefferson Airplane, . but eventually changed eerieness romantic images of an urban style of poetry in Lou Reed,
. The name "Zoo" came long before the group itself, since its first texts Mike had already signed the "zoo music". The first Russian-language song (unfortunately, not preserved) was called "Wait and trust". He started his Mike as bassist, and up to 1975. played little-known groups ( "Union", "Vocal and instrumental group of. Chuck Berry "), where he mostly rock standards of Chuck Berry and Little Richard. In 1974. met with Grebenshchikov and participated in the recording of "Aquarium" - "The Sacrament of Marriage" and "A Wedding Jam Live At Astoria" (the lost recording jam session at the wedding Grebenshchikova, which was attended by "Time Machine").

In the summer of 1978. on the bank of the Neva by the tape recorder "Electronica-302 Mike and Grebenshchikov recorded magnitoalbom" All brothers and sisters ", released edition of 20 copies and dispersed through the host tens of thousands of copies. Album includes a discography as Grebenshchikova and Naumenko.

After the second album "Sweet N and others," which included such hits as "Suburban Blues", "slut", "Good-bye, baby," Mike began to learn on the streets. After the third "LV" (read not "El Vee," and "Fifty-Five" - the year of birth of Mike), his name has become a cult.

. The first concert of the "Zoo", created by Mike from fragments garage commands "Farewell, black Monday", was held in Moscow in autumn 1981
. Later, Mike performed as a solo author and as a leader of the group "Zoo". Group members were constantly changing. Besides music interested person Mike is familiar with his translation of the book by Richard Bach "Illusions". Virtually all Russia's rock-musicians recognize the impact of Mike's on their own creativity.

August 27, 1991, Mr.. Mike died of a brain haemorrhage in his apartment on Razyezzhaya street in St. Petersburg.

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  • Mike for NAUMENKO Mike
  • If Mike Naumenko would have been alive, would play a great team now, "Zoo". If it is performed a remarkable group of "Zoo", it would be a rock 'n' roll! If you would rock n 'roll, there would be now this *** nnoy pop! So eternal memory for you Mike, the founder of the group "Zoo"!
  • Constantine for NAUMENKO Mike
  • dead-Naumenko, . Vysotsky, . Choi, . SHukshin, . You can, if present them living among us in our time? Choi and Naumenko, singing about corruption and the unfortunate provinces? Vysotsky, . hoarsely and honestly reading (singing) after Zadornov and other Zhvanetsky coupled with Petrosian ... SHukshin writing about successful farmers and lifting blockbusters ...... all ravings, . they left, . something would not interfere with the arrival of vulgarity, . cynicism, . mediocrity, . ... lies, air in the Soviet time was pure ...,
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    NAUMENKO Mike, photo, biography
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