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John GAY (Gay John)

( English poet and playwright.)

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Biography John GAY (Gay John)
Born in Barnsteple, baptized in the same September 16, 1685. After high school, and a brief apprenticeship with the London merchant silk and velvet Gay asked to compose. Its modern state of mind (The Present State of Wit, . 1711), . where he enthusiastically praised the writer, . published in periodicals, . well as a number of laudatory poems Gay won the long friendship A. Popa, . Dzh.Svifta and other recognized writers,
. From 1712 to 1714 served as secretary Gay Duchess of Monmouth and Lord Clarendon. Written in verse poem white wine (Wine, 1708) and mock-heroic poem, a large fan (The Fan, 1713) revealed outstanding abilities and skills to the imitation of skilled poet. In rural pleasures (Rural Sports, . 1713), . Pop inspired the creation pastorals (Pastorals) and Windsor Forest (Windsor Forest), . and weekdays Shepherd (The Shepherd's Week), . emerged a year later, . expressed sincere admiration for wildlife and sympathy for ordinary people,
. Stereotype, or the art of celebration on the streets of London (Trivia, or the Art of Walking the Streets of London, 1716) - a huge poetic analogue William Hogarth's engravings, depicting the life of London during the reign of George I. Collected Poems for different occasions (Poems on Several Occasions, 1720) Gaia brought some income, but the poet soon lost the money, although in commercial operations. In 1722, he found a modest job, and in 1725 obtained a position coach, educator of the Duke of Cumberland. Collected written iambic tetrameter moralizing Basen (Fables, 1727; t. 2 - 1738) was a success with the reading public
. Early drama Gaia - Mohawk (The Mohocks, . 1712), . Wife of Bath (The Wife of Bath, . 1713), . How do you call (What D'Ye Call It, . 1715), . Three hours after the wedding (Three Hours after Marriage, . 1717, . co-written with Pop and Dzh.Abertnotom), . Dione (Dione, . 1720) and Captives (The Captives, . 1724) - met or indifferent reception, . or not noticing,
. However, published in 1728 socio-political satire beggar Opera (The Beggar's Opera) multiplied fame and fortune of the author. In this brilliant work already carried out the traditional Gay parallels between the upper and lower echelons of society, between the aristocrat and a criminal. Opera marked the beginning of a beggar "style of ballad opera ', where the comic prose dialogue interspersed with arias, ballads. Free from preaching and moralizing essay Gaia depicts frivolity 18. so that is fun and the viewer 20 in. Opera repeatedly renewed and recycled, portrayed and served as a model for modern imitations. Among the latter - Holiday poor (Beggar's Holiday, 1947) D. Latush and Ellington and The Threepenny Opera (Die Dreigroschenoper, 1928) Brecht on the music of Weill. Continuation of the Opera, Polly (Polly, 1729), although it was forbidden, still managed to bring considerable fees.

The last years of life spent in the gay community of his patrons the Duke and Duchess of Queensbury. Gay died in London on December 4, 1732. After his death were delivered to Aqeedah and Galatea (Acis and Galatea, 1732, music by GF Handel), Achilles (Achilles, 1733), poverty-stricken wife (The Distressed Wife, 1734) and Rehearsal in Gouteme (The Rehearsal at Goatham, 1754).

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John GAY (Gay John), photo, biography
John GAY (Gay John), photo, biography John GAY (Gay John)  English poet and playwright., photo, biography
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