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Virgil Publius Maron (VERGILIUS Maro Publius)

( Ancient Roman poet)

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Biography Virgil Publius Maron (VERGILIUS Maro Publius)


(70-19 BC)
For information about Virgil scarce. Some reports of it were passed by his friends in oral and written form. Some of these messages reached us in the form of separate quotations from the later Roman authors, as well as seven short biographies, or, rather, an outline biography. The most comprehensive of which is preserved in manuscript Elia Donata, but actually goes back to Suetonius. Some information, . detectable by us in other texts, . taken from this biography, some information, . example, . contained in the biography of the Berne manuscript, . obtained independently, . although, . probably, . all versions of a single source - note contemporaries of Virgil,

With regard to the names of Virgil, the name of Publius is quite usual for the Romans, the other two, probably of Etruscan origin, although the name of Virgil were many Latins. Father was a poet, perhaps, Latino, someone born a few generations before had settled in northern Italy, then known as Gaul Tsizalpiyskoy. About his life we know almost nothing. It is reported that he was a potter, or messenger, married the daughter of his master, and then hunted bee breeding and sale of forest. Undoubtedly, he had a small homestead. Mother's name was Virgil's Magic Pall, which also sounds on the Etruscan fashion. In Virgil were at least two brothers, but by the time of his age, his relatives, apparently already dead.

Virgil born October 15, 70 BC. , near Mantua, in the village of Andes, but it is unknown where exactly is this village. He received a good education to the age of 15 in Cremona, and then Mediolane (Milan). Around the age of 19, Virgil came to Rome to study rhetoric in those days an indispensable part of higher education needed for a political career. Having stayed in Rome for about a year, he settled in Naples, joining based Filodemom mug Epicureans, who led Siron. In the Naples or near Virgil and lived almost his entire life. He only occasionally visited Rome, visited Sicily and Tarentum, once visited Greece. In 19 BC. Virgil began a long journey to Greece. Arriving in Athens, Virgil met here in August, and then decided to abandon the trip and return to Italy. When viewed from Megara he fell seriously ill, the ship's disease has increased, and soon after arrival in Brundizy Virgil died on 20 я│п╣п╫я┌я▐п╠я─я▐ 19 to BC.

Virgil wrote three major works of poetry, all gekzametricheskim (or "heroic") verse - Bukoliki or eclogite, 42-39 (or 37) BC; Georgics (about 36-30 BC) and the Aeneid, in 29-19 BC. In antiquity Virgil attributed to several small poems, all or nearly all date from earlier years than Eclogite. Typically, these poems appear under the collective name Appendix Vergiliana (lat. Vergilievo annex). Most of them, including three of the longest, obviously not genuine. This Ciris (Seagull), . affaire, . accomplishing the transformation of characters in birds, Aetna, . describing the famous volcano, . and mosquitoes - the story of the shepherd, . whose dream was bitten by a mosquito, . to wake him up and save her from a snake, a shepherd, . not understanding, . kills insect friendly, . they move into the next world,

The rest of the poem is much shorter. The one-lines epigram a robber, is considered the first fruit of creativity Virgil. Another group of poems written by different sizes, united under the Greek name Catalepton (that you can pass around as thumbnails). One of these poems, 10-e, extremely thin parody of the 4 th verse of Catullus, and may in fact belong to Virgil. Two other poems also are likely to be considered authentic. 5-e the feelings of Virgil, . who renounced the hateful rhetoric is going to move to Naples to study the Epicurean philosophy, at the end of the poem, he also requests the Muses and leave it and continue to return only occasionally and observing prudence,
. 8 th poem, . presumably, . conveys the poet's grief at parting with relatives and parting with the estate, . Sequestered Octavian (later Emperor Augustus) in the number of land, . for the settlement of veterans, . won the victory of Philippi in 42 BC,

. There is enough good reason to reject all other applications of the poem as non-genuine, but the discussion on this issue, certainly not yet complete.

. Virgil Publius Vergilius Maro


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Virgil Publius Maron (VERGILIUS Maro Publius), photo, biography
Virgil Publius Maron (VERGILIUS Maro Publius), photo, biography Virgil Publius Maron (VERGILIUS Maro Publius)  Ancient Roman poet, photo, biography
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