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Jean Giraudoux (Giraudoux Jean)

( French playwright and novelist, famous for its ostrosatiricheskimi fantasies.)

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Biography Jean Giraudoux (Giraudoux Jean)
photo Jean Giraudoux (Giraudoux Jean)
Hippolyte Jean Giraudoux was born October 29, 1882 in Bellak (Department of Haute-Vienne), childhood and adolescence spent in the province of Limousin. In the early books (a collection of short stories Provintsialka - Provinciales, . 1909, . Juliette and the novel in the country of men - Juliette au pays des hommes, . 1924) reflected whimsically poetic memories of the life of his native town and school in Chateauroux, . which Giraudoux left, . to continue their education in Lakanale near Paris,
. Later, in the Higher Normal School, he focused on the study of German literature scholar he studied a year in Munich (1905) and a year at Harvard University (1907). However, the zeal for learning decreases as the growing interest in the writer's trade. Deciding to become a professional writer, earning Giraudoux joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Giraudoux has always fascinated its readers an elegant style and imaginative, but not all, especially the criticism of his first works were able to guess its easy for foreign letters thoroughness and deep mind. For example, . many felt his wartime diaries Terms of reading for shade (Lectures pour une ombre, . 1917) is inexcusable frivolous, . but their attitude could change as, . know they, . that the author was wounded twice in battle (Giraudoux was in the army from 1914 to 1918),

In 1928, L. Jouvet (1887-1951) set the first play Giraudoux Siegfried (Siegfried, 1928). Creative union Jouvet and Giraudoux was prepared for the triumph of their debut production was a milestone in the history of French theater. In recent years, it was considered to be suffering from Giraudoux philosopher. A sober look at his work allows us to see it not so much a philosopher as an artist, whose main achievement - a perfect and brilliant style. When in 1939 started World War II, Giraudoux was at the top of success, reaching recognition in the literary and diplomatic activities. Well apart once his two books - a novel choice of the elect (Choix des lus, . 1939) and a collection of essays full power (Pleins Pouvoirs, . 1939), . where widely and boldly set out a program for the future of France; play Ondine (Ondine, . 1939) with great success was in the theater Jouvet 'Athenaeum',
. However, in recent years, placid life philosophy writer befallen ordeal: the bitterness of the country come upon the collapse of the added painful anxiety for his son, who ran away from home with the intention to join De Gaulle. For a long time Giraudoux cherished illusions about the Vichy government, but later resigned to devote himself to literary creativity. Died Giraudoux in Paris, January 31, 1944

. Among his plays, . Apart from the, . also includes 38 Amphitryon (Amphitryon 38, . 1929), . Judith (Judith, . 1931), . Intermezzo (Intermezzo, . 1933), . Trojan War will not (La guerre de Troie n'aura pa lieu, . 1935), . Elektra (Electre, . 1937), . Apollo of Bellak (L'Apollon de Bellac, . 1938), . Sodom and Gomorrah (Sodome et Gomorrhe, . 1943), . Mad of Chaillot (La Folle de Chaillot, . 1944; post,
. and opubl.1946).

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Jean Giraudoux (Giraudoux Jean), photo, biography
Jean Giraudoux (Giraudoux Jean), photo, biography Jean Giraudoux (Giraudoux Jean)  French playwright and novelist, famous for its ostrosatiricheskimi fantasies., photo, biography
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