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BADZHZHA Ibn Abu Bakr ibn Yahya

( Physician, philosopher, sight during the reign of Almoravid.)

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Biography BADZHZHA Ibn Abu Bakr ibn Yahya
(ca. 1082 - 1139)
Born in Saragossa ca. 1082. Interested in music, poetry, mathematics, astronomy. He continued his tradition of 'falsafy' in Arabic west, the Maghreb. Ibn Ibn Badzhzhu Tufeyl considered the most penetrating mind, who lived in Andalusia, while others denounced it as a 'thorn in the side of religion, causing her evil'. Umer Ibn Badzhzha in Fez in 1139.
As preserved to this day the works of Ibn Badzhzhi, often fragmentary, it is impossible to give a clear assessment of his views. As a commentator natural and logical works of Aristotle, . vospreemnikom 'falsafy' and an admirer of al-Farabi, . Ibn Badzhzha insisted on its autonomy in the formulation of concepts, . like 'falsafe', . and more correct understanding of the problems, . dealt predecessors,
. Among his original philosophical works - A Treatise on the connection of reason with a man, a book about the soul, farewell message. In the center of his teachings - the human soul. The man is a bodily system consisting of subordinate bodies, which are driven by some motor. The action of the latter goes back, ultimately, to the natural body located within the first engine, which is the soul. Sometimes her place in the arguments of Ibn Badzhzhi occupies the mind, sometimes the desire, sometimes the clash of two opposing actions - likes and dislikes. From the engine, which is both bodily and spiritual principle, human organs are set in motion. The action of the mind as the first engine in a person actively, freely, of the same bodies are passive, are predetermined. However, the very reasonable force is the result of external influence, 'changing the beginning' - the activity of the mind. Eternal and unchanging active mind transmits data quality and mind. With this having reason people gain happiness that accompanies them, not only in earthly life, but in another life, where they all meet and enjoy spiritual communion.

Ibn Badzhzha continued the tradition of Arabic-speaking peripatetizma and as the author of a Utopia of a perfect city. In addition to the four types of imperfect cities, . in which people, . striving for truth, . suffer from loneliness (this tells treatise organized life secluded) and isolated from society, . there is also an ideal perfect city, . which love prevails, . justice, . mind, . health, . true knowledge,
. Hierarchical ordering of life committed by the city allows you to perform all necessary functions for its prosperity. The head of the city is a perfect philosopher, guide actions for the benefit of their subjects and the city. The happiness of its inhabitants is achieved through their education and explaining the real purpose of life

. Imperfect city, too, can become perfect, because in them there is a 'single', possessing a true world views and are able to gradually convey these views to the city, directing their actions towards the common good.

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BADZHZHA Ibn Abu Bakr ibn Yahya, photo, biography
BADZHZHA Ibn Abu Bakr ibn Yahya, photo, biography BADZHZHA Ibn Abu Bakr ibn Yahya  Physician, philosopher, sight during the reign of Almoravid., photo, biography
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