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Nikolai Fomenko

( Actor, TV presenter)

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Biography Nikolai Fomenko
Date of Birth: 30/04/1962

The most recognizable character of the post-Soviet Russia Nikolai Fomenko was born in Leningrad. After leaving school he entered the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinema (LGITMIK) in the studio, Igor Gorbachev. And by its end in 1983. future Russian clown N 1 hit on the distribution of one of the most prestigious theaters - Akimov, chief director of which was at the time of his master Igor Gorbachev. 3 months after enrollment in the state theater novice actor went to serve in the army. It was in the Soviet armed forces Fomenko sing, becoming the lead singer Song and Dance Ensemble of the Leningrad Military District. There he also recorded and their first record - "Songs of Soloviev-Sedoy".

On citizen Fomenko returned to the theater, but after 3 months he left again, this time for the group then posed a "secret". His intuition did not let down - the popularity of "The Secret" has acquired in record time. First team registered in the Ulyanovsk Philharmonic as a jazz ensemble "Range" - it ensemble received a rehearsal, an opportunity to speak, but at the same time has shielded itself from the excessive control. A year later sekretovtsy "returned to Leningrad already full-fledged stars. Beat it performed at the "Musical Ring" and reproaches Komsomol activists that their songs lead nowhere and do not teach anything, just added the freshly-group fame, after all, the Komsomol - restless heart "has been no use to anyone. The epoch of "Sarah Baraboo" and "Thousands of records". For the second half of the 80-ies. and even later, after the collapse of the group, each of the vents heard the song "Secret". A huge number of bit-hits - "The last hour of December", . "She does not understand", . "Downstream", . "My love is on the fifth floor", . "Leningrad time", . Farewell, . night, . sorry ", . "Do not tell me goodbye, and others - wrote Nikolai Fomenko, he also became the frontman of the ensemble after Maxim Leonidova emigration to Israel.,

. Novel for television in Fomenko began in 1984
. (simultaneously with the formation of "The Secret") - then he came up with the program "whirling disks, which was leading Maxim Leonids. By the way, "whirling disks have played an enormous role in the promotion" Secret ", because in each issue inseparable musicians did not miss an opportunity to show his new clip. And after 2 years Fomenko has several issues of one of the most popular time programs - "Morning mail".

More from TV Fomenko never left, starting a new project every year or participating in the project already exists - "Pop-antenna", "Top Secret", "two-on", "Muz.oboz" (cruise ship), "As simple ". In 1997. he has reached an unprecedented level of popularity - more than was known in Russia unless the president. Fomenko is on television several rating programs - "Empire of Passion", "Russian nails", "interception" (TEFI for 1988), and later - "extreme situations", "Look out", "Songs from Fomenko". His "Russian nails", "Good Morning, Vietnam" and "Golden Gramophone" dramatically increase the number of listeners of "Russian radio". The omnipresence of Fomenko and his enviable love for salty jokes and frivolous anecdotes irritates viewers, and at the same time, the magnet attracts them to the "acute" program. "Comedy, Russian Radio" ( "In a healthy body, healthy one," "How much vodka do not take it, is still two times running," "Better to Kolyma Honduras Honduras than in Kolyma, etc.) into being the winged phrases, toasts and almost secular jokes. Scandalous American radio legend Howard Stern's rest!

In 1997. Fomenko was close to the airwaves - he came in the "great movie". Multi-talented actor has played the role of good-natured Koli-tractor in the modern Christmas tale Vladimir Mashkov "Orphan of Kazan, this tape became the first robin of the return period of social optimism. Tireless hohmach and humourist Fomenko on the right was the hero of modern times.

. He - personality, ideally suited for character generation NEXT: Fomenko does not smoke, drink very little and only on occasion, playing sports (he is - gets his "Miller - Pilot racing team", the champion of Russia on the ring car racing 1997
. and master of sports of alpine skiing). Fomenko - "workaholic", for the cause he can make himself a month to lose weight at 10 kilograms and decent earning, because I always work. It rides on the same BMW, which was a James Bond in "Tomorrow Never Dies", has two daughters (the eldest is 19 years old). However, his personal life is not subject to public debate and limited to information that he is married to Masha Golubkina, daughter of Andrei Mironov and Larissa Golubkina.

. After the "Orphans of Kazan" Fomenko withdrew from St. Petersburg talented director Sergei Ovcharov in the short film "Pharaoh", . received awards at the Berlin Film Festival, . the festival of animation films in Tarusa and "Nick" for "best animated film" 1999,
. Learn Fomenko it is virtually impossible - all the heroes of "Pharaoh" converted into computer animation.

. In an ambitious and expensive projects Basil Picula "The sky in diamonds" Fomenko played gangster-writer, betrothed in an orphanage by Anton Chekhov
. Under gunpoint, he forces the publisher to publish his novel space "Travelers from the constellation Coma Berenices", . becomes the owner of the suitcase of diamonds, . breaks the heart of beautiful presledovatelnitsy Alla Sigalova and tenderly in love with him and his literary works Angelika Varum.,

. Even a hero of modern times (but with the sign "minus") Nikolai Fomenko played in the odious comedy Eldar Ryazanov "old horse"
. Here fomenkovsky character - the "new Russian" businessman who wants to live in a landmark House on the Embankment, and for the sake of the throws from the right apartment heroine Leah Akhedzhakova - a noble old lady, forced to trade newspapers. But the brave "nags" - Akhedzhakova, Irina Kupchenko, Lyudmila Gurchenko and Svetlana Kryuchkov - restore justice and not simply thrown out villain of the apartment, but also put him in jail. In all the interviews Ryazanov said that he respects the actor Fomenko, gladly worked with him, and never saw him on television and in advertisements, but the name of the hero of the film Khomenko Eldar thought unlikely by chance.

. Suit same roles Nikolai Fomenko, apparently, was not destined to play
. Directors see his very modern hero. In May 2000, Mr.. on the screens out another film with his participation - "Check," where either cop, or a bandit in a grotesque appearance Fomenko produces unprecedented, even in John Woo's number of rounds of various sizes of weapons. Screen Fomenko misses more than once, the present - almost never.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1982 - "Speed", a student
. 1986 - "How to become a star, Actress
. 1990 - "Jokes", Ludwig van Beethoven
. 1992 - 1995 - TV's "Dry and wet, singer 8 roles and script
. 1996 - "Old songs about the main-1"
. 1997 - "Old songs about the main-2"
. 1997 - "Orphan of Kazan, Nikolai
. 1998 - "Old songs about the main-3"
. 1998 - "Pharaoh" (animated film)
. 1999 - "The sky in diamonds", Chekhov
. 1999 - "Luna Papa", Yasser
. 2000 - "old horse", Khomenko
. 2000 - "Check"

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Nikolai Fomenko, photo, biography
Nikolai Fomenko, photo, biography Nikolai Fomenko  Actor, TV presenter, photo, biography
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