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Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow (Virchow Rudolf Ludwig Karl)

( German pathologist, anthropologist, archaeologist and political figure.)

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Biography Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow (Virchow Rudolf Ludwig Karl)
Born October 13, 1821 in Shifelbeyne (Pomerania; е widwin now in Poland). Primary education in the family and in private schools. At age 14, entered the fourth grade school in Keshline. In 1839 enrolled at Berlin University, selecting the theme of the works 'a life full of labor and struggle, there is no yoke, but a blessing'. In 1843 he defended his doctoral dissertation in the same year he started work at the Charite Clinic in Berlin. In 1846 became the Coroner, in 1847 - Professor at Berlin University. He founded the journal 'Archives of Pathological Anatomy and Clinical Medicine' ( 'Archiv fr pathologische Anatomie, Physiologie und fr klinische Medizin').
In 1848, Virchow was sent to Silesia to study the epidemic of typhoid. 53 years later, he wrote that it was then became convinced of the relationship issues of practical medicine with the social reforms. From these positions Virchow tried to cover health problems in the journal Medical Reform '. In 1849, in connection with the activities of anti-monarchist lost his place in the clinic and was forced to move from Berlin in Wц+rzburg (Bavaria), where he headed the Department of Pathologic Anatomy, University of Wц+rzburg. In 1856 accepted the offer of the University of Berlin to take a newly created chair of pathological anatomy at the same time became the director of the Institute of Pathologic Anatomy. In 1958 a book entitled Cellular Pathology (Die Cellularpathologie) were published lecture Virchow, in which any organism was regarded as 'the set of living cells, organized like a state'. 'Personification' cells and an idea of the organism as a 'cell federation', 'the sum of individual cells', disagreed with the views of the organism as a whole system and met with numerous objections. Was also an unacceptable denial of the role of humoral and neural factors in the pathology. Despite this, the works of Virchow on the morphological basis of disease played an important role in the development of ideas about their nature and subsequently laid the foundation of modern pathological research.

Among the works of Virchow - the study of pathology and epidemiology of infectious diseases, pathological anatomy, development of methodology autopsies. Virchow - the author of the theory of continuity of germplasm.

As a member of the Berlin municipality, Virchow sought a number of basic hygiene (water, sanitation, etc.). In 1861 Virchow was a member of the Prussian Sejm (Diet). After the Franco-Prussian War, a time away from politics, although it remained a member of the Diet. Engaged in educational activities: for 33 years published a popular science collections of ethnology, anthropology and archeology. Together with the famous German archaeologist H. Schliemann took part in the excavations of Troy and carried systematization skulls found there. He was editor of the ethnological journal, and in 1873 helped found the German Anthropological Society, the Berlin Society of Anthropology, Ethnology and Ancient History. From 1880 to 1893 was a member of the Reichstag. Died Virchow in Berlin on Sept. 5, 1902.

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Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow (Virchow Rudolf Ludwig Karl), photo, biography
Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow (Virchow Rudolf Ludwig Karl), photo, biography Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow (Virchow Rudolf Ludwig Karl)  German pathologist, anthropologist, archaeologist and political figure., photo, biography
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