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UNV John (Donne John)

( English poet.)

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Biography UNV John (Donne John)
Born in London between 23 January and 19 June 1572. His father, a prosperous merchant, died when John was four years later. Mother, daughter of the poet and playwright D. Heywood, numbers among his ancestors T. Mora. At the age of twelve, Donn went to Hart Hall, Oxford University, and three years later moved to Cambridge. None of these universities, he received no degree. It seems that his early admission to universities and non-formal education completed due to reluctance to take the oath of allegiance to the Anglican church that was required of the scientific degrees, but it was impossible for Catholics. After leaving university, Donn some time traveling in Italy and Spain, but too little is known about his life before his admission in 1591 in a legal corporation 'Teyvis Inn'. A year later he moved to the 'Lincoln's Inn' and stayed there for about three years
. In 1596-1597 Donn was one of the 'gentlemen volunteers' from among the 'golden youth', . went to get popular among the people the Earl of Essex in the expedition against the pirate port of Cadiz, . and then in the ill-fated 'Island tour' in Azores, . etat for the interception returned from America, the Spanish treasure ships,
. In the next four years, Donna career in London was successful, in 1601 he even became a member of parliament. No typing a single line composed, . He had the reputation of a poet, were admired his prose paradoxes and problems (Paradoxes and Problems) and attempts to revive these classic forms, . as epigram, . love elegy, . satire and poetic message,

In January 1602 Donne secretly married seventeen-Ann Moore. Anne's father made sure that the newly-in-law was in the Fleet prison and lost his place in the service of the Lord Privy Seal. After leaving prison, Donne was gone, and the once respectable legacy almost completely dried up. The years from 1602 to 1615 dawned severe and debilitating. He sought in vain worthy of their talents. Anne gave birth to 12 children, seven of them survived his mother - she died in 1617. The first two or three years, Donna had lived in Surrey with his wife's relatives, and in 1605 moved into a house in Mitcheme, near London.

Donn long and thoroughly studied canon law, theology and church history, and in 1605-1607 helped T. Morton, then Bishop of Durham, writing a polemic against Catholicism. Not later than 1607 Morton promised Donna a good parish, if he takes holy orders, but Donn is still counting on worldly career. He unsuccessfully tried to get a place the Secretary - first in Ireland, then in Virginia, or post an ambassador to The Hague or Venice. At the same time were written many masterpieces of his love lyrics, blshaya part of religious poems, and a lot of sophisticated complimentary epistle.

The first published essay, Donna Sham Martyr (Pseudo-Martyr) came in 1610 with a dedication to King James. This is a brilliant defense of the oath of allegiance to the crown, implied in the duty of Catholics after the Gunpowder Plot (1605). For his efforts, Donne was rewarded an honorary degree of Master of Arts from Oxford University, and since then the king openly stated that Donna will promote the service, if he will choose a church assignment. In the same year, Donne finally found a patron in the person of R. Drury. From November 1611 to August 1612 Donn Drury went from abroad and on return moved the family to the house in Drury Lane, where he lived until 1621.

Created between 1611 and 1615 experiments in Theology (Essays in Divinity) impression of Labor, written by a man who is prepared to serve. January 23, 1615 Donne was ordained deacon and priest. King James appointed him one of his chaplains and made sure that the Cambridge University awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity, Donna. In 1616 he was given one of the most distinguished chairs in London - to teach theology bencher 'Lincoln's Inn'.

At the end of 1621 the King appointed him rector of the Cathedral of St.. Paul. In the years of ministry in the church, he wrote little poems, . but in 1624 published the full voltage, . psychologically astute Supplication and requires at unsolved cases (Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions) - record of which has become almost fatal ailment, . experiencing in 1623,
. The disease is the author served as a mirror of the spiritual state of man and his dependence on God's mercy. Donne died in London on March 31, 1631.

Donne bequeathed to his son more than 160 of his sermons, and he let them be released in three volumes. Preaching, Donn preferred exhortations and appeals to the moral purification of the arguments about the contradictions in the doctrine separating the Anglican church from the Roman Catholic. Despite the meticulous, scientific analysis of passages from Scripture and sometimes Latinized syntax and vocabulary in his sermons recognizably the same lively rhythms and rich imagery, as in his poems. Along with prayer for the preaching Donna ensured their author enduring fame as one of the greatest masters of English prose.

Donn published very few of his poems. Poems composed in the calculation for the selected range, intonation in their very personal, a lot of hints and other techniques characteristic of the spoken language of secular interlocutor.

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UNV John (Donne John), photo, biography
UNV John (Donne John), photo, biography UNV John (Donne John)  English poet., photo, biography
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