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Biography FAYNZ Ralph
photo FAYNZ Ralph
Date of Birth: 22/12/1962

Full name: Ralph Nathaniel Fiennes.

Rafe Faynz was born in Suffolk (England). His name belongs to an ancient family, in a bohemian family photographer, landscape artist and writer Rafe was the eldest of six children. In his youth he was going to walk in the footsteps of his father, he studied painting at London's Chelsea College, but eventually admitted to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Over a lifetime Faynz outplayed in a variety of theater companies - in the theater Regent Park, the Royal Shakespeare, finally, the new theater "Almeida, who came on tour in Moscow. Englishman and a gentleman, educated in classical roles, first work in the film attracted the attention of directors, who sought ambiguous characters. Faynz managed to make his first kinogeroya Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights ", 1992) from the traditional tragic lover in revenge-mad villain, not demonic, and the humdrum, prosaic. His talent was appreciated by Steven Spielberg, looking for an actor for the role of a convinced Nazi Amon Geta, a concentration camp commandant in "Schindler's List" (1993). For this work Faynz received a Golden Globe, nominated for an Oscar, BAFTA Award and many other, less significant rewards. Pathological cruelty and mysterious charm combine in a human form with a split consciousness. This kind of "Hamletism" properties of many characters Faynza.

The actor never attracted the flat roles: he appeared in the futuristic thriller, Kathryn Bigelow, Strange Days "(1995) in the role of the police, illegally sells video clips that showed a strange emotional experience. In Peter Greenaway in the movie "Child of Macon" (1993) Faynz played respectable son of a priest, could not resist the temptation. I could not resist the temptation and reference American Van Doren of "Quiz Show" (1994) Robert Redford, tempted by easy money and closed their eyes to foul play, but has found the courage to publicly speak the truth. Second nomination for an Oscar Faynzu brought the romantic role of the Hungarian Count Almoshi in "English Patient" (1996) Anthony Minghella. Rafe Faynz passed an enormous strain will elusive, rubberized plastics, and not only in the episodes of action.

. Along with a Shakespearean repertory, . Faynz played in the theater of Chekhov's play, it is not surprising, . his sister, . director in March Faynz, . it was he who offered to perform the title role in the film adaptation of Pushkin's novel in verse - the movie "Onegin" (1999, . Tatyana Larina played Liv Tyler),
. This "Russian Hamlet" Rafe wanted to play with since unearthed a novel of Pushkin in the library of the Academy. He depicted the great Russian nobleman, like an English dandy obsessed Slavic blues, which is the same as that English spleen. It Faynz defended the right text, the original source finals - in the original version of the script ended in suicide Onegin. This Faynz stated repeatedly that he "never understand the Russian soul."

From 1993 to 1995. Rafe Faynz was married to actress Alex Kingston, in 1995 he emerged from the novel by Francesca Ennis, who, being older Rafe at age 17, played in the theater Queen Gertrude. Faynz prefers adults and women experienced in them he sees the charm of secret knowledge

. 1992 - "Wuthering Heights" / (Wuthering Heights), Heathcliff
. 1993 - "Child of Macon" / (The Baby of Macon), son of Bishop
. 1993 - "Schindler's List" / (Schindler's List), Amon Goth
. 1994 - "Quiz" / (Quiz Show), Charles Van Doren
. 1995 - "Strange Days" / (Strange Days), Lenny Nero
. 1996 - "The English Patient" / (The English Patient), Count Laszlo Diamond
. 1997 - "Oscar and Lucinda" / (Oscar and Lucinda), Oscar Hopkins
. 1998 - "The Avengers" / (The Avengers), John Steed
. 1998 - "Onegin" (Onegin), Eugene Onegin
. 1998 - "The Prince of Egypt" / (The Prince of Egypt), BEEP
. Ramses
1999 - "End of the Affair" / (The End of the Affair), Maurice Bendriks

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FAYNZ Ralph, photo, biography
FAYNZ Ralph, photo, biography FAYNZ Ralph  Actor, photo, biography
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