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Geoffrey of Monmouth (Geoffrey of Monmouth)

( English church leader, historian.)

Comments for Geoffrey of Monmouth (Geoffrey of Monmouth)
Biography Geoffrey of Monmouth (Geoffrey of Monmouth)
(ca. 1100 - ca. 1155)
. In origin, probably, Breton, whose ancestors a generation or two before they came to Britain with the Normans, in his main work during the undoubted loyalty to the Bretons and Normans of some loyalty to the obvious distaste for the British and disregard for the Welshmen
. He was Archdeacon of Monmouth (hence his nickname) in 1152 and ordained bishop of Saint Asafskogo, but hardly visited at least once in his diocese in the north-east Wales. Died ca. 1155.
The main creation Geoffrey - written in Latin prose history of the Kings of Britain (Historia regum Britanniae, 1130-1138). Since the fall of Troy (according to legend, . 1180 BC), . History goes to the presentation of later life, Aeneas and two generations after him, . but devotes much more space grandson of Aeneas Brutus, . leading up the alleged descendants of captive Trojans in Britain, . his name,
. Then follows a list of Kings, . largely fictional, . and the oldest of the famous story of King Lear and his three daughters and the conquest of Rome Brits, . as well as the narrative of the conquest of Britain by Caesar, . the departure of the Romans and the Saxon invasion under the leadership of Hengist, . of Lucy, . first Christian king of Britain, . of the Roman Bishop, . including Constantine and his mother St.,
. Helen, of dedicated Britons Vortigerne and Merlin - the seventh book of Stories

. About two-fifths of the work employs the story of King Arthur: of his birth; of victories over Saxon invaders, the conquest of the entire north-western Europe and the defeat of, . Arthur inflicted by the Roman Emperor; treason nephew Modrede; wife of Ginevra King and the departure to the island of Avalon in 542 BC,
. The work ends with a description of the treatment of the Saxons to Christianity St.. Augustine, the final resettlement Bretons in Brittany and suppression Brythonic royal line in 689, when he died Kadvaladrus son Kaydvally. There are three variants of History, published two.

Most important source for Geoffrey - History of the Britons Nenniya (ca. 800). He also enjoyed writing Breton Gildasa On the fall of Britain (6.) And history of their contemporaries, William of Malmesbury and Henry of Huntingdon, and learned a lot from the Church of the history of Anglo Beda Hon; used as Virgil's Aeneid, . Bible, . Welsh genealogies, . Lives of the Saints, . other Latin-speaking historical works and traditions, . Non-British history,
. With all this history is difficult to calculate the scientists work. There is no compelling reason to believe that much of it transferred from old legends and folk tales. Before the era of Milton essay was perceived as more or less true story, later English writers, it served as a source of subjects. We know another essay Geoffrey - written no earlier than 1148 Latin hexameter poem, Life of Merlin.

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Geoffrey of Monmouth (Geoffrey of Monmouth), photo, biography
Geoffrey of Monmouth (Geoffrey of Monmouth), photo, biography Geoffrey of Monmouth (Geoffrey of Monmouth)  English church leader, historian., photo, biography
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