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Egorov Alexander Ilyich

( Soviet general, Marshal of the Soviet Union (1935).)

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Biography Egorov Alexander Ilyich
Born 13 (25) October 1883 in the city Busuluk now Orenburg region. Since 1901 - the volunteer army. In 1905 he graduated from Kazan infantry cadet school. During the First World War, commanded a company, battalion, regiment, in 1917 promoted to colonel. Until the summer of 1918 belonged to the Socialist Left Party.
After the October Revolution went to the Bolsheviks (the Communist Party joined in July 1918), was a member of the commission on the demobilization of the old army, participated in the drafting of the decree on the organization of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army (RKKA). Since January 1918 he worked in the military department of the Central Executive Committee. In May 1918, appointed chairman of the Higher Certifying Commission for the selection of former officers in the Red Army and one of the commissioners Vserossiiskogo Chief of Staff. A committed supporter of the establishment of disciplined regular army, Egorov in a report to the Lenin's case for the imposition by the top commander of the republic and create a single headquarters with him.

In August 1918 led troops fighting against the White Cossack units in the area Balashov - Kamyshin. Since December 1918 Egorov - Commander of the 10 th Army, defending Tsaritsyn. Since July 1919 commanded the 14 th Army opposed the Whites on the Left-Bank Ukraine.

In early October 1919, when the offensive AI Denikin has created a real threat to Moscow, was appointed commander of the Southern Front, which became the main fronts of the Soviet Republic. To defeat the enemy chose the most decisive form of operational maneuver - flanking attacks on a converging path to the environment of the main forces of the enemy that was outlined in the directives from the front 9 and October 12, 1919. Particular attention is drawn to the bold use of large forces of cavalry.

January 10, 1920 Yegorov was appointed commander of the Southwestern Front. Frente completed the liberation of Ukraine from the White Guard units, and then participated in the Polish-Soviet War. Under the leadership Yegorova was designed and implemented a plan of Kiev 1920. During the attack on Warsaw command of the Southwestern Front (Egorov, . member of the Revolutionary Military Council of Stalin) refused to comply with the directive of Moscow for the transfer of operational control of the West Front of the First Cavalry Army, . largely contributed to a heavy defeat of Soviet troops,

Since January 1921 commanded the forces of Kiev, from April - the Petrograd military district, at the same time from September 1921 to January 1922 - Commander of the Western Front. Since February 1922 commanded the Red Banner of the Caucasian Army. In May 1924 headed the armed forces of Ukraine and Crimea. Actively participated in the implementation of military reform 1924-1925. In the 1925-1926 military attache in China. In 1927-1931 Commander of the Belarusian Military District. Since 1931 Chief of Staff of the Red Army, converted in 1935 to the General Staff. In May 1937 he was appointed Deputy People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR.

Yegorov was one of the initiators of the reorganization of the Army and Navy of the USSR on a new technical basis, a supporter of a powerful armored forces and air defense. The summer of 1932, introduced the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR theses on the new operational and technical issues arising in connection with the technical reconstruction of the Armed Forces. This thesis formed the basis for later published "Interim Guidelines for the organization of deep battle ', sent out in February 1933 in the troops.

In February-March 1937 Egorov attended the plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), which was actually decided on a mass purge in the army. In early June 1937 was present at the enlarged meeting of the Military Council for People's Commissariat of Defense with the participation of members of the Politburo of the CPSU (b), which dealt with the so-called military-fascist conspiracy in the Red Army (actually Tukhachevsky, etc.).

After the Civil War had been careless enough to complain and unwarranted glorification of the role of Stalin and Voroshilov in this war and denial of their own merit. During the mass arrests of these statements Egorova remembered obliging informers. December 19, 1937 Voroshilov sent denunciations of Stalin. 25 January 1938 the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) and the People's Commissars of the USSR adopted a special resolution on the withdrawal Egorova as deputy People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR for the 'collapse of the General Staff' and the loss of political vigilance. More than a month Egorov remained without any work, while repeatedly called Voroshilov, the People's Commissariat of Defense, where he arranged confrontations with the arrest warlords, who have made against him. Held on 28 February - 2 March 1938 plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU (B) has decided to remove Yegorova of candidates to the Central Committee of the CPSU (B) 'as a politically soiled' (this time on charges of espionage, was arrested on his wife). Egorov was arrested on March 27, 1938. During the investigation was severely beaten and tortured. Pleaded guilty to involvement in the anti-Soviet, . Trotskyist, . military-fascist conspiracy, . he also was charged with spying for Poland and Germany, . Stalin's attempt to derail plans for defeating AI Denikin, . preparation of terrorist acts against Stalin in 1920, . an anti-Soviet terrorist organization right in the Red Army in 1928,
. Sentenced to death on Feb. 22, 1939, the next day shot. In 1956 Egorov was rehabilitated.

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Egorov Alexander Ilyich, photo, biography
Egorov Alexander Ilyich, photo, biography Egorov Alexander Ilyich  Soviet general, Marshal of the Soviet Union (1935)., photo, biography
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