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SUKHORUKOV Viktor Ivanovich

( Actor)

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Biography SUKHORUKOV Viktor Ivanovich
photo SUKHORUKOV Viktor Ivanovich
Date of Birth: 10/11/1951

"I really want to be Giulietta Masina. So that's a little funny little man. Not even Chaplin, there. Namely, that the touching and lost "

Viktor Sukhorukov was born November 10, 1951, Mr.. in Orekhovo-Zuyevo Moscow region and in methyl actors from childhood, above all jumping hare at celebrations. He was secretly in love with Tatiana Doronin and shook out of his Orekhova-Zueva to Moscow to stand under her window. In eighth grade, thought up to do in the circus school, but there he was told to come after the tenth. And he sent after the tenth foot GITIS. At the entrance examinations to read a passage with such a mad fervor that one of the teachers gently remarked: "This is either a crackpot or a genius"

. Studied in the same year with Tatiana Dogileva and Yuri Stoyanov, . current occupant "Gorodok", . received educational performances are not the roles, . which itself was once prepared: teachers slowly, . true, . today clearly, . unsuccessfully perekovyvali his comic talent in drama,
. Upon graduation he was accepted by Peter Fomenko in the Leningrad troupe Comedy Theater, where he earned the role of age-grandfather three times over a. However, by that time almost completely bald. By the way, Lenin played in the movie much later and more than once, Sukhorukov predicted even in GITIS. After the expulsion (of awkward talent) glavrezhzha Fomenko it Sukhorukova also asked (for the outrageous drink). For several years he dropped out of the profession, in poverty, almost empty bottles collected. But found the strength to come back and, having replaced a few St. Petersburg theater, is once again in the troupe Comedy.

Since cinema is not evolved for a long time (two or three semi episodes do not count). And once he, in desperation, even gave myself a vow: no movies, just do not want - no need to. Fortunately, Sukhorukov was not a man-flint, and the word broke. Yuri Mamin invited him to "Whiskers" (1990) on the role of zealous admirer of the sun of Russian poetry, which is spreading the cult of Pushkin's foaming at the mouth, and Sukhorukov not resist, agreed to test. True, Mom doubted his candidacy ( "bit old hurts"), on what was in response to a tirade: "This is a bit old I am?" This is your hero too young. He really should be with the five education and no age. For people looking at him and wondered: where this monster came from? "When the movie came out, . People looked at Sukhorukova and wondered: where did that bald subchik with protruding ears in different ways and sparks of madness in his eyes? Our mentally unbalanced movie early nineties delighted to see him like a brother,
. Alexei Balabanov gave Sukhorukov a major role in "Happy Days" (1991) and subsequently appointed to the talismans - shot him in "The Castle" (1994), "Brother" (1997), "Freaks and Men" (1998), "Brother - 2 "(2000). And everywhere Sukhorukov different: a man-fungus in nahlobuchennoy hat with a nibble fields, then the mechanical hinge being a gangster fixative, and then egghead freak horse-grin.

He shot not only at Balabanova, but also Igor Maslennikov (an officer in the "Darkness", 1991), Mikhail Katz (pale fanatic killer in the movie "lame go first", 1992), Maxim Pezhemsky (Jacob in "Prisoners of fortune , 1993). But the most famous, trump the role they played in the "Comedy of strict regime" (1992), or rather, three roles in one. First, stabbed camp six. Secondly, the leader of the world proletariat, which depicts six in the play area at. Thirdly, the elusive transition, when the wrinkled face of all despised zek show through Lenin's traits.

Several years later, Lenin got it in Estonian burlesque "All my Lenin" (1997). By the way, again in the set includes two parts: the real Lenin and his idiot twin. Here Sukhorukova ability to play a sharp jump from state to state is not needed - and he really has such skill, it is quite unique as it looks (not confuse). At the same time he decided to say goodbye to Lenin, gave myself a vow, but knowing suhorukovskie vows, there is no doubt that some variants. In the meantime came the sequel "Brother", where he, unlike the first film, the role of big and, they say, tasty. His killer, a loser named Vic Tataryn listened to the advice of Daniel: leaned back, closed up a policeman, but fate snatched him from the famous series, and ignored the first to Moscow and then in Chicago.

Sergei Makovetsky, after reading the script, so light up this role that the proposed Balabanova rewrite "big brother" to him. Balabanov preferred Sukhorukova. Here, as in the first film, he says, a stranger in a hoarse voice: Own a tall.

. Filmography:

. 1990 - Sideburns
. 1991 - Happy Days
. 1991 - Darkness
. 1992 - Comedy strict regime
. 1992 - lame vnidut first
. 1993 - Captives luck
. 1994 - Year of the Dog
. 1994 - Castle
. 1996 - Operation "Happy New Year"
. 1997 - Brother
. 1997 - All my Lena
. 1998 - Of Freaks and Men
. 2000 - Brother 2
. 2001 - Antikiller

. OZONE - Viktor Sukhorukov

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Photos of SUKHORUKOV Viktor Ivanovich
SUKHORUKOV Viktor Ivanovich

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SUKHORUKOV Viktor Ivanovich, photo, biography
SUKHORUKOV Viktor Ivanovich, photo, biography SUKHORUKOV Viktor Ivanovich  Actor, photo, biography
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