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Sidikhin Eugine

( Actor)

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Biography Sidikhin Eugine
photo Sidikhin Eugine
Date of Birth: 02/10/1964

"I knew all these games in the sex symbols, if we would have straightened this film industry. It would then be clear that I was called "pot" not just so, and having in mind a few million dollars invested in the artist promotion, which want to make so many films
Our directors are lazy and incurious. After exploring the actor imyarek in one capacity or another and making sure that he looks bad, they put some names and are ready to check all his life to his department for the same Role. In accordance with this logic, the main advantage of Eugenia Sidikhin are giant growth, turning the shoulders, biceps size and ability pripechatat enemy so that will not find it. For this reputation Sidikhin should be grateful first and foremost a director Nikolai Istanbul, the author vigorous Russian B-movies, the discoverer Sidikhin for cinema. Istanbul start by militants for the last line "(1991), looking for an actor in leading role. It is strongly advised to invite Victor Tsoi - work on the film started shortly before his death. However, the director, carefully reviewing the photographs brought from Leningrad, jabbed his finger in Sidikhin.
. So the audience got a new hero - who has recently returned to the area of the former boxer whose fists are not haunted by racketeers who are dreaming to get him in his "team" and are, naturally, a sharp rebuff.
. So spectators got a new sex symbol, muscular object of desire
. However, this honorary title Sidikhin incredibly angry, but he quite graciously accepts other: "Russian Marlon Brando, for example, or" black box with a childlike smile ". But some ten years ago none of Sidikhin slyhom nor heard.
Eugene Sidikhin born October 2, 1964. Leningrad. As a young man engaged in the struggle, made progress and gave hope, but suddenly dropped sports and went to the People's Theater. However, he Sidikhin believes that he, Balance of horoscope, the rash is not inclined to: "That others may think that I shoot at a terrible gamble, but I actually figured out everything in advance". Sometimes it takes the decisions for the fate of. Once he broke away from a very fun time with friends - went to the gym, and they decided to have fun and overzealous; morning at the police station lay statements from the girls being raped - and soon the friends sat down. A Sidikhin made for themselves the appropriate conclusions. The current of his social circle is closed to outsiders, and rumors that the circle is part of not the most law-abiding citizens and what have Sidikhin various dubious "zaputki" can neither confirm nor deny.
. Once, in the Leningrad Theater of Igor Vladimirov, after the first year he joined the army
. He fell Afgan, to talk about that in an interview Sidikhin categorically refuses. Returning to the institute, was enrolled in the course of Lev Dodin, and after graduation had a chance to be in the troupe of the theater hyped of the country, the Maly Drama. But to show character and a request to enroll in the troupe did not write. Went to his first teacher Vladimirov in Theater. Leningrad City Council, it adopted a few years running around in the crowd until he got the lead role in "The Savages". Now he - actor BDT, but engaged only in "Macbeth" (Teimour Chkheidze was started rehearsing "Bride" with Sidikhin-Paratov, but dropped out). Try their hand at directing - puts the play in Moscow on the novel by Victor Pelevin "Chapaev and void.
If his theatrical career is not too defined, then a career in movies - a case. Since the early nineties, he - invoices, spectacular, krutoloby "п╨п╟я┤п╬п╨", the embodiment of Russian men's items - was removed quite a lot, came into vogue. At the same Istanbul was occupied in two more films: in "Operation" Lucifer "(1993), . which suggests the author's version of the murder of Igor Talkov, . and in "Wolf's Blood" (1995), . where he played in prolonged skin commander of the special purpose, . wandering in the post-revolutionary years of the Siberian Forests,
. However, the main actor of his success - unflappable loader Gosh, at which an ignition exquisite beauty from the top of Soviet society in Prorva "(1992). Ivan Dykhovichniy perfectly inscribed hammered face actor in his Stalinist fresco by convincing viewers that silent Sidikhin on the screen all the same expressive talking. Perhaps, . after "Prorva" best image and the possibility Sidikhin were used in the recent "Baraka" (1999), . where he played the dashing starleya Bolotina, . local storm - it happens in the Ural poslevoennnoy outback - thugs and profiteers, . in love with fifu-blokadnitsu.,
. As Ignat from a postmodern fairy tale "Children of the gods of iron" (1993), . Bouncer of the criminal action movie "Russian transit" (1994), . of bandyugana podtarantinennoy tales "Mom, . Do not Cry "(1997) and another pair, triple roles - everything was the same tune, . paid from one actor's "cashier" opportunities and because eventually ceased to be of interest,
. Can not say that Sidikhin this situation is not felt (he felt) that he liked it (no, not like) that he did not try to reverse it (tried). He acted in the role of a bespectacled eccentric in folklore "Vaska Nemeshaeve" (1995), but the Hungarian film rarely seen. Courageously refused the proposal Eldar Ryazanov to play a killer in "Hey, idiot!" (1997). To help the actor in the noble attempt to overcome the inertia of Peter Todorovski, who invited Sidikhin in three of Retro "(1998) on the role of lame duck-husband, a wife (Yelena Yakovleva) changed with the joker-lover and his own friend (Sergei Makovetsky). Sam Todorovski argued that Sidikhin completely failed cotton man and that he now afford Pierre Bezukhov, but the viewer's impression of the actor's work differs from the impression the director.
. Sidikhin thinking about filmmaking (would like to put some inexpensive boevichkov with him in the lead role), has two daughters, Pauline and Aglaia (the wife likes "difficult" names), and the eldest went to Dad's footsteps and is engaged in jujitsu
. He builds a house near St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland, because to live in a polluted city does not want to, intends to make a big yacht, so that the current at which he went to Sweden and Finland, it is not satisfied. Deleted in the movie "The Star, my darling ...", where his hero - a former Afghan, as he himself.

. 1991 Countess
. 1992 executioner
. 1992 Prorva
. 1993 Operation 'LUCIFER'
. 1993 Last Saturday
. 1995 Wolfblood


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  • missundaztood for Sidikhin Eugine
  • Cidihin Eugene-talented akter.Kak well that in St. Petersburg there are actors in life is very good and intelligent man, and his daughter umnechki and honey, especially Polishko =)
  • Anonymous for Sidikhin Eugine
  • The film "devil" with Eugene in the title role - just enthusiasm!
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    Sidikhin Eugine, photo, biography
    Sidikhin Eugine, photo, biography Sidikhin Eugine  Actor, photo, biography
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