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Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser (Dreiser Theodore Herman Albert)

( American writer and publisher.)

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Biography Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser (Dreiser Theodore Herman Albert)
photo Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser (Dreiser Theodore Herman Albert)


Born August 27, 1871 in Terre Hoth (pc. Indiana) was the twelfth child in the family. Because poverty, . strict religious upbringing and dreamy mental warehouse Dreiser was neprisposoblen to struggle for existence, . and his experience - from 1886 to 1891 journey-Chicago, . year of study at Indiana University (1889-1890), . from 1892 to 1895 working in Chicago newspapers, . St. Louis, . Pittsburgh and New York - turned to bitter disappointment,
. After becoming acquainted with the work of G. Spencer's frustration led to a philosophy whereby people - just helpless victims of natural forces, and opening itself to more and Balzac, he knew how to express their philosophical views into an art form. Worked in magazines from 1895 to 1890, wrote the novel Sister Carrie (Sister Carrie, 1900) - about a girl who became the mistress of a married man, and then the famous actress. Guardians of morality condemned the novel, and publishers have stopped selling them. Dreiser was depressed, and only in 1910, having worked for years on the railroad and in the editorial gloss of magazines, was able to finish his second novel, Jennie Gerhardt (Jennie Gerhardt, 1911). Criticism greeted him more favorably, and Dreiser wrote several short stories, one-act plays, a book about his trip to Europe and three novel. The first two, Financier (The Financier, 1912) and Titan (The Titan, 1914), part of the trilogy, which served as the basis for the life of a Chicago financier Charles T. Yerkisa, they created the image of moneyed. The third novel, Genius (The Genius, 1915), is not part of the trilogy, his main character - an artist, and as his behavior goes unpunished, and the novel scandalized adherents of moral purity, the editors in the following year took him off the sale of.
After 1915, Dreiser wrote novels, philosophical essays, autobiography, and all these works permeates the thought of the impact of oppressive social order on the common man. This topic has been his most popular novel, An American Tragedy (An American Tragedy, 1925). The basis of the novel went to Protocols real trial: a young man, trying to advance in society, commits a crime and sentenced to death. Meanwhile, former admiration Spencer replaced by another world view. In tragic America (Tragic America, . 1931) Dreiser encourages Americans to learn from the Russian to save democracy, in the future on many issues, he supported the communists: in 1941, wrote anti-British publicist book is to save America (America Is Worth Saving), . 1945, . Wishing to support the program of uniting the world under the auspices of the Soviet-American, . filed an application for admission to the Communist Party,

A similar philosophy pervades the last two Dreiser's novel - a stronghold (The Bulwark, publ. 1946) and The Stoic (The Stoic, publ. 1947), completing a trilogy about Yerkise. Dreiser died in Hollywood (pc. California) December 28, 1945.

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Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser (Dreiser Theodore Herman Albert), photo, biography
Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser (Dreiser Theodore Herman Albert), photo, biography Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser (Dreiser Theodore Herman Albert)  American writer and publisher., photo, biography
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