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Lucius Sergius Catiline (Lucius Sergius Catilina)

( Roman politician)

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Biography Lucius Sergius Catiline (Lucius Sergius Catilina)
(ca. 106 - 62 BC)
Immortalized by the speeches of Cicero, in which the great speaker denounced him as a conspirator against the Roman republican system. Catilina came from an impoverished patrician family. In the Civil War, when Sulla successfully disposes of the followers Lucie Tsinny (83 BC), and the subsequent horrors of the proscriptions Catilina was one of the faithful henchmen of dictator. Other crimes attributed to the young Catalina is probably exaggerated. Catilina became praetor (68 BC), then two years managed the province of Africa. Upon his return to Rome against Catiline was accused of maladministration province, which prevented him from running in the election of consuls for 65 BC. Then, along with two other disaffected aristocrats, . Publius Avtroniem Petom and Publius Cornelius Sulla (nephew of the late dictator), . whose participation in the consular election was declared invalid because of vote-buying, . Catilina prepared a plan to seize power and murder of the consuls at the time of their entry into office on 1 January 65 to BC,
. There were suspicions that this first conspiracy Catiline were implicated Mark Crassus and Julius Caesar. The conspiracy had continued since Catilina not cope with their role.
In 65 BC, appeared in court on charges of committing abuses in Africa, Catilina through bribery made excuses, but too late to be eligible to participate in the consular elections of that year. In 64 BC. he finally declared his candidacy, the support of Crassus and Caesar had promised him success, and yet the infamous Catiline and his arrogance alienated many citizens, with the result that the consuls of 63 BC. elected Cicero and Gaius Antonius Hybrid (uncle of Mark Antony). In 63 BC. Catilina, nothing daunted, he tried to speak again, putting forward a program of confiscation and cancellation of debts. He appealed for support to the poorest and declassed layers, to the veterans of Sulla, received the land, but ruined, ruined by the aristocrats. At this time, Crassus and Caesar left him, and again defeated Catilina.

Sensing yet another major setback to the consular elections, Catilina and his followers, which included one from Pretoria, Publius Lentulus Sura, the second plot was prepared. On October 28 they had planned a revolt in Rome, which was to escalate into armed insurrection throughout Italy under the leadership of former centurion Gaius Manlio. The conspirators hoped that in the confusion they will kill the consul Cicero, along with other eminent personalities and capture the key positions. But Cicero learned of the plot almost immediately - from the Fulvia, the mistress of one of the conspirators, and then watched the developments with the help of multiple informants, among whom were Crassus and Caesar. Consul managed to keep calm in Rome on 28 October, but in Etruria revolt Manlio. November 8 Catilina left the capital and joined the uprising. He saw that Cicero knew everything - down to the smallest details of secret nocturnal council, on which the conspirators decided to kill the consul, to make fires in the city and everywhere to incite slaves to rebellion. The remaining supporters of Catiline in Rome sent a letter to the Gallic tribe Allobroges for support. The letter they delivered to the ambassadors Allobroges, who was at that time in Rome. Ambassador to convey his Cicero, and thus gave him a hand written proof of guilt of the conspirators. Consul immediately arrested the rebels and, with the consent of the Senate, executed (December 5). Against the rebel troops were sent to. Catilina continued to fight until the end and was killed in the battle at Pistorii (January 62 to AD), where his supporters were defeated by the army Mark Petreev.

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Lucius Sergius Catiline (Lucius Sergius Catilina), photo, biography
Lucius Sergius Catiline (Lucius Sergius Catilina), photo, biography Lucius Sergius Catiline (Lucius Sergius Catilina)  Roman politician, photo, biography
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