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Franka Potente

( Actress)

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Biography Franka Potente
Date of birth: 22.07.1974

Franka Potente was born on July 22, 1974, Mr.. On her biography most want to say: "All this has once been". Just in case a student of acting school Otto Falkenberg made a good professional portfolio. One fine evening, her photos were on the table by the director Hans-Christian Schmidt. It seemed that a beautiful strong person Franks is ideally suited for the role of the protagonist in his new movie "After five to Urvalde". Comedy about a young Austrians became a hit. The decision was made, of course, the only true: the painting was assessed, and the actress immediately became the focus of directors, and producers. Moreover, Potente received the prize for best debut in Germany.
Painting "Run Lola Run, Potente has brought glory to the brightest young star of German cinema. Tom Tykwer took a picture of a girl who tries to save butterfingers-lover, who left in a subway car belonging to the bandits hundred thousand marks. Lola rushes to the aid. Her first attempt to get the desired amount fails, that does not suit or movie characters, no director. Therefore, unrolling the film back, and Lola, along with her boyfriend and two more attempts available - until then, until the final history is not acceptable to everyone. Temperamental, krasnovolosaya and sporting heroine pictures of Tom Tykwer became almost a symbol of a new generation of film the second half of the 90's, and the film received worldwide success.
. In the horror film "Anatomy" Potente inherited the role of medical student, who became embroiled in the story, full of mysterious and unexplained incidents
. In the painting "downhill City" it is about the strangeness and complexities of youth, which is not always a man promises joy of new discoveries, but is more often associated with sadness and parting with illusions.
. Removing most fashionable German film of recent years - "Run Lola Run" director Tom Tykwer and actress Franka Potente movie composed entirely different pace
. Awkward touching and beautiful in the role of Frank nurses Sissi, who grew up in a lunatic asylum, where her father, killed her crazy mother-nurse of electric hair dryer. Sissy walks like a lunatic, and falls under the truck, where polukomatoznom able to meet with the man of your dreams.
The film is not so far from the previous hit, Tom Tykwer, as it seems at first glance. Less tempo and rhythm on "Lola" in "The Princess and the Warrior" seems much. Love conquers death here again, and everything else, too, and a second chance and just as important, though not impossible to beat, as in computer "Lola," passing level on the third attempt.
. In the film Tom Tykwer "The Princess and the Warrior", in 2000, came another picture with Franka Potente
. This is a Hollywood movie, directed by Ted Demme, where partner Frankie was one of the most famous, popular and enigmatic American actor Johnny Depp. However, Johnny is unlikely to spell interested proud German woman: Frank prefers not to meet with the actors, and with the directors, from which in most cases depends on its future. The first boyfriend and actresses, about which the newspapers, became its "discoverer" Hans-Christian Schmidt, and now the name of Franks is firmly connected with the hope of a young film Germany Tom Tykwer.

. Filmography (actress)

. 1996 - "After five to Urvalde" (Nach Fuenf im Urwald)
. 1997 - "Easy Day" (Easy Day)
. 1997 - "Three models for fuel" (Die Drei Models von der Tankstelle)
. 1998 - "Run Lola Run" (Lola Rennt)
. 1998 - "Well I?" (Bin Ich schoen?)
. 1999 - "Dream Land" (Schlaraffenland)
. 2000 - "Anatomy" (Anatomie)
. 2000 - "downhill City" (Downhill City)
. 2001 - "Princesa and the Warrior" (Der Krieger und die Kaiserin)

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Franka Potente, photo, biography
Franka Potente, photo, biography Franka Potente  Actress, photo, biography
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