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Francois Truffaut

( Director, screenwriter, actor, producer)

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Biography Francois Truffaut
Date of Birth: 06/02/1932
Date of death: 21/10/1984
Truffaut was born Feb. 6, 1932 in Paris. His childhood and adolescence were just as unhappy as the hero of his first feature-length film "Four-strokes" (1959). Consolation he found in film. His enthusiasm for cinema clubs in the organization was seen leading film critic Andre Bazin, invited him to his journal Cahiers du Cinema ".
Criticism of his career interrupted by conscription, which Truffaut had deserted, with the result that ended up in prison. Freed, he returned to the magazine and gained a reputation as the most rigorous and impartial in the circle of critics have called forth the "new wave", has become one of the theoreticians of "author's cinema". An example of such movies as his autobiographical film "400 blows", whose hero, Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Lц?aud) is experiencing the same difficulties in life as the author. Later Truffaut often returned to this character, tracing the stages of his growing up in one of the stories the film "Love in 20 years" (1962) and "Stolen Kisses" (1968) with the same actor. The past haunted him all his life, . and his confession tape "American Night" (1973) director Ferran, . played by himself Tyuffo, . had visions of a little boy with a stick in his hand to directing playbill, . to take a photo from a favorite film "Citizen Kane",

. For the second big picture "Shoot the Piano Player" (1960), . constructed by the laws of the detective and painted bitter lyricism, . Truffaut found the other side of his creativity, . which had an impact on the American genre film, . especially Alfred Hitchcock, . and the French in the person of Jean Renoir,
. This was reflected in his personal life - he hesitated whether to take him to wife's daughter Patricia Hitchcock, or one of his nieces Renoir. Eventually he married the daughter of a French producer, Madeleine Morgenstern, thus not experienced difficulties in financing its projects.
Penchant for stylization and Truffaut aesthetization daily manifested in the film "Jules and Jim" (1962), a sad story about a love triangle, the relationship of two men and a woman they both love, but can not save. Perhaps it was this tape has introduced a fashion for retro. He always strove for a picture of strong feelings, intricate relationships, deception, fatal misunderstandings and very carefully casting. Charles Aznavour in the "Shoot the Piano Player", . Jeanne Moreau in "Bride Wore Black" (1968), . favorite actress of recent years - Fanny Ardant and Jean-Paul Trintignant in "a jaunty Sunday" (1983), . Catherine Deneuve in "Lilac" Mississippi "(1969) and" The Last Metro "(1980), . Isabelle Adjani in The Story of Adele H. "(1975), . Natalie Bay in the Green Room "(1978) - all of them prisoners of their passions and circumstances of the fatal victims, . but every time their feelings are opened in a new, . suddenly,
In 1970, he put the drama "Wild Child" of the heavy admission to the world of people the child who grew up outside of civilization, and in 1975 - "Story of Adele H." about unrequited love, the daughter of Victor Hugo that has led her to distraction. In both cases, turning to real events, Truffaut uses stylized chronicle, but in different ways, not forgetting that the movie got interesting.
. Professional interest in the technology kinotvorchestva feat Truffaut on 52-hour conversation with Hitchcock, which was published a book titled "Hitchcock / Truffaut" (Russian translation 1996)
. He enjoyed his friends produced the films - Maurice Pialat, ц?ric Rohmer, Jacques Rivette, Jean Cocteau, and gratefully accepted the offer by Steven Spielberg to play the French scientist in his film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind. His daughter Laura and Eva Truffaut filmed his movie "Milk Money" (1976). He has a third daughter, Josephine, from actress Fanny Ardant.
Francois Truffaut, died of a stroke in 1984 in Neuilly, the fifty-second year of life.

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Francois Truffaut, photo, biography
Francois Truffaut, photo, biography Francois Truffaut  Director, screenwriter, actor, producer, photo, biography
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