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Woody Harelson

( Actor)

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Biography Woody Harelson
photo Woody Harelson
Date of Birth: 23/07/1961

Woodrow Tracy Harrelson, better known as the namesake cartoon woodpecker Vudpekkera and the famous director Allen was born in Midland, Texas. Woody's childhood spent in Ohio, where his mother Diana Harelson with their three children moved after the divorce. When his father, Charles Harelsona arrested in 1968 for murder, Woody was seven years old. Ten years later, dissolute father once accused of murder, this time a federal judge John Wood, which led to life imprisonment. However, the son believes in the innocence of the parents, arguing that the accusation was false.

While in college, Woody is not just different manifestations of his violent nature. Thus, in 1982 he came to the police for "disturbing public order" - while in the drunk young man dancing in the street, impeding traffic. Even after the arrest of a dashing reveler, laughing wildly, jumped out of a police car and knocked down one of the officers who tried to twist it. However, all this did not prevent him in 1983, complete separation of Performing Arts College, Hanover.

His path to fame Woody began on Broadway, playing in the play "Biloxi Blues" (1984) Neil Simon, incidentally married the daughter of playwright. The marriage broke up six months later, and Harelson became known for his role as bartender Woody Boyd in TV series "Your Health" (1985). However, before the widespread popularity was far away.

For the first time an actor seriously attracted the attention of the public and critics only in 1992 after a sports film "White Can not Jump", where he played in a duet with Wesley Snipes. They both debuted in the movie "Wild Cat" (1986), and in 1995 again met on the set, trying to repeat the success of "White" in the "money train". But the movie was dull on American screens, many believe that because of the far-fetched scenario.

In 1993, Woody was withdrawn in melodrama Adrian Lyne's "Indecent Proposal" (1993). Sam Harrelson does not like this film, obviously because the type of David Murphy, unlike his favorite image of a man and man. Weak-willed husband, who after much mental anguish gives his wife (Demi Moore), handsome rich man (Robert Redford) in exchange for a million dollars, does not look like a real hero-lover, which is, in fact, the Harrelson. In addition to his marriage to Nancy Simon, he was before he met his wife, Laura Louie met with Carol Kane, Ally Sheedy, Penelope Ann Miller, Brooke Shields, Glenn Close and Moon Zappa. However, January 11, 1998 Woody formalized marriage (at the time of marriage Laura already has two children from Woody: Deni Montana 1994 g.r. and Zoe Giordano born 1997). After the wedding, Woody almost settled down. Almost, because the illegal actions, he continues to commit now, with his wife. For example, the actor was involved in all sorts of protests: tying himself to a bridge in San Francisco, planting hemp seeds in her yard when a large gathering of journalists, advocated the legalization of cannabis, etc.. etc.

In film, he distinguished himself more active fighter for the freedom of every person from the shackles of. The most significant kinoraboty Woody - Mickey Knox from Natural Born Killers "(1994) Oliver Stone and Larry Flynt of" The People vs. Larry Flynt "(1996). These characters have become perhaps the most revolutionary movie character 90-ies. Both films have won the very notoriety, Stone, however, even after the cuts had been banned in several countries. Mickey Knox, perhaps the most fascinating of all existing on a wide screen assassins, until the arrival of Larry Flynt was the hallmark Harelsona. And kinoobraz Woody formed from the combination of these poeticized antiheroes: serial killers and pornomagnata. They both live at full steam, with no brakes, not tired to enjoy life in all its manifestations. Love (from Mickey to Malory - Juliet Lewis at Larry to Altea - Courtney Love) turns into a destructive force, smashing everything around without a miss. The collapse of the public is not constituted goal, but a way of life and love - the only relic of the universe, in harmony with immorality and reckless. But it is unlikely to become a star Woody 90 without self-irony and ability poetiziruya while degeroizirovat their characters.

Since 1996, Harelson did not meet with the directors or the level of Stone Forman. And this is no predetermined roles in his filmography, equivalent roles of Mickey and Larry. Unexpectedly cooperation with major German director Volker SchlцTndorff, who ventured on a screen version of Chase's novel "Palmetto" (1998), inviting the main roles, but Woody, Elisabeth Shue and Gina Gershon. In the character of the hero Harrelson harmoniously veneer and hypersexuality with one hand and the weakness and folly on the other - so adventurous drama acquired features adventure comedy, . and Harelson attempted to return to the experience of a charming weakling,

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1986 - "Wild Cat" / (Wildcats), Krushinsky
. 1991 - "Doc Hollywood" / (Doc Hollywood), Hank Gordon
. 1992 - "White Can not Jump" / (White Men Can't Jump), Billy Hui-li
. 1993 - "Indecent Proposal" / (Indecent Proposal), David Murphy
. 1994 - "Prirozhedennye killers" / (Natural Born Killers), Mickey Knox
. 1994 - "In-cowboy" / (Cowboy Way, The), Pepper
. 1995 - "Money Train" / (Money Train), Charles
. 1996 - "The People vs. Larry Flynt" / (People vs
. Larry Flynt, The), Larry Flynt
. 1996 - "Factory" / (Kingpin), Roy Munson
. 1996 - "Chase the Sun" / (The Sunchaser), Dr. Michael Reynolds
. 1997 - "The tail wags the dog" / (Wag the Dog) - Sergeant William Schumann
. 1997 - "Welcome to Sarajevo" / (Welcome To Sarajevo), Flynn
. 1998 - "Land of hills and valleys" / (Hi-Lo Country, The), Big Boy Matson
. 1998 - "The Thin Red Line" / (Thin Red Line, The), Sergeant Keck
. 1998 - "Palmetto" / (Palmetto), Gary Barber
. 1999 - "Bang the bone" (Play it to the Bone) - Vince briskly
. 1999 - "EdTV" / (Edtv), Ray Pekurni
. 2000 - "American Saint" / (American Saint), Woody

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Woody Harelson, photo, biography
Woody Harelson, photo, biography Woody Harelson  Actor, photo, biography
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