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Edgar Degas (Degas Edgar)

( French painter, graphic artist and sculptor.)

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Biography Edgar Degas (Degas Edgar)
Iler Germain Edgar Degas was born on July 19, 1834 in Paris. In 1855 he enrolled in the School of Fine Arts. At this time, Degas made frequent trips to Italy, where he studied the art of old masters and classical principles of composition.

Works by Degas, performed before 1860, are mostly portraits of friends and relatives, the culmination of this period was the creation of the master's group portrait Family Bellamy (1858-1860). In the late 1860's Degas began to write scenes from urban life, depicting the life of art studios, theaters and cafes. In the 1870's, he often depicted the dancers and horse races. The freshness, immediacy and dynamism of this work brings them to the art of the Impressionists. One of the most famous works of this period - Dance class (1872, Paris, Louvre).

Works by Degas 1880 reflect his fascination with Japanese prints and photography. The sharp decline accelerates the prospective transition from the foreground to the back, . floor collapses, . figures are cut off the edge of the canvas - thus created asymmetrical compositions, . reflecting a mobile, . mutable reality, . which can be observed from the most unusual points of view,
. In 1880 Degas first turned to pastels, and he was often depicted shop milliners, laundresses, and pr. During these years, Degas simplified and cleared his drawing of all the excess so that he could with only one circuit to transmit the game moving the muscles of the human body. Among the works of this period - Gladilschitsy (ca. 1884) and naked, brushing her hair (1885). Because the image of women were shown without any idealization, Degas often unfairly accused of being misogynist. After 1890 Degas paintings become more sculptural in nature. Contours highlights thick now drawn charcoal line, and the colors begin to dominate purple, pink and green hues, giving him sonority; parts are minimized.

In 1880, Degas began to work in sculpture, partly due to intensified eye disease. Degas created his statue out of clay or wax, which he inflicted on the skeleton, and many of them died because of the imperfections of this technique. About 150 statues remaining in the studio after his death, were cast in bronze.

Degas created a tremendous amount of preparatory sketches and finished works. His drawings can serve as evidence of the consistency of the creative process of the artist, they show how the pastel compositions depicting dance scenes were made up of sketches of individual movements and postures.

Degas died in Paris on September 26, 1917. In addition to paintings and sculptures, he left notes and a large collection of prints and paintings 19. In this collection, sell at auction in 1918, were the works of the greatest masters of French painting, as Ingres, Delacroix and Gauguin.

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Edgar Degas (Degas Edgar), photo, biography
Edgar Degas (Degas Edgar), photo, biography Edgar Degas (Degas Edgar)  French painter, graphic artist and sculptor., photo, biography
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